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Readstoomuch I always enjoy each of Mary Higgins Clark's books ... and, this one is no exception. I hated for it to end!
(I did have a bit of a time keeping all of her characters lined up in my mind.)

Janae I haven't read one of her books for years - I'll have to pick up another!

message 3: by Pam (new) - rated it 4 stars

Pam I am really enjoying this book and can't wait to get back to it. Amazing how her characters all seem to connect!

message 4: by Liv (new) - rated it 5 stars

Liv the end really shocked me. it made me want a sequel!!!!

Nora aka Diva I really liked this one, suspenseful and thrilling.

Juliet One of my favorite Mary Higgins Clark books

message 7: by Cyn (new) - rated it 4 stars

Cyn This book was great. The author never lets us down. However, the who did it ....was easy to figure out from the beginning.

Rebeca The book “Where Are You Now?” by Marry Higgins Clark is a book that I would
recommend to anyone and everyone. The story is about Carolyn Mackenzie trying to find her
missing brother by the name of Mack. Ten years ago Mack was a twenty-one year old and a
senior that attended school at “Columbia University.” He was already accepted into “Duke
University” school for further studying. The story about Mack’s disappearance that everyone
seem to know is that one day Mack walked out of his apartment on Manhattan’s located on the
upper west side and never returned ever since. His father was killed in the 9/11 and it has been
very hard for his family. Mackenzie Carolyn, now a twenty-six year old that has her law school
degree is eager to find Mack. She has a sense that he is alive at the beginning and slowly she had
started to investigate on the calls he left for mother’s day. On the last time “Mack” called home
for mother’s days Carolyn had told Mack that she was going to find him no matter how hard and
how difficult it might be. Recently after the mother day call, a letter was left at mass to Carolyn’s
Uncle, pastor Devon. The note indicated that Uncle Devon told Carolyn to not look for him.
Carolyn would not give up. She has went to the detectives, called old friends of Mack’s, and
went to Lil and Gus investigate what had happened to her brother. She had puzzles but couldn’t
fit them together. Lil and Gus are the two people that Mack shared the apartment with. Elliot
Wallace was also Carolyn’s uncle. He always seemed to have something romantic for Carolyn’s
mother Olivia. Of course her husband was dead now and her mom had an excuse for seeing him.
Carolyn did not think of the dangerous matters she would had gotten herself into. At the end
Carolyn got a note saying that it was Elliot and he has found Mack. The letter gave her an
address and told her to come immediately. Then Carolyn was trapped, pushed down into a
basement by someone she didn’t know who he was. She woke up with some broken bones and
with a girl that has been missing for about sixteen days. By the time, the cops had already
figured it out that Elliot’s nephew was the killer. Elliot Wallace had cleaned out Mack’s
inheritance account and when Mack wanted money from Elliot so that he could pay his
Barbara’s college (Mack’s girlfriend), Elliot told his nephew to kill him. The cops found Carolyn
and Ms. Andrews and they were able to save both of them. Carolyn Mackenzie and her mother
were at peace and could not live in peace after the whole truth was out. Also, Mack had a child.
He got Barbara pregnant and then he was kidnapped and disappeared. Elliot’s nephew has killed
since he was sixteen, and he often says that he was hungry to kill more. Elliot shot himself and
his nephew was in a building that was being destroys for remodeling. They both died and that
left the world in peace. The mother day calls were not really from Mack. Elliot was a
professional in messing with technology, so he made it sound like it was Mack from some taped
that his drama teacher recorded.

Tanya Harrison That was my one and only Mary Higgins Clark book. I loved the book.

Anjuthan This was my first book of Mary Clark. I liked it till the end. Ending was so surprising. This book made me to add Mary Clark to my favorites list :)

Olivia "So many books--so little time."" I just finished Where Are You Now? and thoroughly enjoyed it. The plot twists kept me guessing to the end. 4 stars.

Karla I read that book a few years ago. Love Mary Higgins Clark's books. AND don't get mixed up with Mary Jane Clark...she is not the same..and not as good.

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