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Gary Goldstein | 470 comments 1. What is your name and bio?

My name is Gary Goldstein, and I came into the world on October 18, 1961. John F. Kennedy was President of the United States. The film West Side Story was released, and would go on to win Best Picture at the Academy Awards. Major League Baseball was celebrating Roger Maris of the New York Yankees, who hit a then-record 61 home runs that season.

I was an excellent student, although a bit of a class clown too. I spent a majority of my time playing sports, but fell in love with newspapers, which was how I was initially introduced into
writing and storytelling.

While attending Kingsborough Community College from 1979-1981, I served as editor-in-chief of
the school's paper, and then joined the staff at Long Island University's Seawanhaka for my junior and senior years. At L.I.U. where I earned my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism in 1983, I was also a selected member of Sigma Delta Chi, as well as Who's Who Among Students in American Universities & Colleges.

My last year in college included an unpaid internship at WCBS-TV, Channel 2 in New York City, where I learned so much about the television business. Upon graduation, I landed a job at the network, starting as a news clerk for The CBS Morning News with Diane Sawyer, and also weekend shifts for The NFL Today with Brent Musburger.

After quickly rising in the ranks to producer, my life suddenly went on a downward spiral due to
addictions to alcohol, drugs and gambling, which ultimately led to nearly six years behind bars for robbery.

My time incarcerated gave birth to my first published book, Jew in Jail, which tells my true story
of how I finally decided to deal with my addictions and turn my life around, all the while under the toughest conditions imaginable of being a minority in the prison system, forced to fend for myself.

Writing Jew in Jail - as I was doing my time - allowed me to become very introspective, and realize that I could help others in similar situations of being an addict and/or living with low self-esteem.

Today, I still reside in my hometown of Brooklyn, New York, where I am working on my next book
project, continuing to promote Jew in Jail, and always helping other addicts through my motivational and inspirational speeches, and one-on-one consultations.

2. What are your book titles?

"Jew in Jail"

3. Where do you come up with your ideas?

"Jew in Jail" is a true crime/memoir/biography, and again, is targeted to anyone who is addicted to any life altering substance or behavior, or for someone living or working with such a person.

4. What books/authors do you read?

I enjoy any self-help books, and like reading Dr. Phil's works.

5. What is your next project?

Right now, I am happy to continue to promote "Jew in Jail," as well as deliver motivational & inspirational speeches to help other addicts in their recovery get and stay clean & sober

message 202: by Erec (new)

Erec Stebbins (erecstebbins) | 17 comments Lisa wrote: "If i get a chance I will review and read yours anyway, as it sounds up my street."

Thanks! I hope you enjoy it!

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J.C. (JCJoranco) | 37 comments 1) What is your name and bio?

My name is J.C. Henderson, and I am the author of Halfway to Nowhere. Here is my bio that I usually include in all my work:
Jason Charles Henderson was born and raised in the small town of Rio Vista, California. Surrounded by fields, hills and a river, the environment was perfect to spark J.C.’s’ imagination from a very young age. Throughout his life he wrote stories, as a child he often stapling papers together himself so he could write in his own “book”. Though J.C. viewed his storytelling gift as a frequent hobby, he continued to write as he grew into an adult. After many years of soul searching, heavy studies in different majors in college and bouts of depression, he soon discovered that writing was what he wanted to do with his life, and decided to pursue his life-long gift to its fullest potential.
J.C. currently lives in California, studying Literature and Creative Writing.

2) What is your book title, synopsis, and where can readers find it?

Halfway to Nowhere is available on Amazon and Createspace so far. You can purchase the novel on Createspace HERE and Amazon HERE

Halfway to Nowhere by J.C. Henderson

3) Where do you come up with your ideas?

Anywhere and everywhere. my own psyche, or what I hear out in the street while i'm on one of my walks. They pop in there and i write those suckers down with a small pad and pen that i always carry with me in my jacket pocket. Either that or I write them down in my phone somewhere.

4) What books/authors do you like to read?

Literature, mostly, 20th century. Hemingway, Vonnegut, King, Kerouac.

5) What's your next writing project?

Currently writing my 4th novel, other than that i don't know what about my next self-publishing plans. There's a novella I am currently shaping up for possible self-publication called Say It Ain't So
I am also planning on trying to send short stories to magazines this year, just to start creating some kind of a portfolio for my MFA degree.
That and it sounds like it might be a lot of fun :-)

message 204: by Lance (new)

Lance Charnes (lcharnes) | 312 comments 1) What is your name and bio?

Lance Charnes. As my GR bio says, I've been a lot of things, but am currently an emergency management specialist. I was once an Air Force intelligence officer and spent four years in an IT support role with the National Security Council. I travel, I'm a PADI rescue diver...and, oh, yeah, I write intrigue and thrillers.

2) What is your book title, synopsis, and where can readers find it?

Doha 12 by Lance Charnes Doha 12 , an international thriller. It's available now for Kindle on Amazon US, Canada and UK, and in trade paperback online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, Indiebound, Powell's, Vroman's, Book Depository (UK), and Booktopia and The Nile (Australia). It'll be available for Nook and Kobo in March.

The story:

Jake Eldar’s and Miriam Schaffer’s names may kill them.

Jake manages a bookstore in Brooklyn. Miriam is a secretary at a Philadelphia law firm. Both grew up in Israel and emigrated to build new lives in America. Neither knows the other exists…until the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad uses their identities in an operation to assassinate a high-ranking Hezbollah commander in Doha, Qatar.

Now Hezbollah plans to kill them both.

Jake, Miriam and ten other innocents in five countries – the Doha 12 – awake to find their identities stolen and their lives caught between Mossad and Hezbollah in an international game of murder and reprisal. Jake stumbles upon Hezbollah’s plot but can't convince the police it exists. When his wife is murdered in a botched hit meant for him, Jake and Miriam try desperately to outrun and outfight their pursuers while shielding Jake's young daughter from the killers on their trail.

Hezbollah, however, has a fallback plan: hundreds of people will die if Jake and Miriam survive.

3) Where do you come up with your ideas?

Doha 12 was, as they say, "ripped from the headlines" -- it's inspired by Mossad's 2010 assassination of Hamas operative Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai and the resulting fallout. The real story made the perfect setup for a thriller.

Otherwise, I get ideas from the news and current events. Often I'm inspired by a travel destination; the novel I wrote before Doha 12 came about after I visited Florence.

4) What books/authors do you like to read?

For fiction: Daniel Silva, Michael Connelly, Elmore Leonard, John Burdett, Ken Follett, Carl Hiaasen, Alan Furst, Philip Kerr, T. Jefferson Parker, Sophie Littlefield (the Bad Day series), Tim Dorsey. I'm also making an effort to read some authors I haven't tried before.

For nonfiction: Stephen Ambrose, David McCullough, Edmund Morris, Rick Atkinson.

5) What's your next writing project?

South, a near-future thriller set in the American Southwest of 2032. It's about a "reverse coyote" who helps an American Muslim family cross into Mexico to avoid imprisonment in a detention camp, only to discover they're part of a much bigger political scheme.

message 205: by Brynn (new)

Brynn Sugarman | 3 comments 1) What is your name and bio?
My name is Brynn Olenberg Sugarman and I was born and raised in NYC. I now live in Ra’anana, Israel, with my husband and three kids. I have two children’s books out on the market, “Rebecca’s Journey Home,” and “Midnight at the Taj Mahal”.

2) What is your book title, synopsis, and where can readers find it?
I am currently promoting “Midnight at the Taj Mahal”. Here is the synopsis from Amazon:
Hailey and Zach are out of school on a year long adventure. First stop: India! The excitement begins the moment they step off the plane. Hailey and Zach are entrusted with the magical diary of Shah Jahan, legendary builder of the Taj Mahal, and are whisked off on their first real adventure. The Taj pool shimmers in the full moon, and suddenly the twins are not just traveling the world but traveling back in time, sent on a mission to free the shah and his princess daughter from their prison tower. With the help of their ingenious friend, Sushil, anything seems possible. Can they help the shah win back his rightful place on the throne? Will they change India's history forever? Time is running out! Will they succeed before their parents' work in India is done, and it's time for them to move on?
Readers can also find it at these locations:
FB page:

3) Where do you come up with your ideas? I love to travel and have always been fascinated by time travel. When I was in India and saw the Taj Mahal, I knew that there was a story there beyond the autobiographical details.

4) What books/authors do you like to read? A wide variety. I enjoy Historical Fiction, such as Philippa Gregory, Science Fiction, such as Ray Bradbury, and of course time travel adventures, with the top books being “The Time Traveler’s Wife,” and “Time and Again”. And I love reading children’s books, so that I can stay connected with my genre. I’m currently reading The Beacon Street Girls.

5) What's your next writing project? “Midnight at the Taj Mahal” is the first in a four book series. My protagonists, Hailey and Zach, are traveling around the world. Next stop: Jerusalem!

message 206: by Charlotte (new)

Charlotte Howard (Shy_Tiger) | 6 comments 1) What is your name and bio?
I'm Charlotte Howard, I live in the UK with my kids and husband, working under many job titles including makeup artist & freelance writer, and more recently, published author (yay!!)

2) What is your book title, synopsis, and where can readers find it?
SEVEN DIRTY WORDS is a contemporary (but raunchy) romance, about a young woman coming to terms with a traumatic experience and finding herself torn between two men. It can be found on Amazon, B&N, KoboBooks, and


"Paige Holmes hides herself in a masculine world in a desperate attempt to remain safe. Just as she is ready to face her fears and her past, she finds herself torn between Matt Jackson and Vance Ellery: handsome, rich, and safe – or handsome, rich, and dangerous? Which will she choose? The one who appears to be the most perfect, or the one who makes her use all Seven Dirty Words?"

