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Who's gonna be Merry's Babies daddy?

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message 1: by Stacy (last edited Aug 25, 2016 12:02PM) (new)

Stacy | 191 comments Mod
So who's it gonna be guys? At some point in the series we will find out (Laurell said so herself during the latest Wolf Howl interview), but I really want to know now. So what are everyones ideas.
This is my theory:
She will be magically impregnated by The Consort who has bared the face of most of her guard so this will allow her to keep them all. Happy Ending and Stacy stays a happy girl, but we will see.

What does everyone else think?

message 2: by Jennifer (last edited Aug 25, 2016 12:02PM) (new)

Jennifer Pearson | 14 comments I think that she'll have, like a cat has a litter, twins and the fathers will be Doyle and Frost...

Although Frost is beginning to piss me off. I think he and Richard are having a contest to see who can be the most angsty. All that they're doing is making us want to kill them more... *growl* Richard *growl*

message 3: by Stacy (last edited Aug 25, 2016 12:02PM) (new)

Stacy | 191 comments Mod
Haha I so agree Frost is starting to be a big ole baby put em both in a cage I say and let em duke it out atleast they would look awfully pretty doing it.

message 4: by Jennifer (last edited Aug 25, 2016 12:02PM) (new)

Jennifer Pearson | 14 comments Eh... They'd probably whine at each other for awhile. Then there'd come the insults. And, finally, they would get angry and try to kill each other.

I'll admit that they'd be pretty doing it, but they'd be prettier if Richard hadn't chopped off his hair.

message 5: by Acg2003 (last edited Aug 25, 2016 12:04PM) (new)

Acg2003 | 24 comments Doyle will be the father. I really feel that he loves Merry the most and would make a great leader.

message 6: by Stacy (last edited Aug 25, 2016 12:04PM) (new)

Stacy | 191 comments Mod
So many people love Doyle. If there is to be just one person that is to be the father then I think I would Settle on him, but do you think that Doyle would let Merry Rule over him or would he try to take charge? Then what do you suppose would happen to Merry's other guards?

message 7: by Tina (last edited Aug 25, 2016 12:04PM) (new)

Tina Edwards | 3 comments As for the father of Merry's baby I have no idea. I kinda figured it would either me Frost or Doyle. I have no preference really.

Someone mentioned Richard....he's bugs the crap out of me. I literally groan whenever he shows up in a book. I didn't like him much to begin with but in the later books, Oh my god, how annoying can you get. I kinda wish someone would kill him. I'm sure they'd figure out some way that that wouldn't kill Jean Claude and Anita and I'd be a lot happier. If I had to deal with him in real life I'd of killed him a long time ago or killed myself. Anything to get away from the constant whining.

message 8: by Cat Singh (last edited Aug 25, 2016 12:06PM) (new)

Cat Singh | 202 comments i have to say it, i love Doyle. I think it has to be him. It would make for some interesting "who's really ruling" book later. And get real, Doyle would make sure Cel dies, the minute Merry gets preggers.

but you know... what about barinthus?? i know they were forbidden to try, but something could happen.... that would just be cool (okay wait maybe a little creepy, i forgot about the whole father figure thing) but still it would be interesting. Andais would throw a fit, and maybe try to take back her promise....

message 9: by Stacy (last edited Aug 25, 2016 12:12PM) (new)

Stacy | 191 comments Mod
Barinthus would be a cool Match but I think he is a bit to powerful to do the job. Not that Doyle isn't powerful I mean to say that Barinthus would probably interfere in Merry's rule or atleast question her. I think Doyle and Merry would have an equal partnership, and everyone already respects him anyways so... DOYLE FOR KING!!!!
Although I still want her to keep all of them which is why I have that whole consort theory. I just Choose Doyle if it definetly does need to be one specific person. Oh yeah and I totally agree Doyle would definetly kick Cel's butt the second he becomes a father. Cel is way to dangerous to keep around.
But you know if Merry doesn't have a baby first I think that Merry could still win. I mean the sithen basically does what she says I'm thinking it would follow her leaving cell with a hollowed out hole in the ground. And L.A. would be the proud new owner of the Fairie courts.

message 10: by Jennifer (last edited Aug 25, 2016 12:12PM) (new)

Jennifer Pearson | 14 comments I love Barinthus and I agree that he would be a good king, but I think that Merry is more likely to keep him on as an adviser. After all, she seems to think of him as a sorta father figure. It would be kind of weird for her.

message 11: by Talia (last edited Aug 25, 2016 12:13PM) (new)

Talia | 2 comments I don't think any of the current guys will be the daddy...but I think the first thing Merry will do as ruler is make a rule that relationships can be "open". I can't remember what previous book this was mentioned in, but the fey used to have "open" relationships. That didn't change until they stated having trouble procreating. No matter who the daddy ends up being Merry will get to keep all her guys, I think.

message 12: by Stacy (last edited Aug 25, 2016 12:14PM) (new)

Stacy | 191 comments Mod
I sooo agree with that. She will definetly make that proclomation. I remember that being said. It said that the fae used to have multiple lovers and they were popping out babies left and right but when they started doing that one partner for life thing, there number started to dwindle. (I think they did that to conform to the norm in a society they were trying to fit into)I mean who is going to stop her when she becomes queen.

message 13: by Donna (last edited Aug 25, 2016 12:15PM) (new)

