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Too much! too much!!!

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Alexiseinstein Didn't read the whole thing. Honestly, the movie is enough. I like it...kinda...

Clare D' Lune I thought it was good...

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i loved it

Houry It was one of my favorite books when I was a teenager. I wonder how it would hold up now for me.

Brigid ✩ I LOVE THE OUTSIDERS!!!! the book is so amazing. i love it. and i totally disagree that "the movie is enough". the movie is HORRIBLE. you must read the book.

Clare D' Lune Hi! Me again... Yeah, the movie is pretty pukish... But usually, books are one billion times better than the book of course... Like Eragon and a Series of Unfortunate Events... I rather liked those books, but the movies of them were SO BAD!!!! AAHHHHH I whatched eragon in theatres and all my friends were tell me to shut up cuz I kept saying what they were doing wrong... (naughty me)but anyway... thats about it... oh and the message above, I was talking about the book, not the movie... I was pretty much ranting about that book for days after I read it....

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I loved the book, somewhat loved the movie. It was pretty good, considering it's an 80's movie. That was then, this is now is a good book and movie too.

Elisabeth i agree with collin. the movie was made like a zillion years ago, so you can't expect THAT much! the guys were hot in the movie tho.

Dash I don't know about that. I thought the movie totally didn't get the right feeling

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