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The Circle trilogy - Nora Roberts

Summary: A group of 6 destined characters must join together to fight a powerful vampire who is intent on destruction.

1. Morrigan's Cross
2. Dance of the Gods
3. Valley of Silence


Nora Roberts
Morrigan's Cross (Circle trilogy #1) by Nora Roberts Dance of the Gods (Circle trilogy #2) by Nora Roberts Valley of Silence (Circle trilogy #3) by Nora Roberts

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Questian (sakurastrife) I READ this series last year, and i must say like the over al idea.

Morrigan's Cross
= a man from the past that was brought to the future to save a world that he didnt know of, meeting with his brother, the one he tried to killed in his own time, and loving a witch, that fits him like a glove in every aspects of his like.

Dance of the Gods
= A demon hunter or more likely a vampire hunter, that tried to kill one of her kin, trying to prove her self worth, and a shape shifther, the complete opposite of our hunter, yet in spite of that, they see each other eye to eye, and work in harmony.

and the last book,,,,

Valley of Silence
=a vamipire whose choice wasn't his, a princess whose kingdome was under seige, but it didnt stop the love from growing between the two.

this series realy moved me, i like the 1st and the last book. The last book too much. it show that every good deed, no matter how much sin you have cause can be reveted back, as long as you heart is pure and true..

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