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Again, not entirely novel related, but I suppose you can't have any kind of Doctor Who related forum without this thread!

So rank the actors from 10 to 1, starting from worst (or least best if you like) up to your favorite.

10 - Paul McGann
09 - David Tennant
08 - William Hartnell
07 - Jon Pertwee
06 - Christopher Eccleston
05 - Peter Davison
04 - Colin Baker
03 - Sylvester McCoy
02 - Patrick Troughton
01 - Tom Baker

message 2: by Jim (new)

Jim | 16 comments Completely appropriate to do this. The TV series are the Davros to the books' Daleks, or some such thing.

10. William Hartnell
09. Paul McGann
08. Peter Davison
07. Sylvester McCoy
06. David Tennant
05. Jon Pertwee
04. Christopher Eccleston
03. Colin Baker
02. Patrick Troughton
01. Tom Baker

message 3: by Noah (new)

Noah Soudrette (annubis) | 6 comments This is tough.

10. Peter Davidson
09. William Hartnell
08. Sylvester McCoy
07. Christopher Eccleston
06. David Tennant
05. Colin Baker
04. Paul McGann
03. Patrick Troughton
02. Tom Baker
01. Jon Pertwee

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Leela4 | 98 comments It's a tough question, as do you mean their series or their Doctors? as depicted on TV or in books?

Assuming Doctors, on TV, worst to best:

10. David Tennant
09. Christopher Eccleston
08. William Hartnell
07. Patrick Troughton
06. Paul McGann (assuming you mean the movie, not the books)
05. Peter Davison
04. Colin Baker
03. Jon Pertwee
02. Tom Baker
01. Sylvester McCoy

Gee, either you all are bowing to peer pressure, or I really need to get around to seeing the "lost" Patrick Troughton episodes!

The differences between Matthew and Seth's lists are striking, considering the similarities.

message 5: by Mary JL (last edited Dec 16, 2009 03:01AM) (new)

Mary JL (maryjl) | 64 comments Okay, from best to worst:

10. David Tenant
9. Christopher Eccleston
8. Tom Baker
7. Jon Pertwee
6.Peter Davison
5. Patrick Troughton
4. Paul McGann
3. William Hartnell
2, Sylvester McCoy
1> Colin Baker

message 6: by Leela4 (last edited Dec 16, 2009 05:01PM) (new)

Leela4 | 98 comments Have you got that backwards? --I don't think I've ever seen anyone pick Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, and William Hartnell as their top three. They tend to be more widely separated.

>So rank the actors from 10 to 1, starting from worst (or least best if you like) up to your favorite.

message 7: by Joy (new)

Joy (aughadan) A difficult proposition, but here goes: least to most favorite (or pretty cool to awesome, if you will).

10. David Tennant
9. Paul McGann
8. Christopher Eccleston
7. William Hartnell
6. Colin Baker
5. Tom Baker
4. Peter Davison
3. Sylvester McCoy
2. Jon Pertwee
1. Patrick Troughton

And for the record, those last three are pretty much interchangeable.

message 8: by Mary JL (new)

Mary JL (maryjl) | 64 comments Tennant the best and Colin Baker the worst--I counted down from best (10puts) to worst (1 pt).

message 9: by Leela4 (new)

Leela4 | 98 comments Aughadan, Matthew, Seth, Jim: So, what is it about Patrick Troughton?

message 10: by Mark (new)

Mark C | 43 comments I find it very hard to pick my favourite Doctors and my rankings change almost daily. Right now I actually Colin Baker would actually be pretty near the top of my list.
Maybe it's because Colin was the Doctor just as I was really starting to get into the series but I really like his characterisation of the Doctor. He had some of the worst stories on TV but his Doctor was so lively and vibrant compared to more restrained Fifth Doctor before him. I even like his costume which, with the exception of his yellow trousers, isn't really that tasteless at all.

message 11: by Mary JL (new)

Mary JL (maryjl) | 64 comments I agree that my personal ratings of the Doctor change from time to time. And in the case of all the Doctors, except McGann, each Doctor has some really good epsiodes and also has some not so good.