3) Where do you come up with your ideas?
Life in general. Conversations I overhear, films, books, anything can spark a question in my head which then leads into a plotline!

4) What books/authors do you like to read?
I read a lot of Tami Hoag, Tess Gerritsen & Harlan Coben. More recently I've started reading Sylvia Day and Kelley Armstrong - wide and varied is my reading taste!

5) What's your next writing project?
Currently working on several projects. FOUR LETTER WORDS (the sequel to SEVEN DIRTY WORDS) is top of the list, but there are several other romances waiting to be written, and the possibility of a crime/thriller.

message 207: by Nadine (new)

Nadine May (NadineMay) | 24 comments Most people know me as Nadine May. I was born in Holland but my writing career as Nadine May started in South Africa when I won a S.A literary award in 1999 for the first chapter of a novel. My creative writing is mostly happening through the fictional characters of the Jaarsma Clan. They all emphasize that humanity has a greater purpose for being on planet Earth at this moment. The light-worker journeys are predictive visionary novels that reflect the creative powers each individual has to create a world they want to live in.
I found a publisher for my first novel in 2001. Today I'm also the creative director of Kima Global PublishersTogether with my partner, Robin Beck, my publisher, we publish books that make a difference to people’s lives.

2)The Awakening Clan: Ingrid’s journal – 2012 - 2020 What we can Imagine we can make Real
Ingrid Barendse lives a normal life, working as a maintenance administrator in Holland. Unknown to her colleagues, a message appears on her powered down computer screen from the mysterious POWAH an unknown force who informs her
of the Awakening Clan, a soul group who are investigating the truth behind physical immortality..
The Astral Explorer: Richard’s first journal– 2012 - 2020 What we can Imagine we can make Real
Egyptologist Richard de Jong is a master Astral traveller, who takes the reader on a journey into higher consciousness and ancient and new mysteries. He starts to understand that the hieroglyphics have specific meanings not usually attributed to them and that the old answers do not apply in today's world....
The Cosmic Traveller: Richard’s second journal– 2012 - 2020 What we can Imagine we can make Real
As Richard, Sascia and the rest of the Jaarsma Clan take the next steps to reaching complete awakening, a discovery underneath the Valley of the Gods' resort in France reveals more clues to human kind's destiny. Embedded in the rock walls pictographic script foretells a future that seems to have happened in the past..
Vanishing Worlds: Annelies' journal – 2012 - 2020 What we can Imagine we can make Real
Annelies, the ascension workshop facilitator of the workshop: 'Decoding our body codes of light' writes about her own journeying into the cells of her body to discover what exactly biological consciousness is. Her perception on time and space is shattered and she awakens to the awesome truth that to survive physically is nothing compared to the challenges of surviving on a soul level.
The Language of Light: Tieneke’s workbook - Mind Drawing Through the Higher Self
It is possible to communicate with every person on the planet, regardless of what language they speak. Is there a telepathic connection between each human being who is on a similar wavelength?
This fully illustrated mind drawing workbook takes the reader on an inner journey by tapping into the language of their soul.
All my novels are also available as a download for the kindle or other e readers.
3)I was shown A vision, a projection, like an hallucination,in the form of a star map in the seventies, and I was told that I would explore this awesome concept: the awakening to our ascension process through story telling. It took me a further twenty years before this human plot came alive, since I had to embrace a major obstacle. Not only was I told to write the light worker journals in English, my second Language but I was also very dyslexic and could not spell, let alone in English. I think in pictures, and still do, so I tried to express my experiences through art. If it was not for this psychic experience one morning, I would never have followed this path.
The story of Liesbeth/ Tulanda, in chapter 7 of The Awakening Clan, was the beginning of my writing career (unknown to me at the time.
4)So many authors have, and still inspire me: (Fiction) read most books by Carlos Castaneda, Saga of the Exiles by Juilan May, Contact: by Carl Sagan, Can't Wait to get to Heaven ; by Fannie Flagg, Angels and Demons; by Dan Brown
(Non Fiction) Autobiography of a Yogi: by Paramahansa Yogananda, Ageless Body Timeless Mind- by Deepak Chopra, The spontaneous Healing of Belief, by Gregg Braden , Cosmic Memory: by Rudolf Steiner, Power vs Force by David R.Hawkins,MD.,Ph.D, The Gnosis and The Law: by Tellis S. Papastavro,.......
5) I’m busy writing my next novel: Parallel Worlds Tulanda’s journal – 2012 - 2020 and hope to have it in print by the end of this year.

message 208: by Ted (new)

Ted Krever | 6 comments 1) What is your name and bio?

I’m Ted Krever.
I’ve worked as a prep cook in an Italian restaurant, sold mattresses, ran a suicidal dotcom and
helped produce over 150 hours of television documentaries for ABC News, A&E, Court TV, Discovery and MTV News. I’ve lived in New York, London, Colorado and Los Angeles and traveled around the Western world on work and vacations. Didn’t have a direction till my thirties. Married, divorced, have a son and a new love in my life who makes me smile every day, so it’s all good. But I’m the guy in the background—let’s get to the books.

2) What is your book title, synopsis, and where can readers find it?

Mindbenders by Ted Krever Mindbenders

Available in trade paperback and kindle on Amazon.

If you could hear the thoughts of every person for three blocks around--the regrets, rationalizations, commercial jingles, the lies that hide what they can’t bear to think—how could you ever trust anyone? And if you could make them believe anything you wanted, how could you ever trust yourself?
Max Renn is a legend of the Soviet mind control program, a genetic experiment, the product of three generations of psychics bred by the state for their power. Before his first mission, the Soviet Union collapses and he disappears.
We meet him twenty years later in the Everglades, keeping as far from people as he can get, until his best friend--his only friend--is murdered and he is forced to assemble a team of people like him to fight the international conspiracy behind the murder.
3) Where do you come up with your ideas?

I didn’t set out to write a thriller. I was writing literary comic novels and my son asked me to make up a superhero for him. I didn’t want a guy in a cape and leotard, so I made up a mindreader character and, after he went home to his mom, I found myself thinking, “If I played with this a bit, it really isn’t bad.” Once I did some research and discovered that the Americans and Soviets both had very serious mind control programs during the Cold War—and that the Soviet program was considered far more effective—Renn was off and running. He muscled his way into the literary book I was writing as a secondary character and eventually, I gave in and wrote him his own book. And now the series has taken over my life. It’s the best writing I’ve ever done and I’m having a blast with it.

4) What books/authors do you like to read?

I actually don’t read thrillers all that much, though if you read the newspaper carefully, there’s an awful lot of thriller material there every day. I’m a huge John Le Carre fan—he’s one of the great writers of our time, thriller or no—but otherwise, I’m more likely to be reading Twain or J. M. Coetzee or Carlos Castaneda, all of whom had a big effect on Mindbenders and the sequel, which should be published in a month or so.

5) What's your next writing project?

‘Mindbenders 2: Under the Radar’ follows Renn’s Mindbenders team as they go on the run from the CIA, Interpol and their enemy L Corp, searching around the world—and inside themselves—for a way to even the odds against a powerful international conspiracy that’s arm-twisting the world into overpriced SUV’s and corrupt politicians, rigging stockholder votes and promoting endless war.
Their adventures involve a kidnapping in Amsterdam, a life-changing encounter with a Buddha seller on a beach in the South China Sea, a battle in an oil field in Azerbaijan and discovering how dreams can kill in the Outback of Australia.

message 209: by Jill (last edited Mar 07, 2013 04:17PM) (new)

Jill Sanders (JillMSanders) | 244 comments [image error] | [image error] | [image error] | [image error]

1) What is your name and bio?
Hi everyone, I'm Jill Sanders and I'm an indie author of contemporary romance books. I grew up in a large family on a farm in Washington state and LOVE the northwest area. However, now I live in East Texas. I've just released the first two books in my four part series, The Pride Series. Finding Pride, the first in the series was released in October 2012. Discovering Pride, book two was just released on January 31st.

2) What is your book title, synopsis, and where can readers find it?
Finding Pride is a heart warming story about Megan Kimble. After her divorce from a very abusive man, she moves to Pride, Oregon when her brother, Matt, dies. Deciding to try her hand at a new life in this small, tight-knit community, she takes over her brother's new business, a bed and breakfast, with the help of his best friend Todd Jordan. Todd, seeing Matt's sister arrive broken and bruised, feels it's not only his calling to see that she is taken care off, but the fact that he can't keep his mind off of her, makes him realize he's fallen in love.

Discovering Pride tells the story of spit-fire Lacey Jordan. Lacey has a knack for knowing things before they happen. She helps run her families restaurant and has always had her life laid out, until she bumps into the new town doctor, Aaron Stevens. Aaron has just moved in to town to take over his Grandfather's medical practice after coming out of a terrible relationship. All he wants to do is work on turning the old house he has just purchased into a place he can call home. But, he can't stop thinking about the fairy creature he bumped into while swimming In his pond.

3) Where do you come up with your ideas?
I have always been a “story teller” in my mind. This may sound weird, but most of my stories come from dreams. Shortly after my mother died, I started having vivid dreams. Taking my husbands advice, I started writing them down.

4) What books/authors do you like to read?
I'm a speed reader and love a lot of different type of authors. I think anything and everything I've ever read has influenced me at one point. But, if I had to choose one, it would be Nora Roberts.

