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message 1: by [deleted user] (new)

I truly hope that the movie will be as good as the book. Do you guys think it will?

Ronna (ronna15) | 2 comments I highly doubt it. They never do. I mean, not that its gonna be bad, but never as good as the book. But maybe it wont be so bad. Chris Columbus is directing it, so i'm fairly confident, mostly because he directed the first H.P. movies, which I think was the best adaption with the books.

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Yeah, good point. I hope the actors are able to portray the characters well enough.

message 4: by Angie, YA lovin mod!! (new) - rated it 4 stars

Angie | 2686 comments Mod
I don't know... the trailer looks really good! I am so excited about it. I think it might be a really good movie.

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

Yeah, me too!! EEP!!!

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Yeah, I just got my cousin to read them and she died!! She loved them soooooooo much! Almost as much as me! lol! Now I can get someone to go to the movie with me! WOOT!!!!

Ralph (sunwriter) | 53 comments I saw a preview for it when I went to the movies last night and it look really good! =)

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Yeah. . . It should be.

Melyssa | 30 comments The trailer looks good enough. But I've heard that they've made quite a few changes. I don't know. I heard Ares(sp?) is not in this movie, and I've heard that they have parts of the second book in this movie too. I don't know.....I thought Aries was cast though. Either way, I'm still excited for this movie!

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I had hoped that they would make all the books into movies, like Harry Potter.

Celestasaurus I think the movie will be really good (it sure looks like it will be!) but obviously it's not going to be exactly like the book, which is disappointing but understandable.
Can't wait for its release!

message 12: by Ann (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ann | 177 comments I have my fingers crossed - I think the movie stands a chance of being quite good, if not exactly the same as the book. Already, from the trailer (which, maybe it's just because it's the trailer) it looks not as ... humorous? Which, I can understand, but it would probably have a different "feel." Either way, I'm VERY curious and anxious to see it :)

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Yeah, like Ann said, it does'nt look as humerous, but... maybe that's to get different viewers?

Brigid ✩ Cool Ninja Sharpshooter ✩ I saw the movie and I was disappointed :( I'm a HUGE fan of the books, and I was mad that they cut out a lot of important characters and, like, entirely changed the plot. It was enjoyable, but not comparable to the books. >.<

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Crap! Well the director of the movie directed the first two hp's....I didn't like those either. The gooneys was ok...All in all, I sorta deep down knew that it wouldn't be good...:(

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When I first read the books...I think I almost fell in love with them. If I could marry a book series this would totally be the one I chose! Lol! I'm weird that way...

Brigid ✩ Cool Ninja Sharpshooter ✩ That is not weird, I would marry them too. Don't worry. lol :D Ahhh I was just re-reading Sea of Monsters. These books are pure brilliance. ;)

Kelly (Kellynn) | 3 comments I love these books, and I understand that the movie can't be exactly the same as the book. I just hope that the same flavor is there.

Catherine Banks (catherine_banks) | 6 comments They messed up so many things in this movie! One, how hard is it to dye the girl who is playing Annabelle's hair blonde. Two, where was the fight between Ares and Percy? Three, where was the battle between Clarisse and Percy at the lake? Four, they just completely ignored how Percy actually found out that he was a son of Poseidon! Ugh, there were so many problems with the movie that I just couldn't stand it. THe movie was decent if you'd never read the books, but so many things were wrong. I'm definitely not going to see premiers of movies based on books again. I'm just going to have to wait for them to come out on video. It's just too disappointing.

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Ralph (sunwriter) | 53 comments I don't like how the characters are like 15 instead of 11 like they're supposed to be. That and they made Grover black for some unknown reason.

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Whatever. It's strange because the girl they got to play annabeth is TWENTY-THREE!!!!!!

Peep (Pop! Pop!) (Peep) I didn't like the movie at all! It did not do the books justice. They left out so much and explained very little. My little sisters hadn't read the books but they loved the movie.

Brigid ✩ Cool Ninja Sharpshooter ✩ Kelly wrote: "I love these books, and I understand that the movie can't be exactly the same as the book. I just hope that the same flavor is there. "

That's what I was hoping, too – that at least if they were going to leave some things out, they could at least keep that sort of Percy Jackson humor in it or something. But the humor wasn't funny, which was very disappointing considering the books are laugh-out-loud hilarious. And then of course they had to leave out so many important plot lines and characters, and they didn't explain things well either. I mean, they didn't even mention the Mist. How did no one notice when like half of NYC exploded and water came gushing out of all the buildings? Gah.

Winona (wheenona) | 2 comments I tried to count the changes they've made, but I lost count.

message 28: by Peep (Pop! Pop!) (last edited Feb 15, 2010 03:12PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Peep (Pop! Pop!) (Peep) Possible spoiler!

So did anyone like the movie, even with the changes? It's hard for me. I am leaning towards no because while they can argue that the things they left out weren't even necessary, I still believe that it could have been better. They explained very little.

Like Percy's sword looked really fake. Maybe I missed it but they didn't bother to tell you it was celestial bronze. Without knowing that I would have thought it was spray-painted cardboard. Hahaha.

I liked some of the movie, but reading the book set my expectations way too high for the movie.

I really wanted to see Ares! :( Or at least Clarice. And was anybody else annoyed that Camp looked really rustic and crowded...