Paul McGann, unfornately, got to do only the Tv movie. I can't help but wonder if he'd been able to do one season--like Christopher Eccleston--whether the fan opnions might indeed be different.

message 12: by Mary JL (last edited Dec 18, 2009 02:15AM) (new)

Mary JL (maryjl) | 64 comments Seth: Nice write up on Troughton. Again, he might be more popular if so many of his episodes hadn't been lost----or thrown out by the BBC!

message 13: by Leela4 (new)

Leela4 | 98 comments >I like an older, smaller Doctor who is HIDING just exactly how powerful he really is. (etc.)

Can you think of any examples? I noticed it in "The Invasion", but can anyone think of more?

For those who haven't seen it: In "The Invasion", if you keep your eye on the Doctor, you see that his clownishness is only when he's the center of attention. When he's not, he's dead serious.

message 14: by Ivan (new)

Ivan | 17 comments I personally could never choose between Patrick Troughton and Tom Baker, so they both tie as my #1 Doctor.

The Fifth is actually at the bottom of my list because of how vulnerable and hesitant he is. I always thought he was too much of a doormat. He just didn't seem strong and in control the way his predecessors did. Now, the Fifth Doctor DID get some good stories, and I like Peter Davison as an actor, but the Fifth Doctor as a character was never my favorite.

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I would say that I became a 2nd Doctor fanboy for life during The Seeds of Death. Which is funny, because the episodes are kinda pants.

But still - that chase scene is sublime. Yes, give the director and editor their kudos, but it's Troughton running up and down the same corridor repeatedly doing all that mad gurning that makes it. And then, just as the Ice Warrior finally corners him and prepares to blast away, Troughton delivers one of the greatest, most 'Doctorish' lines ever: "Your leader will be very cross with you if you kill me... I'm a genius!"

message 16: by Cameron (new)

Cameron Skirving | 4 comments Here is mine

1. Jon Pertwee
2. Tom Baker
3.David Tennant
4.Peter Davison
5.Colin Baker
6.Christopher Ecclesston
7.Patrick Troughton
8.William Hartnell
9.Sylvestor Mccoy
10.Paul Mcgann

I've always been a Pertwee fan, he has the doctor is action packed and with great flare plus I am a fan of the Brig. I think a lot of Tom Baker's early stories during the Philip Hinchcliffe era and most of the stories from his last season are the best of all time.
Its hard for me to rate Hartnell or Troughton because I didn't grow up in the 60's when the stories originally shown, so you have to go with whats left. I'm not a huge fan of the Sylvestor Mccoy era, because it went really childish during his era although the last season was pretty good. As for Paul Mcgann, you can't really rate him because he only appeared in the movie. It would be interesting to see how the 9th Doctor's character would have developed if Christopher Ecclesston had committed to two more seasons. I liked his potrayal.

message 17: by Mary JL (new)

Mary JL (maryjl) | 64 comments Cameron! Another Pertwee fan! Yay!

Actually, I really like bits of ALL the Doctors' characterization--just some are much more liked than others!

message 18: by Andy (new)

Andy  Childress (bubbaworldcomix) | 9 comments 01 Tom Baker / David Tennant (tied for me)
02 John Pertwee
03 Peter Davidson
04 Christopher Eccleston
05 Patric Troughton
06 Paul McGann
07 William Hartnell
08 Colin Baker
09 Sylvester McCoy
10 Peter Cushing (2 movies in the 60's)

( Paul McGann has a bunch of Radio Plays he did as the Doctor)

message 19: by Leela4 (new)

Leela4 | 98 comments Cameron wrote (snip) I've always been a Pertwee fan, he has the doctor is action packed and with great flare plus I am a fan of the Brig.

What I like about the Pertwee era is I can just sit down and watch them. I don't have to be "in the mood" and it doesn't matter if I've missed the beginning or don't have time to watch the whole thing.