5) What's your next writing project?
Returning Pride is the story of Iian Jordan. After losing his hearing at eighteen in a boating accident that claimed his father's life, he wrote off trying to have a real relationship. Especially, with the one woman he's had his eyes on since grade school. Communicating is hard enough while trying to run your own restaurant, but now the one woman he has a hard time speaking in front of has just walked back into his life. Allison Adams has been away from her home town for over two years. Living in LA helped jump start her art career, but now, coming home was supposed to be a sweet break. But, upon arriving, her life is consumed with her mother's illness. With the help of her town and her one and only love, she might just have returned home for something more.

Lasting Pride is the story of Ric Derby and Detective Roberta Stanton. When one of Ric's art galleries is broken into and his assistant is brutally killed, he must work side by side with the police to find the millions in art that has gone missing. What he didn't expect is that the petite brunette with the bedroom eyes is the best detective in Portland. But then, when Ric starts getting threats and someone has even tried to kill him, Roberta takes matters into her own hands. Moving him down the coast to his friends in the small town of Pride, is her idea of witness protection. But, then she learns a lesson that years on her own had never prepared her for. How to trust someone with not only your life, but your heart.


message 210: by Yolanda (last edited Feb 17, 2013 06:46PM) (new)

Yolanda (yolanda_areid) | 5 comments 1) What is your name and bio?

My name is Yolanda A. Reid. I'm an American writer and the author of PORRIDGE & CUCU: MY CHILDHOOD, a YA novel. My poems and short fiction have appeared in a few literary journals and ezines. My second novel, THE HONEYEATER, is a contemporary women's novel--a compelling love story about a woman betrayed by her first love. My current and most recent blog is Y REID BOOKS? at It's a blog devoted to women writers and authors. I live/write in the USA.

2) What is your book title, synopsis, and where can readers find it?

THE HONEYEATER is the story of a woman, Eulalia, and her childhood sweetheart, Fabio. A young, handsome, and brilliant doctoral candidate, he has political ambitions. Soon after they wed, Fabio is unfaithful to Eulalia with the person she’d never expect. Her sister. After she re-builds her life with a new love, she is re-united with Fabio. Will Eulalia realize that he belongs to her childhood—to the past? Or will she release her new life—alongside her new love—to return to the man who loved and betrayed her?

A story of love, heartbreak and renewal, THE HONEYEATER attests that a young woman can survive love, heartbreak, betrayal. THE HONEYEATER is an
enthralling generational story of two families and the inevitable love that arose between Eulalia and Fabio--who were not meant to fall in love--but did.

THE HONEYEATER is available at (Free downloads
from Feb. 17-18.)

3) Where do you come up with your ideas?

Mostly, I listened to my grandfather tell stories--sometimes epic fantastical tales--that often contained sorcery and magic. I spent a lot of time listening and talking to him. I began writing the stories down; I even taped a conversation or two. I had in mind to write a book about him. Also, there are the women's stories(as told by my mother and grandmother--which are vivid for me as well).

Finally, I have a writer's temperament, I think, and have since I was a child. I always wrote little poems with drawings. As a teen, I continued this practice and still have some of those early poems, which I think are pretty well-crafted and mature for someone so young. And today I'm often thinking what a good story or novel this or that event might make.

Sometimes it's a news story, but mostly I get inspired by my own family's stories and history.

4) What books/authors do you like to read?

I love to read memoirs and biographies--those are my favorites. I also like reading novels. WUTHERING HEIGHTS by Emily Bronte; EAT PRAY LOVE by Elizabeth Gilbert; Barbara Kingsolver.

5) What's your next writing project?

I currently have two books germinating--one is a novel, possibly a continuation of THE HONEYEATER saga. Possibly not. I haven't decided yet. I also have in mind to write a sequel to my first novel. At this stage, it's too early to say anything definitive, however.

Years ago, I ambitiously said I'd write a trilogy of inter-connected novels. I wrote up a few notes and brief synopses. I still have that general idea in mind, but I don't know if I'll actually write it or if, once it's written, I'd like the book and want to share it with the world--or set it aside.

Sometimes it's a huge task to get the book you visualized on paper or onto the computer screen. Luckily, THE HONEYEATER--which took eleven years to complete--is the book I visualized. I tinkered, polished, honed each word to get the best possible rendering of my imagination.

So far, I've written two complete novels;hopefully, I'll write the third novel and people (including me) will love it!

Read my essay, "How I Wrote My First Novel", for more details at

THE HONEYEATER by Yolanda A. Reid

message 211: by Mary (new)

Mary Davie (MaryLouiseDavie) | 15 comments 1)What is your name and bio?

My name is Mary Louise Davie; I was born in South Carolina and raised in New Jersey. I spend most of my free time searching for answers and sometimes that means setting up my telescope or going to the observatory and others it means reading a Physics book or watching a Susskind Lecture on YouTube. To keep up on current events from the Science point of view I keep a Science Blog ( so while I am off writing in another galaxy I have to understand whats going on in our very own galaxy!
2) What is your book title, synopsis, and where can readers find it?

My book is: Sanacion The Black Hole Mission
Oxygen is depleted on the now-polluted planet Earth, and the people of the world have come to the ultimate realization that the survival of mankind is only possible if they find a new home. Nature's response to the unilateral taking of its resources and giving back unwanted pollutants has resulted in an uninhabitable, poisoned world. Now, in 2265, people are required to wear oxygen masks and protective outer clothing. So many individual things having gone wrong, from the climate shifts that have northern America facing a mini-ice age and Europe becoming a desert, to the magnetic pole reversals, the greenhouse gases and intensive atmospheric changes make the earth the harsh environment people now know. The nations of the world declaring a moratorium on war, , building three space ships using three different technologies in the low gravity environment of the moon. The ship the Sanacion, has the most difficult mission of the three: to travel down the black hole V4641 and blow a hole in the vortex wall using a bomb made from star material. Problem start right as way as the shuttles travel from planet Earth and make the trip to the lunar site, solar flares, destructive tornados, and other weather events devastate the moon base. The Sanacion is forced to depart the base sooner than planned, and begins its mission with one strike already against it. With a population of several-hundred-thousand civilians and military personnel, Sanacion embarks on a quest to find a new home for mankind. During the voyage conflicts arise, and a battle between the civilian leadership and the military command for control of the mission results in a fight for Sanacion's very survival. With everything testing their resolve, what will happen when they must face the black hole? Will mankind's arrogance doom the mission and simply trade one hell for another?
While I am available wherever fine books are sold (better known as everywhere)

3) Where do you come up with your ideas.
For Sanacion:The Black Hole Mission I was researching black holes and found some irregularities in the math and didn’t agree with the science. I performed a thought experiment but maybe because I wrote other things a lot, it had more characters than necessary and next thing I knew was a book. The subsequent 2 books (not yet released) basically were the characters who managed to survive doing the next logical thing – and giving me a whole lot of fun!

4) What books/authors do you like to read?

Arthur C Clarke is my hands down favorite – anything he wrote but in particular “Sunstorm”. A lot of my reading is stuff like “An Imaginary Tale: The Story of the Square Root of Negative One” by Paul J Nahin. (A great book by the way!)

5) What’s you next writing project?

I am currently writing book three; Sanacion: The Deep Space Network next I am toying with writing a prequel or following one of the other of the three ships on their separate journey.

message 212: by J.R. (new)

J.R. | 6 comments 1. What is your name and bio?

Full name: Jesse Robert Meehl. When I write I use J.R. Meehl. I'm a writer, critic, blogger, screenwriter, video producer, editor and (sometimes) graphic designer.

I've had my work appear on national TV and radio, as well as two major newspapers and in my spare time I'm reading, solving adventure games, singing or playing piano, guitar or some other instrument.

2. What are your book titles?

Editor/annotations on Wonderful Wizard of Oz by Baum, and Metzengerstein by Poe. My original works: The Girl from Bleecker Street, and a comic book story currently being drawn, Grootslang.

3. Where do you come up with your ideas?

All over the place. Some are adaptations, some are inspirations, but a lot are just the creative juices running around in my brain.

4. What books/authors do you read?

I read pretty much anything. I once followed a Batman graphic novel with some Tolstoy on a plane ride, followed by Darkly Dreaming Dexter (which I hated). Dickens, Poe, Tolkien, Lovecraft, C.S. Lewis, Chesterton, Grant Morrison, Stevenson, the list goes on.

5. What is your next project?

My first novel will be an expansion of Grootslang. I'm working on a short story called 'Tall, Dark and Dreaming.'

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Elizabeth Newton (ElizabethNewton) | 59 comments Elizabeth Newton here, author of the "Train Flight" series:
Train Flight Moon Man (Book 1) by Elizabeth Newton Train Flight The Birth of Salvation (Book 2) by Elizabeth Newton Train Flight The Sanctuary (Book 3) by Elizabeth Newton Train Flight Furry Friends (Book 4) by Elizabeth Newton

1)What is your name and bio?

I was born in Adelaide and I have a pretty ordinary life. I have done Calisthenics, ballet, learnt the piano, gone to school, graduated from uni with a teaching degree, met a few famous people, and travelled as far as Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra. But in an ordinary life, you have the opportunity to see the world in weird and wonderful, extraordinary ways. Especially when you’re a Christian, and a writer.
I suppose it was natural for me to become a teacher and a writer. Because as a little girl, I was either writing all kinds of stories about my teddies, princesses and later on, exciting alien encounters; or lining up my dolls and teddies in my bedroom teaching them how to spell and do sums on a little blackboard that came from the cubby house. The only thing I’m not doing that I would have loved to get into is acting and singing on stage, but I guess you can’t do everything.
Besides teaching and writing, I am active in my church, playing the piano and drums (not at the same time), writing a few songs now and then, and my brother James and I lead the youth group. I love my church and I love the youth group. We’re called Grace Youth and the encouragement I’ve had from them regarding getting my stories published has been wonderful. (Some more than others), but from a particular girl called Laura, who I am proud to say is one of the best friends I’ve ever had. She is also, in a sense, my constant companion with me on the Captain’s Train. She appears genuinely interested in and entertained by my stories... I suppose she’s being honest...
Getting back to the exciting things that have happened in my life, there’s something I should have put right at the top. Although you could look at it as though I was saving the best untill last. And that is the fact that I know my Saviour, Jesus, loves me and died for me and because of that, I get to be called friend and daughter of the Most High. Everything I am, I owe to Him. And if I’ve done or achieved anything good and worthwhile in my life, it’s because He daily gives me strength, courage, motivation, comfort, inspiration and encouragement, not to mention my abilities in the first place. If I get any acknowledgement and praise at all for the books I’ve written, glory be to God, the Author of creation, time, the universe, and my life.