Donna | 22 comments Merry's baby daddy has to be Doyle--he has all the right stuff to rule, and I love the fact that he loves Merry sooo much, but in a quiet way (I know that sounds corny--but it's true). Doyle has this strength, and knowledge of fairie that everyone respects--and he loves Merry sooo much (guess I already mentioned that :-D) I can't say that I don't think Frost would be good for Merry, but he's so moody. At least Doyle can accept what Merry has to do, and keep his jealously inside for the greater good, but Frost is so tempermental. I know he truly loves Merry too, but let's look at the big picture here.

message 14: by Stacy (last edited Aug 25, 2016 12:16PM) (new)

Stacy | 191 comments Mod
Yeah I definetly agree that It's Doyle who Loves her the most, and he's better suited to be king. I just hope Merry doesn't have to loose them all. I don't think she would be able to survive without keeping at least frost tooo. Frost is so not suited to be king Doyle totally is.

message 15: by Talia (last edited Aug 25, 2016 12:21PM) (new)

Talia | 2 comments I think that the next book will change everyone's mind about Frost. After this book we'll all be writting about how Frost is the man for Merry! I can't wait till it comes out.

message 16: by Cat Singh (last edited Aug 25, 2016 12:54PM) (new)

Cat Singh | 202 comments Unless Frost works some of his emotions out in this book, i'm sorry, it's still "DOYLE FOR KING" in my book. He needs to open up, relax!
I just don't think all-around he's the right guy.
But i do wonder, you guys know that thing Merry keeps seeing within Frost, whenever they get really close, and then he pulls back and she's got ice on her and stuff?
What/who is that?
Do you think that's going to have a lot of play in this book?

message 17: by Cat Singh (new)

Cat Singh | 202 comments So if everyone is up to date through A Lick of Frost, then you know the good news!
But now the question is, who's gonna be king??
Is Merry going to create her own sithen? Or is she still going to try to inherit the unseelie from Andais?

I think Cel is going to get the unseelie, and Merry is going to have her own sithen, and then there's going to be a war with all three courts.
Damn Taranis.....

message 18: by Nicole (new)

Nicole (nikki28) | 7 comments I have just stared the "Merry" books and i love them. I'm waiting on A Lick of Frost right now. I cheated and read the frist to chapthers off her wed page. and i guess i shouldn't have because its driving me crazy that i dont have the book yet. I know she with child know from reading other discussuons, but My question is, Is there is chance that Mistral?? Just because of ever thing thats happend when they were together??

message 19: by mlady_rebecca (new)

mlady_rebecca | 278 comments I forget which book we found out in, but we know who got Merry pregnant.

SPOILERS, obviously

Merry is pregnant with twins and somehow each twin has 3 fathers. So the "fathers" are Doyle, Frost, Rhys, Galen, Sholto, and and Mistral.

message 20: by Nicole (new)

Nicole (nikki28) | 7 comments so what does that do about the whole king thing??
And if Mistral is a daddy, does that mean the queen cant have him any more? Does any one kow if Merry is going to keep all these men of if she let the ones she doesn't love try to find a mate for themself?

message 21: by Cindyg (new)

Cindyg (brotherlover) | 88 comments Right now they are all telling what is going to happen next...I'm waiting on the babies.

message 22: by mlady_rebecca (new)

mlady_rebecca | 278 comments Spoilers again....

Faerie itself crowned Merry and Doyle queen and king, but Merry gave up the throne in order to get Frost back.

I get the feeling that each of the fathers may create their own sithen, and their own kingship. Sholto already has a kingship as leader of the Sluagh. In the last book, Rhys got his own sithen. It's like the Unseelie court is breaking apart. Which, if I remember the mythology correctly, was what things were like when the fey had more power.

In other words, I think she's going to end up keeping all of the men, and they're all going to have different roles. Maybe they'll be like some sort of ruling council, with Merry at the lead.

message 23: by Nicole (new)

Nicole (nikki28) | 7 comments man i'm going to go crazy if i dont get Lick of Frost tommorrow. I want to read these last three books so bad.. I i need to know whats going on..ugh..

Ang -PNR Book Lover Reviews (pnrbookloverreviews) Hi all i finished reading this series about 2 weeks agao. I love Love Love them!

Ang -PNR Book Lover Reviews (pnrbookloverreviews) mlady_rebecca wrote: "Spoilers again....

I agree with you i think the fathers might get there own sithen. i totally agree with you with then men i think she will keep them al, i love rhys and sholto.
what was ur fav book ou of them, i really enjoyed the last three, i can't wait for the next one :)

Faerie itself crowned Merry and Doyle queen and king, but Merry gave up the throne in order to get Frost back.

I get the feeling that each of the fathers may create their ..."

message 26: by mlady_rebecca (new)

mlady_rebecca | 278 comments I'm not sure that I have a favorite book in the Merry series. For me, they feel like one big story that's cut up into pieces. Especially the two or three we had that were practically back to back in the timeline.

Rhys is my favorite of Merry's men. I love that Rhys and Galen were friendly with Merry before she had a chance at the throne, before she represented the guard's only opportunity for sex.

message 27: by Colette (new)

Colette That's going to be a lot more work for Merry if each man gets his own sithen. She will have to cart back and forth from place to place to be with them all. I kind of hope it's only the one that her and Rhys made and it reacts to them all and not just Rhys. I don't like when the story gets too complicated.

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