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Christopher (C-h-r-i-s) | 2 comments Mod
1. Some early readers of the novel have observed that viewing the world through a dog's eyes makes for a greater appreciation of being human. Why do you think this is?

2. Enzo's observations throughout the novel provide insight into his world view. For example: "The visible becomes inevitable." "Understanding the truth is simple. Allowing onself to experience it, is often terribly difficult." "No race has ever been won in teh first corner; many races have been lost there." How does this philosophy apply to real life?

3. In the book's darkest moments, one of Zoe's stuffed animals -- the zebra -- comes to life and threatens him. What does the zebra symbolize?

4. Can you imagine the novel being told from Denny's point of view? How would it make the story different?

5. In the first chapter, Enzo says: "It's what's inside that's important. The soul. And my sould i very human." How does Enzo's situation -- a human soul trapped in a dog's body -- influecne his opinions about what he sees around him? How do you feel about the ideas of reinicarnation and karma as Enzo defines them?

6. Do you find yourself looking at your own dog differently after reading this novel?

7. In the book, we get glimpses into the mindset and mentality of a race car driver. What parallels can you think of between the art of racing and the art of living?

8. The charaer of Ayrton Senna, as he is presented in the book, is heroic, almost a mythic figure. Why do you think this character resonates so strongly for Denny?

message 2: by Kaylynne (new)

Kaylynne Brown (Winona55) | 1 comments I recently lost my Big Dog Bear on New Year's Eve quite suddenly and so it was at times a difficult read. I think seeing life through a dog's eyes is so much more meaningful. Dogs are man's best friend and they do hide what is wrong with them to save us from any more pain although the pain in losing them is very hard on us emotionally. When you read this book with your intellect it is easy and you know and understand what is happening but when you read with your heart it because more real and emotional but that is life. My animals have always been part of my family and they are missed when they die but something or someone down the line reminds you of them and you see them again. I have gone through the questions that were set up but feel this book helped me through my grief of losing my dog recently. I believe that animals especially dogs understand life better then we do. Every dog that I had andlost since I was 24 years old has come to me in my dreams and has told me of the simple things in life that were easy and laid back will be mine again when we are reunited. Kaylynne

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