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Lucy Ellmann - could I yet love her?

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Jane I just finished 'man or mango?'. Hate would be too strong a word, but it left me rather cold. It seemed far more style than substance, and what substance there was was mean-spirited and deliberately inflammatory for no good reason. Don't get me wrong - I love a bit of list-making, unnecessary capitalisation and mucking about with the sequencing of a plot. 'Infinite Jest' may be my favourite book. So, is 'man or mango?' just a bad Lucy Ellmann book? Should I give 'Dot in the universe' a go instead? Or is 'MorM' pretty representative of her work?

Peter Burnett There are less lists in Dot! When Man or Mango was written, there was a bit of a list craze in literature, lots of folks were at it. Dot in the Universe has a much more wicked sense of humour, I really liked it for its naughtiness, and the general social and literary mashup contained. She's just quite different, in a world where a lot of people are kind of writing the same thing.

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