2) What is your book title, synopsis, and where can readers find it?

My series is called “Train Flight” and the books are a series of exciting, dangerous, wonderful adventures for young teens through to young adults, however younger adventurers would definitely enjoy the stories being read to them and adults I know have enjoyed them a lot as well. There are four published in the series so far, so here are their titles and the blurb of each…
Book 1: “Moon Man”
Have you ever suspected that an unfortunate event such as a flat tyre on a dark and deserted country road could send you tumbling into a strange world where substantial objects appear invisible, where you can fly past the moon in a train carriage, where deadly creatures aren’t necessarily the ones with big teeth and sharp claws, and where you can finally appear to be more intelligent than your older sibling? Hop aboard. Adventure awaits!

Book 2: “The Birth of Salvation”
If you travel in time regularly, you will probably have heard of such a thing as a time crash and know that hurtling rapidly through time, is sure to end in confusion, catastrophe or worse... death. I sincerely hope this has never happened to you, but I’m telling you about it because this is the situation the Captain and his two passengers, Evie Bamford (Earthling) and Paulo Vistar (Serothian) found themselves in at the close of the last book. I am happy to tell you that the Captain and his crew survive this particular crash. If they didn’t, then this book would, for obvious reasons, be considerably shorter.
However, surviving this crash only hurls them into a rollercoaster of other almost equally thrilling events. One of them literally unbelievable, another heart-wrenchingly tragic, another couple extremely arduous, and one that is particularly wet and mucky. This adventure of ‘biblical proportions’ involves nasty Roman soldiers, facing the renowned King Herod the Great, dodging deadly and uncontrollable plants, escaping the whip of a cold-hearted slave-driver, and solving the mystery of a machine and a coin that are way out of their time.

Book 3: “The Sanctuary”
Usually things can’t just disappear into thin air, least of all people. You may think this has happened before, perhaps when you’ve lost your keys, or your homework or that pen you can never find when you need it, or maybe even your baby brother. But that is not actually what happens at all in those circumstances. Usually, you have either put it down somewhere and afterwards forgotten where; or somewhere in between putting it down and searching for it, someone else has come along and moved it unbeknownst to you. However, in this story, you will encounter an incident where a person does disappear into thin air and in this story that is not so unusual, because the Captain and the crew of his Train, Evelyn Bamford (Earthling) and Paulo Vistar (Serothian), are on an unknown planet somewhere in deep space–where just about anything could happen.
Fourteen year old Evie has disappeared into thin air, and it’s up to her new travelling companions to discover what’s happened. During their search, the Captain and Paulo encounter an angry lost mob, an angry hungry animal, and an angry greedy maniac, while Evie’s problems seem to be... well, more relaxing, peaceful, restful, quiet and gloriously... sickeningly frustrating.

Book 4: “Furry Friends”
I’m sure you’ve been through a situation where you get your hopes built up by someone, only to have them let down by a heart-wrenching disappointment. Well Evie thought that the Captain was going to take her to see an unusual but beautiful planet where she would see things she had never seen before and probably never will again. However, her hopes were dashed when the Train landed on Earth, in Adelaide – where she comes from. No fun for Evelyn Bamford (Earthling), but loads of fun for Paulo Vistar (Serothian) as he had never seen the planet Earth before. Paulo is in for a treat when their curiosity takes them to the Adelaide Zoo where there has been a recent catastrophe.
While Evie is forced to stay home with her parents to give them some much-overdue explanations, the Captain and Paulo are eager to solve the problem at the Zoo. Little do they know that there is another catastrophe at a nearby school, and one determined teacher suspects that it is not of this world.

3) Where do you come up with your ideas?
Just through everyday situations. I might see a glimpse of some other world or some weird mystery in the most mundane things. As I go through everyday life, story opportunities just seem to pop into my mind. I’m inspired by other stories of similar genres like Doctor Who, the Narnia Chronicles by C.S. Lewis, A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket. These would be my main influences, and then of course there’s my main inspiration who I believe gave me my imagination in the first place, the Lord God Almighty. But as for the specific story lines, like I said a tiny spark will go off randomly at any time whether I’m at home doing nothing much, in the classroom teaching or shopping in town and I simply MUST write it down or guaranteed, I will forget it! As I mention teaching, I must say many possibilities for stories are also inspired by children. Either just by watching them and bouncing off their imaginations a bit, or thinking while I’m out on yard duty sometimes, “How good would it be if a giant spaceship suddenly crash-landed in the middle of this oval right now?” Or: “What if every single child and teacher in this school suddenly stopped moving, except for me? That would be creepy. Now how could I weave that into a story?”

4) What books/authors do you like to read?
As mentioned in the last question, I read Doctor Who, C.S. Lewis, and I’m absolutely crazy about Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. I also like reading murder mysteries, mainly Agatha Christie, and some Christian fiction, provided it has some exciting adventure in it. I’m not a huge romance fiction fan as a genre in itself. However, I love it when there’s romance within the genres I like.

5) What's your next writing project?
At the moment I am planning number eight of the Train Flight series. I have just finished writing number seven, but five six and seven all need to be revisited a little way down the track before I even think about submitting them. So in as-yet-title-less number eight, the Captain and his passengers find themselves in London during WW1 – 1915 to be precise. And I can’t say much more for two reasons, 1. I don’t want to give too much away, and 2. I haven’t quite worked out everything that happens in the story yet. All I know is, it involves poison gas, footmen and parlour maids, war soldiers, sinister conversations and several pots of tea... with lemon.

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T.D. Wilson (tdwilson) | 14 comments 1) What is your name and bio?
My name is T.D. Wilson
T.D. Wilson was born in 1968 in Troy, Ohio and has been an avid fan of science fiction and fantasy from a very young age. His early thirst for adventure began as he explored many of the great stories of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Always looking for new adventures, he turned to JRR Tolkien's The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings series and the works of C.S. Lewis, particularly The Chronicles of Narnia series. Star Wars, Star Trek, Babylon 5, Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who, Orson Scott Card's Ender Series, and the works of Ray Bradbury count among his favorites for science fiction, but he can usually be found at the bookstore picking up the latest books from Margaret Weis, Tracy Hickman, R.A. Salvatore, or Jim Butcher. Today, Mr. Wilson still lives in Ohio with his wife and their two sons.

2) What is your book title, synopsis, and where can readers find it?
My first book is The Epherium Chroncles: Embrace
It can be found:
Barnes & Noble:

Hope. James Hood, the most decorated Captain in the history of the Earth Defense Force, remembered what it felt like. It had surged through his very being the day he watched the gigantic colony ship rocket away from Earth carrying his uncle and over five thousand colonists to a new world light years from home. In the early 22nd century, Hood, like so many others on Earth, dreamed of following in his uncle’s footsteps. He wanted to travel to a new world, to be something greater.

Then came the War.

An insectoid alien menace, known as the Cilik’ti, swarmed into Earth’s solar system like a plague. After years of vicious conflict, humanity was left battered but not broken. Thanks in part to Hood’s tactical genius, Earth’s forces had finally driven the invaders from the solar system.

Now, six years after the war, new word arrives, informing Earth’s leaders that two of the three colony ships that left Earth have arrived safely. One of them, the Magellan, was his uncle’s ship.

Earth desperately needs those new colonies, but the Cilik’ti are still out there. If Earth sends out a fleet in force, it could start another war. Reluctantly, Earth’s leadership agrees to send one ship to make contact. Hood is given command of a new ship, the Armstrong, and is ordered to proceed to the Cygni solar system—the same system to which his uncle’s ship was headed—with best possible speed.

Hope. Hood needed it now more than ever. Hope to find the colonists alive and hope that he could one day forgive himself for his actions that cost so many lives during the war. Hood and his new ship set out to Cygni, but what he discovers along the way could be more dangerous to Earth than their formidable foes.

3) Where do you come up with your ideas?
I an old gamer and sci-fi/fantasy fan. I am also a technology guy and futuristic technology is always on my mind.

4) What books/authors do you like to read?
Authors: Jim Butcher, Margaret Weis, R.A. Salvatore, Michael Stackpole, David Eddings, Terry Brooks, George RR Martin, Tracy Hickman, and the list goes on.

5) What's your next writing project?
I am releasing the second novel of The Epherium Chronicles, titled Crucible, this April. I am starting the third book, Echoes, but also looking at a new series, Memoirs of a Fallen Angel.

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Jennifer Szewczuk 1) What is your name and bio?

Jennifer Szewczuk received her BA in English from Georgian Court University in 2005. Instead of walking down the aisle to receive her diploma, she sat by her father's bedside in the hospital while he recovered from having emergency surgery on a fast growing malignant tumor. The time spent in the hospital that summer was the inspiration for her first eBook, Million Dollar Miracle.

2) What is your book title, synopsis, and where can readers find it?

Million Dollar Miracle is available as an eBook on Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Booktango, GooglePlay, Kobo, Scribd, etc.

