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Gåry! (garyneill) Inside (or À l'intérieur)
HORROR, brutal and nightmarish, not for the faint of heart. From France, was out last summer there, I just managed to see it. Think High Tension (except IMHO, more wrenching, more sensitive subject - pregnant woman in danger).

Adults only.

Don't watch it if you're pregnant or planning to become pregnant.

Or do. It's quite a ride.

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Nice! Alternative (sort of) horror is truly one of the few true joys in this world. Have you guys seen Audition? That's one of my favs.

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Where's the (good) horror movie group on goodreads?

Audition is something else. The nightmarish 2nd act is something to aspire to (and the explosive 3rd is impossible to deny). The of the most effective moments in a horror film in the past, probably, ten years.

I just watched Inside. Though I tend to gravitate towards extreme depression over extreme violence in my horror, this movie was certainly phenomenal. I definitely dug Haute Tension for the pure desperation of the film, and this movie captures that feeling quite well. Plus, a film that knows when to get out is always appreciated--this one is only about 70 or so minutes, but each one is marked by so much tension that it feels like much longer.

Nice recommendation, Gary.

I've been wanting to watch more of Shinya Tsukamoto's films and checking out the Dimension Extreme (who released Inside) website I found out about his newest one. That'll probably be the next post for this group.

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I think I just might!

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