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~Mordecai Young series - Maggie Shayne

Summary: Cult leader Mordecai Young was thought to have died when his compound was raided years ago. Now he's back to seek vengeance on the survivors.

1. Thicker Than Water
2. Colder Than Ice
3. Darker Than Midnight

**There is to be a 4th book in this series, but Shayne's publishers told her to put it off to work on her Vampire series. She says it will still get written, hopefully soon.

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For anyone who read this series and wondered about Dawn, Shayne's website FINALLY has info on the continuation of this series. Before now, it was just that she hoped to someday finish the series. But now there are dates!

According to her blog, in July, August and September of 2010 (grr! that's so far away!) there will back-to-back-to-back releases of 3 romantic suspense books. The first will be Dawn's story. YAY! She didn't say anything about the other two, so I don't know what they will be about.

Anyway, that's the news!

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Kathrynn Maggie Shayne

1 Thicker Than Water (Mira Romantic Suspense) by Maggie Shayne 2 Colder Than Ice by Maggie Shayne 3 Darker Than Midnight by Maggie Shayne

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