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message 1: by jenjn79 (new)

jenjn79 | 409 comments Mod
This is a big request. I've got bits and pieces of it, but not one cohesive list.

Anyone who reads Palmer knows she's got her Long, Tall Texans books, but you also know that she's got other books that relate to those but aren't technically part of the LTT series...the Soldiers of Fortune books, and her full-length novels all tie-in.

I'd like to find a full list of all those related books. If anyone has one, I'll love you forever *G*.

If not, I'll probably get around to tackling combing the separate lists at some point.

message 2: by Christel (new)

Christel (christelc) | 60 comments I can work on this one. I have alot of Diana Aplmer books here

message 3: by jenjn79 (new)

jenjn79 | 409 comments Mod
If you check her website, she has a list of the LTT books and the Soldiers of Fortune series on the series page, and on the backlist page the full length books are listed. - I think I know which of the full length ones are related -

It's mainly a matter of merging them together chronologically. I've just never gotten around to it and thought someone else might have.

message 4: by jenjn79 (new)

jenjn79 | 409 comments Mod
Just noting...

A list of LTT books has been posted in Category Romance.

And a partial list of all Jacobsville books has been posting in Partial Lists.

(this topic will be closed and moved to the Closed Requests folder)

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