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Naslund: Most pretentious writer ever?

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message 1: by Letitia (last edited Aug 25, 2016 12:03PM) (new) - rated it 1 star

Letitia I don't know what made this woman famous, but it certainly wasn't her writing skill. In the literary world there is a term known as "purple prose" which you will find scads of in novels such as Bridges of Madison County. It essentially refers to overdone prose to the point of nauseating the audience. I struggled to find a single page of Abundance, that was not rife with this. It is amazing to me that she managed to make such an interesting person so dull. I can only assume that her masturbatory style of writing so eclipses her characters that the reader never connects with them.

Brooke I loved this book. I thought it was the literary equivalent of the Sofia Coppola movie: descriptions of various tableau of pretty things. For me, it had to be overdone to capture the time.

(And I hated Bridges of Madison County.)

Lisa I agree, this book needed the descriptives to help capture the time period and provide the reader with opulent visuals. Ahab's Wife is a better story.

I too thought Bridges of Madison County was wretched.

Christine i thought this book was written beautifully. the style of writing was full of the same "abundance" that marie antoinette's life was packed with. i think the "overdone prose" as you refer to it was exactly what was needed to give life to the world of etiquette and beauty the queen lived in.

Heidi I am half way through this book, and although I like it, I would encourage you to read Ahab's Wife before judging the author. In my opinion, this is not her best book. Although, I would hardly call it dull!

Laura Gill I, too, thought the purple prose fit the subject matter. The world Marie-Antoinette lived in was lush and full of etiquette and frothy and over-the-top. I loved the book.

message 7: by JC (new) - rated it 1 star

JC I didn't finish reading this book. I couldn't stand the way she wrote the novel. It was too much. I was really surprised when I read that she is a good writer. I think I should read her other novel that they praise.

Laurie Berkowitz I loved Ahab but I was disappointed with Abundance, just couldn't read past the first chapter. I really, really wanted to enjoy this book, frustrating!

Natalia I read the book from start to finish and enjoyed it, I can't say it's the best book of biographical novel, but it's well told in my opinion. I have read other books about Marie Antoinette, especially the book on which the film is based Sofia Coppola and it took me longer to read this than Abundance. I think here is very different opinions on this novel.

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