Summary: Samantha Snyder enjoys playing practical jokes, but when she goes too far she is sentenced to community service at the local hospital. At the hospital she befriends Christopher Lowell, a patient infamous for his poor attitude toward the majority of the staff. As it turns out the attitude is just a front, because Christopher is dying, and nothing short of a miracle can save him.

3) Where do you come up with your ideas?

Real life experiences. 50% of Million Dollar Miracle takes place in a hospital, because I wrote it while visiting my father in the hospital during his fight with cancer. All of the places the characters in my books go I have been to at some point in my life and most of the things they do I have either done or thought about doing.

4) What books/authors do you like to read?

I love a good Science Fiction or Fantasy novel. I am pretty fond of David Eddings and Christopher Stasheff.

5) What's your next writing project?

I just finished Fuzzy Green Things and that is available as an eBook as well. Now I am in the process of writing two more eBooks. One is called A Matter of Time and it is the sequel to Million Dollar Miracle. The other I am writing is called Classified and it is my first non-YA eBook.

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Robin Morgan (RobinLeighMorgan) | 49 comments 1) What is your name and bio?
I’m Robin Leigh Morgan [but you can probably figure out from the screen name I use for most of my social media sites, it’s MyPenNameOnly]. I’m a retired civil servant, married with no children. We’ve got two cats.

2) What is your book title, synopsis, and where can readers find it?
In “I Kissed a Ghost,” Mary gets a new classmate named Jonathan who’s a great baseball player and to get on the team, he needs Mary’s help to improve his grades. Six months later when she learns she’s moving, she decides to give him something special--a first kiss. Moving into her new home she soon discovers it has a ghost named George, her age, who takes her on numerous trips to the past of a hundred years ago. As she meets children her own age, everyone teases her about her house being haunted, but no one will go inside. Mary likes his help doing her math homework, writing her reports, and taking her back in time. George and Mary’s interaction grows and she eventually gives him a quick peck on his lips while they’re in the past, which is the only place George is a real boy, for having done something special for her. Can Mary kiss George again at the special date and time he needs to be kissed? What happens afterwards if she does? The answers are all in the book!

I Kissed a Ghost by Robin Leigh Morgan

“I Kissed a Ghost” is available on at It is also available on You can read a review of my book here on GoodReads at

If you’d like to read some UNEDITED SNIPPETS from my book, you find them under the category of “GHOSTLY WHISPERS” on any of these blog sites or [my website/blog]

3) Where do you come up with your ideas?
To tell the truth the whole story has been one of pure imagination, as I wrote it, I saw different ways of letting the story develop, and chose one which I felt could be built upon. In the beginning I did have a skeleton of an outline for the storyline and nothing more.

4) What books/authors do you like to read?
When I have the time I basically to read anything which catches my fancy at the time. The last book I have was a poignant memoir by Micki Peluso entitled, “And The Whippoorwill Sang”

5) What's your next writing project?

Is to finally finished the Contemporary romance I unsuccessfully tried to write before someone suggested I write for a younger audience, which is what I did and wound up with my first YA Paranormal/Time Travel/First Kiss romance story.

If you'd like to do a more in depth interview with me, just send me a private message telling me how I can contact you directly.

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Jennifer Priester (jenniferpriester) | 64 comments Q1) What is your name and bio?
A1) My name is Jennifer Priester. My first book was released in June of last year and I have more books on the way. I have almost always been a reader and a writer and love doing them both. I live with some cute and fun animals such as my Chihuahua, Taco, and my two Mini Rex rabbits Chibi & Kojikaki as well as a Goldfish that turned 10 in October. I also like horseback riding, watching TV/movies, and playing video games. Besides writing books I also do my own artwork for all the inside drawings and the cover designs. I also now, starting with my second book, do book layout designs for both print and digital versions of books. The only thing that I don't do myself with my books now is edit, print, or sell directly from myself online.

Q2) What is your book title, synopsis, and where can readers find it?
A2) My book is called:
Mortal Realm Witch: Learning about Magic It is the first book of a series for ages 8-adult.
This first book in the Mortal Realm Witch series contains 6 seperate short stories. Each story throughout the book does build off the last but are meant to be read individually.
Throughout this first book you will follow DWW's adventures as she learns how to use magic from her familiar, and talking dog, Trillman.
You will get to read stories not just from DWW's point of view, but those of her teachers as well as they tell their tales about teaching DWW.
Besides learning magic, DWW will also become the teacher of two magical wolf pups, where not only will she teach them but learn much about herself in the process, which could perhaps be considered the book's turning point if it has one.
Then when a warlock with a plan to take over the Realms shows up, will DWW be able to stop him?
Also in the book is a story called Dragon Familiar. In this story you will meet a witch called Ally who wants a dragon, Air Raid, to be her familiar. She is told that dragons don't make good familiars, but Ally will try to prove this wrong, but will she succeed?

The stories in this book are as follows:

1) Mortal Meets Magic. This is the story of how DWW became a witch.

2) Trillman's Witch Training Trouble. This is Trillman's story about training DWW, who isn't an easy witch to teach.

3) Trom For Teacher. The Head of the Witches Council begins teaching DWW responsibility by letting her learn magic in a whole new way.

4) Wolf Magic. DWW becomes the full time protector of two magical wolf pups. She must teach them to use their magical abilities as well as how to hunt and fight as real wolves. As she teaches them, she learns much about herself and how she uses, or used to, use magic.

5) Dragon Familiar. Ally and Air Raid try to prove to Trom that dragon's can be good familiars.

6) DWW on the Witches Council. Everything DWW has learned about how and when to use magic as well as responsibility is put to the test when she meets a warlock with a plan to take over the Realms.

Anyone can easily find my book on Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. At this time these are the only places where it can be found for purchase online. And for the moment it is only available in print. I am working to get it formatted for ebook and will hopefully have this done soon. To easily find the book online anyone can use the links provided on the homepage of:

Q3 Where do you come up with your ideas?
A3)This first book resulted from drawings I did. Others come from dreams or observations I have made as well as weird daydreams that I have. My best ideas have come from dreams I had at night and the animals in my life.

Q4 What books/authors do you like to read?
A4) I like so many it would be impossible to list them all here, but here is a general idea of my favorites. I really like all of the author, Erin Hunter's books. Another one I really like is: Lucy Daniels who also is known as Ben M. Baglio.
Some favorite book series are: The Wolves of the Beyond by Kathryn Latsky, James Patterson's Daniel X, Maximum Ride, and Witch & Wizard series, Dragon Drive by: Ken-ichi Sakura, all the different Wishbone book series; The Adventures of Wishbone, The Super Adventures of Wishbone, Wishbone Mysteries, Wishbone Super Mysteries, Wishbone Classics, Wishbone The Early Years, and Wishbone Tales of a Pup, The McGrowl series by Bob Balaban, The books in the Sabrina the Teenage Witch series as well as Salem's Tails, The three Waggit books by Peter Howe, James Howe's Bunnicula, most of Bill Wallace's books, John R. Erickson's books, the book: Wolf, the Journey Home by Ashta Bowen, The Time Traveling Cat series by: Julia Jarman, The Animal Academy series by: Moyamu Fujino, and so many more!

Q5) What's your next writing project?
QA) I don't really have one specific thing I work on at any time. I have many things in progress. Currently I am writing Book Five of the Mortal Realm Witch series, a nonfiction book about animal cruelty and animal resuce, a nonfiction book about my pets, a graphic novel about my dogs, a group of animal adventure stories, a group of horse and cat stories, an educational fiction series about animals, a book collecting superhero stories, and many other things as well.

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Mercy Cortez (mercy-cortez) | 56 comments 1) What is your name and bio?

Im Mercy Cortez. I originally decided to publish for one reason; i wanted to be able to read my own books on my kindle. I am in my twenties and i love to read, I write usually shorter punchier stories as thats what i like to read.

2) What is your book title, synopsis, and where can readers find it?

I have two books out at the minute.

Never Ever After (#1 Never) by Mercy Cortez (LiveForeverAnon)
Never Ever After:
Saskia was abused by her ex boyfriend and then felt so lonely that she slept with a married man. She joins a therapy group and meets William, a man who also has issues in his life. He is mysterious, protective, sarcastic and doesn't trust people easily. Even thought she tries, he will not tell her what his 'issue' is. Will Saskia destroy the tall walls William has put around himself? Will this new love be enough to heal them both?

It was recently reviewed with 4/5 from a top reviewer on Goodreads. It is part of a series with part two coming soon.

Jagged Edge:

Jagged Edge is about a woman who is offered a job in London and takes it; she is propositioned by her new boss who is a bit of an arogant arse, but very attractive! she finds herself in a difficult situation. Lots of twists and turns as we discover hidden secrets. Inspired by the likes of Sylvia Day; E.L James and Kate Dawes.

Jagged Edge was only released 04/04/13.

Never Ever After is on smashwords and amazon, while Jagged Edge is only on amazon. They can be found here (

3) Where do you come up with your ideas?

From life, from books, from tv, from everything.

People inspire me, peoples stories. I try to write with some depth to the story.

4) What books/authors do you like to read?

Tiffany Reisz, Hilary Boyd, Jessica Sorensen, Sylvain Reynard, Abbi Glines, Daniel Glattauer and many many more!

5) What's your next writing project?

I'm currently writing part two of Never Ever After and fixing ideas for the potential prequel of Never Ever After.

Busy, busy, busy!

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Kaine Andrews (KaineAndrews) | 48 comments 1) What is your name and bio?
I write under the name Kaine Andrews. I've somehow managed to reach the ripe old age of 33 despite feeling a lot older than that most days, as I spend my time lurking in Carson City, Nevada. Over the course of those years, I've spent time working as a videographer, radio host and DJ, retail register biscuit and duplication warehouse minion but before any of that came the writing.