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Who's going to be brave enough to do the first top 11 list then? I'll probably wait until the end of this current series to rate Matt Smith, but based on these first couple episodes, he'd be pretty darn high on my list.

message 21: by Andy (new)

Andy  Childress (bubbaworldcomix) | 9 comments I want even get to see the first episode till April 17th on BBC America. I will wait till the end of season one to decide....although the one preview of them looking at the stars and she says " I like the way that one flickers" and he answers " I thought I'd fixed that" has me excited about watching the new Doctor.

message 22: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 1 comments Hmm ok, I won't put Matt Smith on my list yet but I'll do a top 10, least to most favourite:
10. Colin Baker
9. William Hartnell
8. Peter Davison
7. Paul McGann
6. Sylvester McCoy
5. Patrick Troughton
4. Christopher Eccleston
3. Tom Baker
2. David Tennant
1. Jon Pertwee

message 23: by Thom (last edited Jun 20, 2010 06:32AM) (new)

Thom (Dalek) | 3 comments I assume were just rating the TV doctors.
So here we go
10.Paul McGann (love you in BF though)
9.Colin Baker
8.Sylvester McCoy
7.Patrick Troughton
6.David Tennant
5.Tom Baker
4.Matt Smith
3.Peter Davison
2.Christopher Eccleston
1.A tie William Hartnell and Jon Pertwee
List valid on Skaro only and may be changed or destroyed in its entirety due to vortex activity.

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11. Colin Baker - The only Doctor I will say that I hate. I can't even watch his episodes because he sucks so bad.
10. Peter Davison - I used to hate him but he's warmed for me, only slightly. I'll give him more of a shot soon.
9. Christopher Eccleston - Way too two-dimensional. He was always either so wacky that I found it stifling, or so serious that it was irritating. No thanks.
8. Tom Baker - Always wacky, never serious... I need more drama out of my Doctor, I hate to say. Also, the last few seasons he really hams it up and it shows a lack of respect for the role when you're phoning in performances.
7. William Hartnell - Crotchety but still pretty cool, plus kudos for being the first.
6. Sylvestor McCoy - I haven't seen enough McCoy to rank him too highly, but I do like it. I like his penchant for the theatrical, and his darker motives. I will probably rank him higher after I see more of his stuff.
5. David Tennant - Good fun, but occasionally over the top of the wacky factor. Still really liked his run, though.
4. Jon Pertwee - Love his action and he has some great storylines (Doctor Who & The Silurians is one of my favorites) but he's kept out of my top three because he was just ALL business. He wasn't really Doctor Who-ish, he was just serious detective man.
3. Paul McGann - I'm apparently one of the few people who loved the movie, and really liked Paul as the Doctor in that, but I have started to like him even more since I've started listening to the audio plays. He's great, I wish he had more screen time.
2. Matt Smith - He has all the things I love about Troughton, but in a younger and fresher package with the special effects of the modern series, I'm totally excited about Matt Smith as the Doctor.
1. Patrick Troughton - Everything the Doctor should be. A balance of cooky and dramatic. He had some great dramatic moments, and some of the funniest, plus I loved the relationships he had with his companions, such as being Victoria's father figure, and the complimentary intellects of the Doctor and Zoe (still my favorite companion).

message 25: by J.E. (new)

J.E. Remy | 3 comments For me, David Tennant doesn't even make the list. That last season especially ruined him, RTD and most of new DW prior for me. I know a lot of people like him. I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry. But he annoyed the hell out of me. And, _well_... he had too many annoying quirks. Moving on. Allons-y!

Least favorite to most favorite:

10 - Colin Baker. I wasn't a big fan of his television portrayal. But his audio version of the character has redeemed him.

09 - Jon Pertwee. I wish he could be higher, and perhaps he will be as I finish viewing all he has to offer.

08 - Peter Davison. It was Davison that made the companions truly matter. Again, changing the tone for the better.

07 - Paul McGann. I hated the movie, but he wasn't all that bad in it. The audios and books, however, have made him one of my favorites.

06 - William Hartnell. He set the stage and made some beautiful stories with it. I could do with some crotchety Doctor now and them.

05 - Christopher Eccleston. Like a modern take on Tom Baker, he's alien in the best of ways. He was the first Doctor to make me fear a Dalek.

04 - Tom Baker. Redefined the character to be more alien than ever. His relationship with Sarah Jane has brought some of my favorite moments in the series.