Brigid ✩ Cool Ninja Sharpshooter ✩ Ahh I can't really decide whether I liked it. As a movie, disregarding the book, it was okay. I just couldn't help but compare. And like you said, they didn't explain much in the movie.

Yeah, I didn't like the sword either. It looked kind of stupid. Also, they forgot to mention the whole thing about how when he loses it it's supposed to reappear again … And he got it too early in the movie. Gaaah.

Same here. My expectations were really high … The books are like my favorite ever, and I thought it had so much potential. >:(

I know! I was so mad that there was no Ares or Clarisse or Mr. D in the movie. And yeah, the camp wasn't how I pictured it. It was just all the fighting, none of the other stuff.

message 30: by Peep (Pop! Pop!) (last edited Feb 15, 2010 03:11PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Peep (Pop! Pop!) (Peep) Possible spoiler

I wonder how the movie as a series will go. They left out so much that's crucial to the storyline. If they're going to wait until the second movie to explain things then I don't think it was a very smart move. I think I'm beginning to realize why this director only did the first two HP movies and not the rest :P

Yeah they really messed up with the sword - he didn't even name it!

Ahhh! Mr. D! How could they leave him out? And the Oracle? Near the end of the movie Percy says he completed his "quest", which I thought was odd because they never mentioned it to be a quest in the first place.

Ok, I'll mention something I like so that it won't sound so whiny (sp?): I liked Medusa. I thought Uma did a great job and the snakes were really realistic. I initially thought it'd be easy not to open your eyes - I didn't even think about the pressure of her talking and the snakes.

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Did the Hermes twins steal anything? Or did they leave them out too?????

Peep (Pop! Pop!) (Peep) What Hermes twins? Exactly! :(

Brigid ✩ Cool Ninja Sharpshooter ✩ They don't come in until the second book … They take over the Hermes cabin after Luke, ah, "leaves". XD heehee

I agree about Medusa. Uma was very creepy. It wasn't like the book, but that part was cool.

message 34: by Daisy (new) - added it

Daisy (DaisyWhitney) | 40 comments I thought Uma was fantastic as Medusa but the rest was largely disappointing when compared to the book. As a movie, it was entertaining, but in comparison it's quite weak.

message 35: by Annalisa (last edited Feb 15, 2010 11:42AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Annalisa (goodreadsannalisa) I try to see a movie as a completely different beast from the book. What makes a good book doesn't always make a good movie. In that respect, it was pretty good. I didn't mind most of the plot changes. You still get the main gist of the story (and Peep, Christopher Columbus did the opposite with Harry Potter: stayed so true to the plot that it made the movies slow). I especially liked the Brandon Jackson as Grover and Uma Thurman as Medusa. I wasn't crazy about Percy's main characteristic being "look at my cool hair and blue eyes" (my husband thought he was a bad actor) but overall I could see Logan Lerman as Percy (if an older Percy). I didn't like any of the gods, but my biggest compliant was Annabeth. Nothing about Alexandria Daddario or the lines they gave her was Annabeth which is sad because she's kind of an integral part of the story. I'd see the movie again when it comes out on DVD.

Peep (Pop! Pop!) (Peep) Argh! I can't say anything about the movie without turning it into a complaint, lol. But I will try. I liked Mrs. Dodds (I forget what her monster name is). That was scary. Even when she was human she did a great job at looking creepy!

message 37: by [deleted user] (new)

I'm sad. :( I havent't even seen it yet and im already depressed.

And wasn't Percy supposed to have green eyes??

I guess thats not nearly as bad as anaabeth not being blond!! Seriously, hair dye doesn't cost THAT much.

Brigid ✩ Cool Ninja Sharpshooter ✩ Yeah, none of the characters even looked like they were supposed to, really. Although I admit … Logan Lerman was, ah, nice to look at. Teehee. *blushes* He wasn't a great actor, but he was mildly Percy-like at least. That is, he was closer to the character than most of the other people cast. I thought Luke and Chiron and Ms. Dodds were cast pretty well too … That was about it. XD

message 39: by AH (new) - rated it 5 stars

AH Movie spoiler warning---
I have to say that I love the Percy Jackson book series. I love the sense of humour, the action, and all of the characters. I went to see the movie this weekend with my 10 year old (a real Percy fan) and 13 year old. We loved the movie as a movie. We enjoyed the special effects, the cinematography,and believe it or not, it was entertaining. However, we were disappointed about all the stuff that was omitted. Yes, I know that a movie should only be 90-120 minutes,but where was Ares and his motorcycle, the Oracle, the Fates knitting, Clarisse, Nancy Bobofit. The appeal of Percy Jackson is that he is a little bit of a nerd in real life. I realize that a movie is different from a book because it is visual, but it would have been fun to have seen Percy figure out that Poseidon was his father, not be told that. My 13 year old is now reading the series to see what the movie missed. Also if you are expecting Camp Half Blood to be on Long Island, it sure looks like British Columbia. I dont see them filming the next book. But Logan is nice to look at, Brandon Jackson was entertaining as Grover, Uma was a great Medusa, and I thought that Gabe Ugliano was aptly cast.

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Peep (Pop! Pop!) (Peep) Sorry - I should go back and put spoiler warnings in my other posts.

Oh, ok this has nothing to do with the books but just the movie. He did not seem like his mom dying was a big deal. He seemed sad at first but then it was game time (capture the flag) so mom was quickly forgotten. :) It was funny now that I think about it. The movie did a great job at distracting me because I didn't remember until now, hahah.

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