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~Ty & Hunter - Carly Phillips

Summary: Years ago, Ty and Hunter helped their friend Lilly fake her death to escape her uncle. In the first book, Ty and Lilly (now Lacey) reunite. And Ty finds love in the 2nd book.

1. Cross My Heart
2. Sealed With A Kiss


Carly Phillips

Cross My Heart by Carly Phillips Sealed With A Kiss (Ty & Hunter #2) by Carly Phillips

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Tammy (tammymerlot) These are the only books I have read by Carly Phillips, but I really enjoyed them. Great series!

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Phillips is one of my favorite "lighter" romance authors. I've read most of her stuff.

message 4: by Wendy (new)

Wendy Your right Isis. Phillips is a lighter romance author, but that is why I like her. I have read the Outlander books and there are times while reading that I feel like I'm sloging through.

These books are really good, to me. I liked the stories and the way the characters acted toward each other. The stories weren't as light as some of her others. There was definately a mystery aspect, and the love aspect was there as well. I liked that the hero's and heroine's were strong characters and could handle themselves and their own lives. Over all they were entertaining, quick reads that keep your attention.

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With Phillips, I like the fact that even though her books are lighter, they aren't fluff. I've read some "lighter" books that just seem to have no substance and I get bored. But Phillips books keep me reading.

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