03 - Matt Smith. He's like a modern take on Troughton. If he and Moffat keep this up, he may make it even higher. And his bow tie is cool.

02 - Patrick Troughton. Almost a tie with McCoy for the top spot. He's pretty much everything there is to love about Who. I especially enjoy his relationship with Jaime and Zoe.

01 - Sylvester McCoy. I know there's a lot of hate, but he'll always be my Doctor. Add in Benny and the New Adventures, and there isn't a question.

Honorable mention: Richard E. Grant's formerly official 9th Doctor from the Scream of the Shalka online episode. He would have made my top ten if he remained the official 9th.

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So I'm going to do a revision of my first list from a couple years ago now that we have a new Doctor to add to it.

11 - David Tennant (-2) - Had a few nice moments, but overall I really hated the twee jack-the-lad performance and his very silly mockney accent.

10 - Paul McGann (=) - Stays put in 10th for me. I really do love his work with Big Finish, but the telemovie is an abomination, and his on-screen portrayal is completely generic.

09 - Peter Davison (-4) - Caves is one of my all-time favorite Who stories, so I tend to overrate Davison based on that. But I re-watched a few of his earlier episodes for the first time in many, many years recently (Castrovalva, Earthshock, etc) and... wow, is Doctor #5 bland and vanilla, or what? Doesn't help that he's surrounded by horrible companions for most of his run.

08 - Christopher Eccleston (-2) - Has lost a little bit of his charm for me as the years go by. That manic performance in 'Dalek' is still ace though.

07 - Sylvester McCoy (-3) - I always rated McCoy highly because I love season 26 and the subsequent Virgin New Adventures books, but... go back and watch Time and the Rani and also Delta and the Bannermen... yeah...

06 - William Hartnell (+2) - Didn't appreciate Hartnell when I was a youngster, but nowadays I'm starting to see what all the fuss is about.

05 - Colin Baker (-1) - Still firmly believe Colin is the most underrated Doctor. His work for Big Finish is phenomenal, and really shows where his Doctor could have gone if some of the scripts were just a little bit better.

04 - Jon Pertwee (+3) - I don't know what I was smoking when I made my initial list. I always dug Pertwee's intergalactic James Bond approach. HAI!

03 - Patrick Troughton (-1) - He's still an amazing Doctor, but some plucky newcomer has moved ahead.

02 - Matt Smith (*) - He just completely nails the part. Give me another season as good as the last one and he might very well top my list. Bow ties are cool. Fezzes are cooler.

01 - Tom Baker (=) - He is still THE Doctor and my childhood hero.

message 27: by Ian (new)

Ian (thunderbird32) | 2 comments 11 - Colin Baker
10 - Christopher Eccleston
9 - Peter Davison
8 - Jon Pertwee
7 - Patrick Troughton
6 - Sylvester McCoy
5 - William Hartnell
4 - David Tennent
3 - Paul McGann
2 - Matt Smith
1 - Tom Baker

message 28: by Roger (new)

Roger | 2 comments 1. Tom Baker
2. David Tennant
3. Matt Smith
4. Patrick Troughton
5. Paul McGann
6. Jon Pertwee
7. Peter Davison
8. Sylvester McCoy
9. Christopher Eccleston
10. William Hartnell
11. Colin Baker

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It seems like everyone's favorite is either Tom Baker or Patrick Troughton, with a couple Pertwee and Tennant and one McCoy. As someone who doesn't rank Baker really highly (on my list here, #8, though I think when I re-arrange he might hit more like #7 or #6) I have to wonder how much of Baker's fanbase is based on factors other than his actual ability on the Doctor.

For example, being that he was the longest serving Doctor, more people had a chance for him to "their Doctor." Also, being that he was the first Doctor to be aired in the states, that helps his chances a lot. A lot of people like him because they grew up on him. Which is fair enough, I'm not saying that these are bad reasons to like him, I just find it interesting.

I didn't have any sentimental attachment to any Doctors when I started. I've been a Who fan for like a year, maybe. I was instantly flabbergasted by how awesome Troughton was as the Doctor, even though the episodes he was in weren't always great.

