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message 1: by Allen (last edited Apr 13, 2008 03:13PM) (new)

Allen Allen (audiovore) | 222 comments Another little Canadian gem(they make good TV, along with most of our movies ;D ). This show just ended its 4th season recently. I have only watched the first 3 episodes, but so far so good.

I had originally thought from the description it was going to be campy like Pain Killer Jane(shudder), but is more realistic and better acting. Its about a pan-north american agency investigating new biological occurrences.

ReGenesis @

message 2: by Joy (new)

Joy (aughadan) Excellent! I started watching ReGenesis probably a month or two ago. I've missed a few episodes, since the time they air it is inconvenient (1:30am, I only saw it because one night I left the TV on after the late night news), but I try to stay up for it if at all possible. I especially like it since I'm a biology major interested in genetics and epidemiology, so the plots are right up my alley. :)

I actually began watching Da Vinci's Inquest the same way (another great Canadian show on in the middle of the night here, but more of a crime/legal drama).

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