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Everyone hates school

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message 1: by Claudia (new)

Claudia (xxclaudiaxx) | 2 comments no one likes school, its not worth the waste of time!!!!

message 2: by Asia (new)

Asia | 5 comments the only good thing about school is socializing but other than that. it sucks!

the lonely boy  (waitingforittohappen) | 3 comments um learn and a whole bunch of other boring stuff

the lonely boy  (waitingforittohappen) | 3 comments who likes using the microscopes in class now thats a school thing i like

the lonely boy  (waitingforittohappen) | 3 comments hey bailey..... ya toast

message 6: by Claudia (new)

Claudia (xxclaudiaxx) | 2 comments grade six and seven get shfted, no activitied WE like, we have swimming...who cares? If we had like, a day in were talking :)

message 7: by PurpleObsessor_15 (last edited May 13, 2008 03:04PM) (new)

PurpleObsessor_15 (hunnybunn13) socializing is good...but then you socialize too much you get bad grades. get good grades and don't socialize = no friends. you just can't win or loose in school and frankly...i'm sick of it. I wish girls only went to 8th grade like in the old days. then this would be my last yr!!! oh well.... tough luck :(

message 8: by Asia (last edited May 14, 2008 09:10PM) (new)

Asia | 5 comments why don't we just balance socializing and good grades together and that way you could get good grades with your friends help if you needed it and also have friends.

PurpleObsessor_15 (hunnybunn13) easier said than done asia...thanks 4 tryin' :)

message 10: by [deleted user] (new)

the only fun part of school is friends. the only reason i wake up for school is b/c i hsve 2 and 2 c my friends

message 11: by Asia (new)

Asia | 5 comments well, i have good grades and lots of freinds!

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