Does Tom Baker get voted as the favorite Doc by people living in the UK as well as the States? I'm interested in seeing a bigger vote on the classic doctors alone, seeing how the new doctors have an inherit bonus in that there are a LOT of young people who just won't bother to go watch the classic stuff. I'm in the last serial of Baker's first season of watching, and I've also seen one later one, but I don't see him as upper echelon Doctor yet; maybe that will come with more viewing.

message 30: by [deleted user] (new)

Pertwee was actually the first Doctor to be seen in the US (although I suppose if you want to get really technical about it, the Peter Cushing film was out Stateside long before that). But certainly Tom received more exposure than any other Doctor pre-2005 in the States.

Other than that... well, I don't really know what to say about your stance on the Bakerman. I've never actually known a Who fan who dislikes the 4th Doctor. To me it's akin to saying Sean Connery is your least favorite James Bond - MY BRAIN JUST CANNOT COMPREHEND IT!

No, but seriously... if you've only seen his first series, that might be the problem. It didn't start to pick up until his second series in the role.

message 31: by [deleted user] (new)

I've seen his first series, and also the first Romana II serial, one of the Dalek ones. The first series has a couple really good serials it just seems like Baker is kind of hammy, when he's supposed to be dramatic it almost feels like he's not trying. Maybe he just took a while to get into the role.

As far as Bond goes: Timothy Dalton is the best Bond, if you ask me, but Connery is my second favorite.

I don't dislike Baker... I just don't think he's one of the best. To me, its like there are three echelons of Doctors, the lower is Davison, Colin Baker, and Eccleston, the middle is Tom Baker, Tennant, Pertwee, McGann, and the best are Troughton, Smith, and McCoy. I haven't decided about Hartnell, he's at least middle, but he's kind of growing on me.

message 32: by Mark (new)

Mark C | 43 comments I don't think you've seen Baker at his best. As has already been said, his first, although good, is not Baker at his peak and 'Destiny of the Daleks' (which must be the only other Tom Baker story you've seen from your description) is definitely not vintage Baker.

Tom's second and third seasons are probably Baker at his peak, culminating in the excellent Talons of Weng-Chiang. The next couple of seasons are a bit more hit and miss in my opinion.

You might find more to like if you have the chance to sample more of his earlier stories. I notice, in your rankings that you say that Baker's Doctor is "always wacky, never serious." Well, in those earlier seasons the Fourth is a lot more serious than in the later ones so they might appeal more. Or perhaps not - he isn't to everyone's tastes and I wouldn't rate him as my number one either.

Incidentally, in answer to one of your earlier questions, in the UK I still think a lot of people rate Tom highly, although with the increasing number of newer fans there is definitely a shift towards the likes of Tennant being classed as the best.

message 33: by Mary JL (new)

Mary JL (maryjl) | 64 comments The earlier Tom Baker stories were a bit more serious, and imho are much better. Later, Baker became less serious.

Try "Pyramids of Mars" and "The Talons of Weng-Chiang". Both are top-notch.

message 34: by [deleted user] (new)

I'm going to tackle each of the Doctors chronologically rather than jumping around. I'm in the middle of watching the first season of each Doctor... 3rd, 4th, 7th, 11th down... just starting 5th yesterday.

message 35: by Ivan (new)

Ivan | 17 comments The main reason I like the Fourth Doctor so much is one of the reasons I also like the Second Doctor: he can play the fool so well and really have his enemies thinking he's no threat, then turn right around and just trump them. Baker's acting style appeals to me; he presents a Doctor who has fun exploring the universe and showing off how great he is, and then gets deadly serious when the time for play is over. It doesn't hurt that the Fourth Doctor also got a LOT of really great stories and had some interesting companions by his side (though more in the first two-thirds of his run; I strongly dislike Adric and never cared much for Nessa either, but Tegan is fine in my book).

Of course, any time I have the Second Doctor, Jamie and Zoe has the starring team, I'm a happy guy. Those three work so well together that even their weaker stories are a ton of fun. I really hope that, one day, more of the Second Doctor's missing episodes turn up.

message 36: by [deleted user] (new)

@Ivan - Yeah, we're lucky that the majority of the 2nd Doctor stories that are available are the ones with Zoe. She is by far my favorite companion in all of Doctor Who. The only serials she is in that aren't complete are her debut in The Wheel in Space, and The Space Pirates. If I had to choose, a serial to be unearthed, it would definitely be 'Wheel.'