I... ahem... liberated my grandfather's typewriter from the closet and hunt-and-pecked my way through an absolutely atrocious bit of Super Mario Brothers fanfiction at the age of 5, then followed up by clacking away at a slightly-less-atrocious medieval fantasy short story. Once my pilfering had been discovered, I was granted access to a Color Computer with T/S Word, and have been pecking away ever since, leading us to the four published novels and one on the way that currently clutter Amazon listings for my name.

2) What is your book title, synopsis, and where can readers find it?
My most recent work is Woken, the story of a young woman, still grieving over her sister's brutal murder, who discovers that the killer may be more deserving of the title "monster" than she previously thought. You can find it on CreateSpace's store, Amazon and Barnes & Noble, at the very least. I'm sure it's hiding a few other places as well.

The back cover text follows:

Ophelia Roberts sleepwalks through a shadow of life, as she has since the tragic death of her sister five years ago.
Roger Hathaway spends his time daydreaming of penance that will never be complete.
Andrew Weiss, the unknown tie between them, sleeps dreamlessly in a comatose state.
Soon, all three will wake... and blood will be spilled. The power of dreams and imagination may be supreme... but what happens when dreams become nightmares and imagination is soured by hatred and rejection?

3) Where do you come up with your ideas?
Different things spur different books; in the case of Woken, it was being forcibly exposed to several individuals who swore that they were faeries. I kept coming back to the question: "If faeries are powerful dream-beings, intrinsically linked to, fed by and created by dreams, passions and imagination... then why do these folks act like all of them are nice? Wouldn't nightmares or violent, negative emotions potentially also spawn things?" Thus, Andrew was born, and from him sprang the book.

Other stories come from my upbringing - Ioudas, my current work, came from my Catholic school upbringing and general habits of asking "What if..." and "What about..." as regards biblical figures, For Her... (and the followup, Palace of the Ebon Dragon) came out of some personal troubles I was having at the time and contemplation of what one might do in such a situation - provided the world was full of paranormal and supernatural oogity boogities, anyway. And some just spring up because I hear a character - sometimes the protagonist, sometimes the antagonist, sometimes just a random person in a random scene - yelling in my head, saying "This is what happened. And this... and this..."

It is possible I'm insane. XD

4) What books/authors do you like to read?
I tend to flit around a lot, grabbing books at random and devouring them. My favorites would probably be Stephen King, James Patterson, and Clive Barker, though.

5) What's your next writing project?
I don't have a "next" project so much as a pile that gets picked through and added to as the mood strikes me. Given current progress, though... I suspect Ioudas will be the next to be finished. It details the end of Judas Iscariot's path to redemption, a road marked out for him over 2,000 years of history on the day Jesus Christ asked Judas to betray Him. Or, when I'm feeling snarky, I say "He's an immortal, condemned for betraying the Messiah. She's a former prostitute and said Messiah's girlfriend. Together, they fight monsters." XD I am not particularly popular with fundamentalists. Can't imagine why. ;)

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Larry Garner (LarryAnimalGarner) | 16 comments What a great idea! Thanks for the opportunity.

1) What is your name and bio?
My name is Larry "Animal" Garner, the nickname coming from my Navy days. I was born in Colorado, and have lived there for most of my life, interrupted by the aforesaid Navy stint, some time in NM, Cape Cod, and Utah.

I am currently living in the mountains of southern Colorado. I'm a life-long gearhead, and have been involved in fast cars and motorcycles since I was a kid.

2) What is your book title, synopsis, and where can readers find it?
My novel is titled D*E*D,DEAD. It is available as a trade paperback, 5"x 8", 594 pages from, Barnes and Noble, many other booksellers, as well as my website at a discount. It is also available as a Kindle on Amazon, free for Prime members.

D*E*D, DEAD is the tale of a man wrestling with his conscience over his desire to put an end to his friends' dealing in meth and using young girls for prostitution and dancing in their clubs. Trouble is, his friends are an outlaw motorcycle club, of which the protagonist is an officer. Joined by some locals and a couple of strong, capable females, one of which is a main character, he takes the war to the club.

Although the story involves bikers, the story is very relevant to many different audiences. The loyalty versus betrayal theme, combined with the action and characters involved makes for an engaging read. Fully 75% of readers so far have been women, and most have no connection to bikes or bikers.

3) Where do you come up with your ideas?
A prolific story-teller, I have been told for years to put them on paper. Considering the consequences that might arise from that, I chose to make up a story from whole cloth. Nobody in the book is a thinly disguised version of anyone I know. That was the hardest part, but I felt it was the best way to go.

Having been around racers and bikers since the age of five, I used my knowledge of those fields to work out a story-line.

4) What books/authors do you like to read?
I read a lot, mostly crime novels, psychological thrillers, action/adventure novels by the likes of Lee Child, David Baldacci, Robert McCammon, both Kellermans, and a host of others.

I also occasionally go on a horror or fantasy binge, including Stephen King, John Saul, Dean Koontz and others

5) What's your next writing project?
As much response as I've received requesting one, my next novel will be a follow-up to D-E-D, DEAD, although in a different locale and with a distinct plot.

D*E*D Dead

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Jack Durish (JackDurish) | 13 comments 1) What is your name and bio?

Hi, my name is Jack Durish. It was Dzurisin (Slovak) but my father changed the family name about the time I was born. I wish he had left it alone. The "Z" seems to add character and some mystery (as in how the hell do you pronounce it). I was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1943 (yes, I'm old but young at heart). I've been a soldier, a sailor, a professional writer, and a computer geek (applications programmer and network architect for the other geeks out there). I've written a novella, a "how-to" computer books, two memoirs (about my life in the Army and Vietnam), and a novel about Cuba - Rebels on the Mountain. More importantly, I'm a husband, father, and grandfather living in California.

2) What is your book title, synopsis, and where can readers find it?

Rebels on the Mountain is the story of forbidden love set amid the chaos of revolution in Cuba. An American soldier/spy sent to unravel the diplomatic mess in the island nation, falls in love with a Cuban mulata. How can he accomplish his mission and juggle the complexities of a mixed racial romance that is forbidden by law in his own nation? How can he observe Castro's revolution without becoming involved in it? How can he navigate the intrigue of corrupt government officials, inept American diplomats, and mafioso? These questions and more inspire the conflict that is launched on page one and powers its way to some surprising truths. Part romance. Part historical fiction. All action and adventure.

3) Where do you come up with your ideas?

I have been a student of history almost my entire life. I find real life far more compelling than fiction. However, I introduce fictional characters to provide readers with a space in our history into which they can insert themselves to observe and participate in real-life events.

4) What books/authors do you like to read?

Michner, of course. Jack Whyte, without question. As a sailor, I've always had an inclination to read nautically oriented stories. Some names from this genre are familiar to most. Forrester and O'Brien are obvious. But, I discovered Captain Frederick Marryat who inspired them and he became one of my favorites. There are so many more, but I fear that readers would lose interest.

5) What's your next writing project?

I'm currently writing "Behind Every Mountain" - a story of the Korean Conflict featuring my soldier/spy from "Rebels on the Mountain"

Please follow me on my website I have recorded blog radio interviews there on my website page to Meet the Author.

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A.G. Billig (AGBillig) | 4 comments 1. What is your name and bio?
Hello, I am A.G. Billig. My very first book, "Four Doors and Other Stories" was released November the 14th, 2012 by MP Publishing.

I began writing short stories at the age of 8. Imagining plots and characters became my favourite pastime, leaving little time for playing with toys and doll. As the daughter of a French father and an Eastern European mother, I am a natural born traveler, most of the time by imagination. I see myself as a world citizen able to wander from place to place, admiring the beauty of the Earth, and feeling the warmth of the Sun, the caress of the waves, discovering the universal soul of mankind.

Since I love to travel, my trips took me across Europe, to the Americas. It was during a spiritual journey to Brazil to the magical land of Abadiania, at the end of 2010, that I decided to take up writing seriously.

I believe that everything in life happens for a reason. That reason is to help us growth, to make us happy. As soon as we understand this, we understand the language spoken by the Universe, reflected in the small or big happenings we usually put down to coincidence or luck but what I’d rather call synchronicities. You know, being at the right time, in the right place, with the right person….

When I am not imagining things, I enjoy dancing (especially salsa), doing sports (I am a fan of kangaroo jumps, skiing, skating and kick box aerobics), taking long walks, reading, listening to the music and being outdoors.
As many spiritual teachers say, the human being is a harmonious combination; maybe the most harmonious that ever existed between spirit and matter. Let’s not forget that in our daily busy lives…

2. What is your book title, synopsis, and where can readers find it?
As mentioned above, the book is called "Four Doors and Other Stories" and it speaks about love, in all its forms, as a powerful tool for self-discovery and evolvement.

A handkerchief left on a table. A young boy at an Indian circus. A Spaniard spinning on the dance floor. A pianist returning home to her first and true love. Four Doors and Other Stories sparkles with unique characters and startling images, each one walking the line between dream and reality. The twelve stories in this collection travel from the magical doors in a French teacher’s hallway to a hidden copse in a gypsy camp, to a small town where a postman who delivers love letters is always losing his cap. Four Doors and Other Stories explores the nature and the breadth of love, not only in its most recognizable forms—sacrifice, forgiveness, and longing—but in its strangest: in distance, infidelity, jealousy, and isolation. Through surprising characters and varied storytelling, the books blurs the line between dreams and the magic of reality to paint a portrait of love in all its forms. Available now on Amazon, Amazon UK, Firstyfish, eBooks, ibookstore, Barnes and Noble, Kobo Books and Waterstones ! Please visit for more details.

