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message 1: by theduckthief (new)

theduckthief | 269 comments Mod
That idea of food throughout the book and how corners are cut are what kept me from eating my lunch and reading this at the same time.

This book really made me appreciate my job. It's not my dream job but at least I don't need to worry about being replaced if I'm sick or my wages being constantly lowered. I don't work in unsafe or unsanitary conditions and thankfully I belong to a union.

I'm sure that Sinclair hasn't exaggerated working conditions and I can't help but feel this sense of awe at the workers, the generation of my great grandparents that lived in those times. How did they ever survive? They seem so much stronger then we are today in their will to do what must be done, despite how painful and exhausting it might be.

message 2: by Nancy (new)

Nancy (nancyh) | 13 comments It does seem incredible that the characters just keep going. It makes me appreciate my job and life in general too. I remember when we were discussing this book in school that this book had a strong reaction and did contibute to awareness and efforts to change the meat packing industry. Sadly horrible working conditions still exist throughout.
I agree that the characters are much stronger than we are today.

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