I think the Fourth Doctor is at his best when he is being funny. He hasn't impressed me yet when it comes to the dramatic moments, but if he does come around I can see him climbing higher on my list. As it is, I did write a review of his first season at my blog, feel free to comment: ... write-ups on the other "first seasons" I watched are there, too.

message 37: by Allison (new)

Allison (pinksonia) I feel like I'm going to be the contrary one, but here is my list...

1. Davison
2. Baker, C.
3. Smith
4. Tennant
5. Hartnell
6. Eccleston
7. Troughton
8. Pertwee
9. McCoy
10. McGann
11. Baker, T.

To be fair 7-10 are fairly interchangeable for me as to their placement, and I haven't seen that much of McCoy or McGann (well I suppose with the later it is I haven't seen any, though I have heard some).

message 38: by [deleted user] (new)

Wow, I have never seen someone put Davison and Baker on their top two spots... thats... wow. Well, to each his own, I guess. To me, watching Davison and Colin Baker is like doing homework.

message 39: by Leela4 (last edited Aug 10, 2010 01:24PM) (new)

Leela4 | 98 comments I think part of it is whether you're watching the characters or the episode. Davison had a ton of episodes which just weren't spectacular.

The thing that really appealed to me about the fifth Doctor is there are always two layers to him. He *seems* to be one thing, but he *is* something else. He seems slight and gentle, but he's quite strong and a lot of his dialog has teeth. Put on an episode, turn your back and just listen to the lines. And that "Oh yeah? Make me!" look he gives villains just underscores the dichotomy.

Also, credit to the episodes, he's the only Doctor who never needed fairy dust to get the job done. He outwitted, outmaneuvered, or out-persisted the opposition. We can relate to that.

CaptKirk42 Classic Whovian (klandersen) | 181 comments For Me this is difficult as I like all of them to some degree (TV/Movie/Novels/Comics whatever) and usually don't like to play favorites. Like Mark my rankings change often, not necessarily daily like his, and I hardly ever rank Collin Baker as my absolute fave Doctor. He is usually my least favorite, but sometimes he is a bit better than The Original William Hartnell.

My bottom ones are usually Collin Baker, William Hartnell(and Richard Hurndall who played Doc 1 in "The Five Doctors" and sadly died a year later), Christopher Eccleston and Patrick Troughton

The Middle is usually Peter Davison and Tom Baker (Both used to almost always be in my top 2 during the 80s), and the Movie Doctors Peter Cushing and Paul McGann

My top ones are usually Sylvester McCoy, Jon Pertwee, David Tennant and now Matt Smith.

message 41: by Jeannie (new)

Jeannie (serenity77) Well its a difficult question!!!

1. David Tennant
2. Matt Smith
3. Tom Baker
4. Christopher Eccleston
5. Peter Davison
6. Patrick Troughton
7. Sylvester McCoy
8. Colin Baker
9. Jon Pertwee
10. William Hartnell
11. Paul McGann

message 42: by Fiona (last edited Oct 07, 2010 03:02PM) (new)

Fiona McGier | 75 comments 1-Least favorite:Colin Baker was annoying,so was Peri
2-William Hartnell-I didn't like his supercilious manner
3-Paul McGann-Not enough story to judge
4-Jon Pertwee-I'm not really fond of 60s fashions
5-Sylvester McCoy-I liked Ace, he was okay
6-Christopher Eccleston-All angular and tough-guy, but some good stories
7-Patrick Troughton-Child-like yet ancient, very interesting
8-David Tennant-cute guy,did okay,not a very good actor
9-Tom Baker-the first Dr I saw, not really acting, but then it was a kids' show. And K9 rules!
10-Peter Davison-my favorite. I liked most of his stories (okay, not the King's Demon, and not the Black Orchid), but Tegan, Nissa, Adrick and Terlo are some of my favorite companions.
I have only seen a coupla episodes with Matt Smith, so I don't feel I can judge him yet.

message 43: by Laurence (new)

Laurence Donaghy | 10 comments I think this is slightly unfair as it's always going to give the more recent Doctors a good showing, simply because a lot of classic Who just doesn't (to me anyway) quite meet the standards of modern television.

