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Favorite as a kid!!!!

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Kelly Tobin This was my absolute favoritist book as a kid!!! \(^_^)/ I love that its on your list Jo Ann!

Linda The French version is called "Max et les Maximonstres" - my French students have my copy worn out because it's a book they all remember from their childhood.

Tobias We just bought this book for TJ, but we changed the title to "Where the Wilde Things Are."

Sigal this book is amazing. i recently saw a book on a shelf of barnes and noble called "where the wild things were". it kinda made me angry.

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Amanda We've got the book here and periodically I reread it. I love how Max goes off to be wild and rule the monsters but finally wants to be home, where his supper is still hot. He's mad and needs to get away, but when his anger cools he wants go back to his life. And his mother is wise enough to let him go and welcome him back.

Duncan When one reads the story it is clear that Max has dreamt the whole thing, and that's why is supper is still hot. However if you look at the pictures, the moon has changed from the first few pages to when he returns to his room. Mistake in the illustration no doubt, but I love the idea that he may really have gone away for so long.

Cindy It is really good.

Robin This is a cute book on a day in the life of a little boy and his imagination. Never saw the movie. Maurice Sendak is a great writer.

Courtney Best book ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Robin yup.

Lyman This is the fist book I bought for myself at a school book fair probably in the 1st grade. Its cool to see over 40 years later its still going stong

Katie Love this book and illustrations!

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To be quite honest, this book scared me when I was little. I like it now though :)

Maritza I loved all Maurice Sendak books as a kid. this one is my favorite. it was also my son's favorite. I read it to him so many times that I learned it word for word and was able to recite it to him whenever we were somewhere that we had to do some waiting (doctors office, banks, etc). I will definitely introduce it to my future grandchildren many many years from now! lol

Wendy My daughter loves this book. I dont know if its the art work or the monsters or what but she has torn this book up lugging it around everywhere! She is almost three and it is a joy watching her enjoy books!

Alejandra Fish This book has gone with me through so many places. I love it to pieces and I always keep it near me. When I'm much older I want a tattoo that says Inside all of us there's a Wild Thing. This book is so magical and the context can be used in so many different ways. It's one of the best children's book.

Irwin BEST

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Lisa I love it more now than I did as a little kid. My favorites in the picture book age were A Snowy Day and The Blueberry Pie Elf. However I now love Maurice Sendak.

Maria B. Quagliana i own like 3 copies of it: 1 hardcover and 2 softcover

 Julie one of my childrens' favorite, they loved it when i read to them, particularly my son. and now, they are reading it to my 5 grandsons

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Dana I love this book and my children have all loved it too. We liked Sendak's cartoon that used to be on - I think it was Seven Little Monsters. They were named One, Two, Three etc...

Nicholas Hales im still a kid and i love this book i went to see the movie a little creepy. Did any of u see the movie?

Nicole Jenna! wrote: "To be quite honest, this book scared me when I was little. I like it now though :)"

Me too! Although I remember that my younger brother loved it and couldn't understand why I was afraid. But that's what Sendak is about. Life is scary and he thinks children should not shielded from the truth.

Nicholas Hales yes, every one has different feelings about something it's just life.

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Nicole I do NOT like this book 'tall!

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Kelli Yhis is one of all time favorites of all time as a kid. The other one was James and the Giant Peach.

Jason Lilly Mine, too. I was Max... still am, in a lot of ways.

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Nicole Loved it! SO cute! But the movie was just weird...

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Paige Bleu The art in this book was what drew me to it, and even now as an adult still does. Love the book...hate the movie. And mixed feelings on the author. Saw him interviewed on Colbert not long ago. He's a bit of a...well just google the clip. It's beyond explaining! But that doesn't discount this classic....LoVeD iT!!!

Melina My old copy is worn apart from reading. I still love everything about this book.

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Xiong Yang Absolutely. But I find it kind of creepy how his room grows into forest and how he meets all these creepy monsters. I also like the ending of the book how he comes back home even though he enjoys spending time with the monsters.

Jacob Michael I still love to read this book. It reminds me of when I was 5.

Astrid Yrigollen I like Maurice Sendak and of course the book but I did not like the movie at all.

Alsjem I love Maurice Sendak books. Vote for your favourite here -


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Mel Love the book. I read it to my kids and my infants classes pretty regularly. Thought the movie was awful! My kids are banned from watching it, Max is awful in the movie. Hated it.

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Betsy Never liked the book.

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D.J. Benz Where the Wild Things Are is still one of my favorite all time children's books. I've often read this book in my classroom to preschoolers, school-age children, or when I was nannying. The children like the sound effects I make when Max is having his wild party with the Wild Things!

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