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~untitled - Karen Rose

Summary: These are only very loosely connected. Most of the books have a minor character tie-in. They're hardcore romantic suspenses, typically dealing with serial killers and police officers/FBI agents.

1. Don't Tell
2. Have You Seen Her?
3. I'm Watching You
4. Nothing To Fear
5. You Can't Hide
6. Count To Ten
7. Die For Me - (Vartanian trilogy #1)
8. Scream For Me - (Vartanian trilogy #2)
9. Kill For Me - (Vartanian trilogy #3)
10. I Can See You
11. Silent Scream

To see more on how the books connect, check this page at KR's website:

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Kathrynn, can you add book #10 to the link list you made? I just updated the series list to include book #10 (which I can't wait to read! Evie's story! Finally!)

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Kathrynn Gotcha! Evie's story. Can't wait for that one either.

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Thanks, Kathrynn!

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Kathrynn...can you add the new book to your cover list in msg 2?

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