Also, are we ranking the Doctors based on the guys who played them and their acting ability, or based on the character of the Doctor himself during that incarnation?

Anyway, like everyone else with a pulse, I just can't resist a good top 10 (+1) list, so I'm going for ranking them based on a combination of the above and my gut instinct.

And so going from worst to best:

11) Paul McGann
10) Colin Baker
9) Slyvester McCoy
8) William Hartnell
7) Peter Davison
6) Christopher Eccleston
5) Tom Baker
4) Jon Pertwee
3) Matt Smith
2) Patrick Troughton
1) David Tennant

McGann comes bottom because as others have said, we only really have the TV movie to judge him on and he seemed wet and ineffectual. I've a soft spot for Pertwee and Troughton because of their absolutely marvellous interplay in "The Three Doctors" - I just loved how two versions of the same person could end up bickering so much.

Smith and Tennant score well, as I've said, because I think TV shows are generally written to more modern sensibilities now - Doctor Who, like all British telly, never even used to have season finales, (although it did have regeneration stories, granted).

I think Troughton and Tennant embody two differing ends of what the Doctor can be; one is young and rather dashing and spouts pop-culture references for fun, the other older and rumpled and childlike. Both were absolutely marvellous actors who, Troughton in particular, could really bring that essential otherworldly quality to the character.

Tom Baker I've put controversially at 5 because he brought that otherworldly quality almost too much; at times he seemed only a whisker away from mugging for the cameras or breaking the third wall to ask us, Eric Morecambe style "what d'you think of it so far? rubbish!". On the occasions where he was allowed to flex his dramatic muscles a bit, he did so quite well, but overall I thought he introduced a little too much by way of arch campness to the Whoniverse.

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Bill (3illsweet) | 2 comments This is very hard, because I experience a disconnect in my affection for particular Doctors, and the varying quality of some of their stories. And because, when I'm watching them, the one onscreen at the moment is my favorite.

Also, I haven't seen Matt Smith yet, but can't wait to get the DVDs next month. So I may have a new list in a month or so... (I've stayed away from most Who sites because of past experience with spoilers in avatars, etc...Outpost Gallifrey posters ruined the surprises of NuWho seasons 3 & 4 for me...)

So this is only based on what's available on DVD or lost episode reconstruction tapes...

Actually doing this surprises me with the results. But like some psych tests, I might give you different results if I came back tomorrow.

11. Richard Hurndall - Who thought he had any resemblance to William Hartnell? They could at least have had him blow a line or two to make the resemblance better... :-)

10. Colin Baker - Not his fault...I felt most of his stories were pretty ill-conceived...hated the suit, and the whole angry/crazy thing wasn't executed well...and I LIKE Peri, so there...

9. Paul McGann - might be higher in my list if he'd be more than a once-off. Very good performance, but again, crap writing. I do need to get my hands on some of the audio though. I think his performance is one of the few things acceptable about the TVM.

8. William Hartnell - I like his performance, and the way the original stories were more historical. But I don't find myself going back to watch them again, as much as I might defend them. Ian and Barbara hold up the show during that period for me.

7. Jon Pertwee - Like Tom Baker, he molded the character with his personality. These are some of my favorite Who episodes, despite their dicey quality, but the kung fu James Bond stuff starts to wear thin with me. That said, Green Death is one of my favorites, and Jo Grant is one of my favorite companions.

6. David Tennant - Love him or hate him, he did some excellent (I was going to say fantastic, but I think Eccleston has a copyright on that) work, but I found him too shouty at times. Still, some of my favorite episodes are from his tenure.

5. Sylvester McCoy - To flip what I've been saying about others, I'm not sure it's his performance that I like, but rather the direction the stories were going at the end. I really anticipate new dvd releases of this period. His earlier stuff is unfocused and feels like a Colin Baker part 2, but they'd not given him much to work with...