3. Where do you come up with your ideas?
I simply close my eyes and let my fingers wander on the keyboard... I'm like a blender where personal life experiences, stories lived by friends and strangers, sounds, smells, tastes and textures mix together into a whole new reality.

4. What books / authors do you like to read?
I love Fitzgerald. And Truman Capote. I devoured Dan Brown's " The Da Vinci Code" and Elizabeth Gilbert's "Eat, Pray, Love." Stephen King' s "Shawshank Redemption". I'm currently on Hilary Mantel's "Bring Up the Bodies" and enjoying it. I also read books on spirituality, great bands and musicians bios. Overall, I enjoy the good, grand, old classics, books that inspire people to follow their dreams and be the best they can be.

5. What's your next writing projects?
There are about...three. One novel, one short stories volume and one flash prose collection. The Romanian version (paperback and e-book) of "Four Doors and Other Stories" is to be released shortly , followed by the German version later this year. These versions will include 21 stories instead of 12 (as it does the English one).

If you want stay tuned to my writing activity, please check my website: as well as my Facebook author page:

Four Doors and Other Stories

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Nav Logan (NavLogan) | 15 comments 1) What is your name and bio? My Name is Nav Logan. I was born in Fermanagh, Northern Ireland and lived for 20 years in the UK. I spent many years travelling, a lot with a horse and wagon before settling down. Like many budding writers I have a long list of places I have lived and a multitude of different past careers; some of which I could happily forget.
I currently live in lovely County Leitrim in Ireland. I am happily married and have two teenage children.
I have a love of Nature, Poetry, Reading, Writing as well as Gaelic Football, Warhammer and Rugby.

2) What is your book title, synopsis, and where can readers find it?
My first book is part one of the ongoing Storm-Bringer Saga: Maerlin's Storm. From the Back Cover
A Fantasy story; currently only available on Amazon Kindle. Maerlin's Storm is Book One of The Storm-Bringer Saga, a story about the coming of age of a young girl. It is filled with Magic, Dreams, a good collection of characters and a plot that will keep you guessing right to the end. Synopsis: The Storm-Bringer Saga is a coming of age fantasy tale about a young girl called Maerlin. Her life in her close-knit village had recently been troubled. It started a year ago; when she dreamed of the storm which later killed her Mother. Since then, her life had gone downhill and she’d become alienated from the village. She has other things on her mind, however, as she believes she is going to die . It is available on ebook through Amazon and Smashwords. I also have a short fictional story, 'The Dark Satin of the Soul', on the latter site for free.

3) Where do you come up with your ideas? Dreams are a great inspiration for me, but once I'm started on a basic plot, the rest just comes as i type.

4) What books/authors do you like to read? I read all sorts of fiction really but love fantasy fiction.

5) What's your next writing project? I am currently up to my neck in editing Book Two of the Storm-Bringer Saga

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Edward Iwata | 10 comments 1) What is your name and bio?

I'm Edward Iwata, a third-generation California native whose grandparents immigrated from rice farms in Japan a century ago. ("Iwata" means rocky rice field, and Ed means Ed.)

Born and raised in the 'hood in South-Central Los Angeles, where immigrants dreamed of riches. Live now in a middle-class suburb of Northern California, where new waves of immigrants dream of riches. It's too clean and design-y in techland, like living in an iPhone. Need less elegance, more soul here.

Like reading, hiking, sports, fishing, movies & shows, eating & cooking, general exercise/chi gong (Chinese-style exercise). Would love to travel more and embark on pilgrimages around the world, oh yeah.

2) What is your book title, synopsis, and where can readers find it?

The Billionaire's Gift: A Spiritual Business Parable ($2.99) is the tale of a callous, greed-driven CEO in search of a higher calling. His quest reflects the soul-searching that all go through at some juncture in our frightfully short lives. Did I say the e-book is $2.99?

For now, it's exclusively on Amazon's Kindle: (If you don't have a Kindle, you can download a free app at Amazon to buy Kindle e-books on most devices.)

My business e-book, Fusion Entrepreneurs: Cross-Cultural Execs and Companies Revolutionizing the Global Economy ($4.99), can be found at all major e-book retailers. Did I say it's $4.99?

3) Where do you come up with your ideas?

Everywhere. From people, places, things. From reading and viewing media and literature. From watching live performing artists. From dreams and visions that linger in my memory.

The seeds for the fictional THE BILLIONAIRE'S GIFT came long ago, while interviewing and writing about hundreds of real-life executives and professionals. Beyond their suits and the corporate facade, all had passions and interests that transcended the bottom line. They just couldn't talk openly about it. Rich or poor, young and old, each of us has a purpose and calling in life.

4) What books/authors do you like to read?

A wide range of writers and genres, including lit & contemporary fiction, crime & thrillers, in-depth non-fiction by literary journalists and scholars. Can't pick only a few. Re-reading the old familiar classics. James Joyce, Saul Bellow, Ralph Ellison, et. al., the whole pantheon of lit gods. After a long career in meat-grinding journalism, my voice is returning. Poets and their strange language are haunting me. You know, pleasure domes, mermaids singing, faint music hovering like grace.

5) What's your next writing project?

Several ideas for fiction and non-fiction. Not sure which one is next. I'll go with the writing flow, wherever the invisible things lead me. They are maddening but lovable little buggers.

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George III (glc3) | 110 comments 1) What is your name and bio?

My name is George Cook. I am a married father of one. I have served in the US army form 1991-1994. I have served on my local board of education since 2009 and have been board president since 2011. I have been writing since I was about ten years old.

2) What is your book title, synopsis, and where can readers find it?

My book is titled The Dead War Trilogy.

When the dead walk a hero shall rise! The Dead War Series Trilogy is the story of that hero, Sergeant Richards!

In the year 2053 the dead walked. Mankind was caught off guard at first but within six years mounted a massive military assault against the dead.

These are the stories of some of those men and women that fought back.

These are the stories of some trying to find a cure.

These are the stories of those that are just trying to survive the nightmare of the walking dead.

These are the stories of those that caused The Dead War.

The Dead War Series includes:
The Dead War Series Book One
The Dead War Series Book Two: Abomination
The Dead War Series Book Three: WAR

The book is available at Amazon for the Kindle here:

3) Where do you come up with your ideas?

All over the place. I am influenced by science fiction and horror movies and books but most of my ideas come from every day life. I have a vivid imagination. I can see the most mundane thing and come up with a story around it.

4) What books/authors do you like to read?

I like military thrillers, zombie books, and biographies. I don't really have a favorite author. If I see a book that cathches my fancy I will read it and give any author a chance.

5) What's your next writing project?

I am writing the fourth book ( but the first in the second volume ) in the Dead War Series. I am also working on a new super hero series at the moment.

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Nihar Suthar (niharsuthar) | 386 comments 1. What is your name and bio?

Hey guys! My name is Nihar Suthar and I am a college student at Cornell University. I grew up in Pennsylvania in the middle of nowhere...haha! I discovered my love for writing just last year when I started writing my first book. I just published that book a few weeks ago. The entire process was a lot of fun!

2. What is your book title, synopsis, and where can people find it?

The title of my book is "Win No Matter What."
Win No Matter What: A Guide to Hyping Up Your Life

Synopsis: Whether we like it or not, our daily life routine can quickly turn into a repetitive mechanical process of dullness. When we go to school, work, or practice, do we actually engage 100 percent in the activities that we decide to take on? Well, probably not. The reason for this is simple: our level of engagement in an activity is constantly influenced by mood, attitude, and the staggering number of people that we interact with throughout the day. In other words, the terrible trio - mood, attitude, and those around us - subjects us to the mechanical motions of life. Perhaps the most comforting thing, though, is that as independent human beings, we have the ability to determine which parts of the trio actually end up affecting our everyday lives.

This guide to hyping up your life provides several incredible tips on how to own the terrible trio. Once you implement these strategies in your life, nothing can bring you down. You can win - no matter what.

Where you can find it: Amazon -
It's also available online at Barnes and Noble or Balboa Press!

Oh, and did I mention that most of the book sale profits will be going to the Acumen fund? The Acumen fund is an international charity that invests in solutions to combat global poverty. It's an amazing cause and a lot of people have been supporting it :).

3. Where do you come up with your ideas?

I analyzed the qualities of famous leaders, such as Pramukh Swami Maharaj, President Obama, etc. I also drew on my knowledge and the knowledge of others. By combining all the ideas together, I came up with some great information in one book.

4. What books/authors do you like to read?

I love mystery, inspirational, and thriller books! Really I don't mind reading anything though :)

5. What's your next writing project?

I actually haven't thought about it yet. I'm sure I'll write again in the future sometime though. It's so much fun.

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Nan Cuba | 9 comments 1. Name and bio:
My name is Nan Cuba ( I am the author of Body and Bread (Engine Books), one of “Ten Titles to Pick Up Now” in O, Oprah’s Magazine and a “Summer Books” choice from Huffington Post. I also co-edited Art at our Doorstep: San Antonio Writers and Artists (Trinity University Press), and published other work in such places as Quarterly West, Columbia, Antioch Review, Harvard Review, storySouth, and Connotation Press. As an investigative journalist, I reported on the causes of extraordinary violence in LIFE, Third Coast, and D Magazine. I am the founder and executive director emeritus of the nonprofit literary center, Gemini Ink (, and an associate professor of English at Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio.