4. Tom Baker - Shocking. I'd have thought he'd be higher, and probably will be later, but I watched Creature from the Pit and the Horns of Nimon this week. :-) His is the Doctor I first saw, and it was the strengh of the Hinchcliffe produced episodes that US viewers were saturated with in the 70s. For the longest time it was the only Who I'd seen, except for some early Davison.

Tom Baker's stuff is almost unclassifiable, and unrankable. It's some of the highest highs and the lowest lows for me. Talons of Weng Chiang and Robots of Death are some of the best Who ever. I have to compare him with William Shatner in a way, as his personality and the character became so mixed up. He is so larger than life, that he can't help by be The Best, and's like going to see Bob Dylan in concert, sometimes divine and sometimes WTF?

3. Patrick Troughton - Sad that so much was lost. His performance was a gem, even in the face of repetitive monster stories. I love how dynamic and quirky the 2nd Doctor is, how impish and ould soul at the same time. I think that had a big effect on how the character was to develop...

2. Christopher Eccleston - This surprised me, considering his short tenure, and the iffy quality. But I have to admit that watching his performance at the end of the Doctor Dances was the first time I ever cried watching the show. The happiness he conveyed of a man who has seen so much death, and to be able to save everyone, was great. I think the resurrection of the show owes more to him than some folks acknowledge.

1. Peter Davison. What what what?? This came out of nowhere, and considering how bad some of his stories were, I'm scratching my head. But I love how he jumped into the part, which everone had come to associate so long with TOM, and created a new Doctor, that was yet old. I like him for some of the same reasons I like the Trought, the old soul etc. I like how he was more vulnerable than the almost cocky later Baker. The bit with the glasses. And that he somehow brought a depth despite the stupid cricket costume. Caves of Androzani, one of the best ever.

message 45: by Jack (new)

Jack | 3 comments My top doctor's are:
1:Patrick Troughton
2:Jon Pertwee
3:Sylvester McCoy
4:Christopher Eccleston
5:Tom Baker (mainly the Philip Heincliffe era)
6:William Hartnell
7:Matt Smith
8:Colin Baker
9:Peter Davision
10:David Tennant i hate he just ruined the show
11:Paul McGann so bad i have nothing to say

message 46: by ~Geektastic~ (new)

 ~Geektastic~ (atroskity) Ursula the Strigoi wrote: "David Tennant was by far the best doctor"

I agree, though as far as companions go, I never cared much for Rose.

I can't create a top ten; I'm essentially a late Who convert and I've only watched bits and pieces of the earlier (pre-Eccleston) doctors. I did waste $30 on a copy of the Doctor Who television movie, and that was just awful. I've watched a fair bit of Baker and McCoy, but I just can't get past how dated they are, not having grown up watching the show.

message 47: by Ken (new)

Ken (ogi8745) | 10 comments I used to rank them, then as I have gotten older I have felt they all have their own strengths and I enjoy them all about equally.
I do realize that its a cop out but thats how I feel.

message 48: by Leela4 (new)

Leela4 | 98 comments Not at all. When someone asks me who my favorite is I say they all are for different reasons.

message 49: by Travis (new)

Travis (travishiltz) | 1511 comments My list:

1) Tom Baker ( My Doctor. Always have a soft spot)

Then there's a 10 way tie for #2. I don't see them as good or bad, just different.

I'm like the Brig that way. Wonderful chap. All of them.

message 50: by [deleted user] (new)

My list has changed a bit since I first posted here. Now I would say the only Doctor I don't like is Eccleston-- never liked him at all, just didn't fit the role for me. I used to hate Colin Baker, but based on audio plays and seeing a bit more he is growing on me quite a bit. Patrick Troughton is still my favorite, but Matt Smith may beat him if Series Six is as good as Series Five. I think right now my list:

1. Patrick Troughton
2. Matt Smith
3. Jon Pertwee
4. Sylvester McCoy
5. David Tennant
6. Paul McGann
7. Tom Baker
8. Colin Baker
9. Peter Davison
10. William Hartnell
11. Christopher Eccleston

The top bracket are the ones I love. The second are the ones I like. The third are the ones that just don't do it for me, and the bottom one is one I just don't like at all.

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