2. What is your book's title, synopsis, and where can readers find it?
My novel is BODY AND BREAD.
Synopsis: Years after her brother Sam’s suicide, Sarah Pelton remains unable to fully occupy her world without him. Now, while her surviving brothers prepare to sell the family’s tenant farm and a young woman’s life hangs in the balance, Sarah is forced to confront the life Sam lived and the secrets he left behind. As she assembles the artifacts of her family’s history in East Texas in the hope of discovering her own future, images from her work as an anthropologist — images of sacrifice, ritual, and rebirth — haunt her waking dreams. In this moving debut novel, Nan Cuba unearths the power of family legacies and the indelible imprint of loss on all our lives.
Where to find it: Barnes & Noble, Amazon,

3. Where do you come up with ideas?
Most of my fiction is autobiographically based. I take an image or memory that is so faint I'm not sure it really happened and then invent the story around it.

4. What books/authors do you read?
Marilynne Robinson, Alice Munro, J.M. Coetzee, Chekhov, Borges, Kafka, Katherine Anne Porter, W.G. Sebald, Carol Shields, Charles Baxter

5. What is your next writing project?
I'm working on a new novel, HE DIDN'T KILL NOBODY BUT MOM. This is a tragicomedy, in the Coen brothers fashion, about an inexperienced journalist and a serial killer.

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Senta Holland (SentaHolland) | 4 comments Senta Holland, would love to be part of this! What do I need to do?

message 229: by Mary (new)

Mary Filmer | 119 comments WOW it is a long what down so I do hope you read who I am too. I am Mary Filmer and I am a children's author. I live in Western Australia and my new book which is the first of a series of children's books I am writing is now available at Alpha Wolf Publishing. It is a fantasy story about a little girl named Mary Sumeridge Beginnings. Mary and Granny Ann as well as Poppy the troll go on an adventure to save a ghost child from an evil witch. A animation of Poppy is on my web page at It is also on my author page at Face book. I have been writing for many years now and must admit I am enjoying writing this children's series. I have finished the second one and are now writing the third book. Other books I have written are Farmer Frank, Emergency 000, Mystique of Billydine and Fire Fighter Pat. I also wrote a children's column for a newspaper for two years. I have worked in school libraries and most of my working career has been with children. I love to write and like all authors love it when children like to read your work. I would really like to know what you think of my new book. Mary Filmer Children's Author

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Harmony Stalter (HarmonyStalter) | 9 comments 1) What is your name and bio?

My name is Harmony Stalter. I grew up in the Hudson Valley area of New York. When I was 19, I moved to North Central Florida. I have been professionally writing since 2005.

2) What is your book title, synopsis, and where can readers find it?

The title of my current release is Two Romantic, Two Suspenseful.

About the book: Two Romantic, Two Suspenseful has four very different short stories.
The Former Student - A shy girl returns to her school to see the teacher she has always had a crush on still there. When fantasy becomes a reality for them both, the teacher becomes the student.

The Stolen Child - A mother chooses to ignore the warning given to her by a strange and mysterious woman. When her child is taken, it becomes a race against time to rescue the child alive.

My Death- A woman chooses to put her career first, but at what consequence. Witness the accounts of a break up gone terribly wrong.

Dancing the Night Away - Two people, who have been hurt countless times, finally find love in the unlikeliest of places.

The books is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Sony, Google Books, or Book Country.

3) Where do you come up with your ideas?

My ideas come from every day life. Sometimes, it is a news story, something I may have experienced, or a place I have visited.

4) What books/authors do you like to read?

Some of my favorite authors include Stephen King, Patricia Cornwell, Sue Grafton, and Robert E. Bailey.

5) What's your next writing project?

Currently, I am working on a crime/thriller/suspense novel based out of my current home town.

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Mark Gonyea (MarkGonyea) | 3 comments 1) What is your name and bio?

My name is Mark Gonyea. I'm the author and illustrator of six books so far. I grew up in upstate New York while consuming a lot of pop culture including comics, movies, books, video games and art. Yes, I'm a geek.

2) What is your book title, synopsis, and where can readers find it?

My newest book, The Spooky Box, at it's core is about imagination. A black box arrives on your doorstep, what could it be? Maybe it's filled with spiders? Or snakes? Or it could be candy! I take the reader through a lot of spooky and hopefully a few humorous possibilities.

All of my books are available online at the major sellers. Amazon, B&N, etc. A quick web search will bring up even more options. Actual brick and mortar bookstores should be able to order any the books as well. I also provide some direct links on my website,

3) Where do you come up with your ideas?

I do a lot of sketching and doodling in front of the tv. It's good to let your mind wander and just see what pops up. Sometimes I'll hear something in a conversation that I think would make a good title which later sparks an idea.

4) What books/authors do you like to read?

I'm a big Sci-Fi and Fantasy guy. I love older classics like The Time Machine and Frankenstein. Stephen King was probably one of the authors that engaged me most when I was younger and started my love of books.

5) What's your next writing project?

I'm working right now on a second "box" book as well as a potential new book about graphic design. I've always got at least 4 or 5 ideas going in various stages of completion.

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Isis Sousa (isissousa) 1) What is your name and bio?

I am Isis Sousa, born in Brazil, but living in Norway. “Creative” is the word which best describe me. I am a self-taught Digital Artist and Heavy Metal music lover with 10 years of experience in Graphic Design.

As an artist, my favorite subjects are characters and portraits, although I have a crunch for historical costumes and ornaments.

As a writer, I have published my first book in the end of 2012, via Mad Artist Publishing , an indie house with the mission of showcasing and revealing awesome art. Though an art book filled with tips and techniques for Fantasy digital painters like me, Art of Isis Sousa & Guests (original tittle) was a dream-come-true and is coming soon in a new edition under a different tittle: Fantasy Digital Painting Techniques & Video Tutorials.

2) What is your book title, synopsis, and where can readers find it?

My latest book (and first fiction work) is called The XIIIth hour at Duskland. Bellow you have a synopsis:

Leonhard is a wealthy gentleman surrounded by the most unusual and loyal friends. His life has been a hiatus for many years until the day he finds a mysterious young lady lying unconscious and hurt in the nearby woods. Pity and curious, he brings her home and does all he can to help her recovery.

A day later, by the XIIIth Hour, Leonhard and his friends discover together the horrid truth about the stranger’s past. “Elisa” and the ones she came across were never the same, once they met in the picturesque world of Duskland.

3) Where do you come up with your ideas?

My ideas are based on characters that I paint, also from people that surrounds me, and people I observe anywhere I am. I also get inspiration from music, from my own way of seeing the world, and from my dreams, literally.

4) What books/authors do you like to read?

I like many, of different genres, both best sellers and indies. I read most art books, leadership and self-development and some selected fiction.

5) What's your next writing project?

Right now I am putting together an inspirational book for artists and designers about Creative Collaboration, which will come also via Mad Artist Publishing.

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Judah Freed | 22 comments Thanks for offering this "interview" option:

1) What is your name and bio?

I'm Judah Freed, a Hawaii-based author and indie publisher, originally from Colorado, where I founded the 900-member Denver Book Club along with serving as an officer or board director for such professional organizations as the Colorado Independent Publishers Associaton, Colorado Authors League, and Denver Press Club. I'm an active IBPA member.

2) What is your book title, synopsis, and where can readers find it?

For those interested, here is my forthcoming book (due out in October) -- THE DAWN OF GLOBAL SENSE: Awakening to the Rising Global Consciousness Now Changing Our Lives (A call for world enlightenment inspired by Thomas Paine's Common Sense).

Publication is pending for autumn. Here is a preview:

3) Where do you come up with your ideas?

I began writing what became The Dawn of Global Sense shortly after the 9/11 attacks. The book has gone through several iterations since then. Please pardon me for taking me so long to get it right.

4) What books/authors do you like to read?

My tastes are eclectic. I like to read the 17th and 18th century writers of The Enlightenment (e.g., Locke, Rousseau), the Lanny Budd series by Upton Sinclair, the novels of Steinbeck, the best of science fiction and fantasy, personal growth and spirituality books, diverse history books and historic fiction, and contemporary politics.

5) What's your next writing project?

Two complementary books will appear later this fall: (1) Mindful Self Rule: Ideas and Tools for Personal Growth and Enlightenment. (2) Personal Democracy: Ideas and Tools for Global Change.

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Julie Raust | 6 comments Thanks for this opportunity...

1) Julie Raust -Julie Raust lives on a quiet street in the suburbs of Toronto. When she’s not reading or writing she’s a full time referee and problem solver for three crazy awesome kids. Julie loves a happily ever after and was lucky enough to find one of her own with her husband/ best friend. Her favorite books include, sexy alpha heroes, blue collar men, shifters, wolves, cowboys and lots and lots of sexy dialog.

2) Choosing Chase is my most recent book.
Choosing Chase by Julie RaustChoosing Chase
Choosing Chase - an Old Enough to Love You Novella

Just when Tess — widowed, pushing forty and carrying a few extra pounds — becomes resigned to her nonexistent sex life, her hunky young landlord makes his interest known. Tess would give anything to take Chase up on his offer for a one-night stand, but she’s afraid of ruining their friendship. She has a choice to make – one mind-blowing night with Chase or a lifetime of wondering ‘what if’.

Chase has wanted Tess for the last two years. Hell, he is head-over-heels in love with her, but he's almost a decade younger and she doesn’t take him seriously. Chase is livid when he assumes someone else has been fulfilling Tess’s needs. He wants her to see him as more than just a friend, even if it means playing down-and-dirty to prove it. But just how far will Chase go to win Tess’s heart forever?

He's a hunky yet misunderstood alpha male hero. She's a beautiful independent but gun-shy heroine. This book’s spicy sex scenes include toys, masturbation, dirty talk and lots more — all in the name of love.

Get your copy here:
Amazon -
Smashwords -
Kobo -

3) Where do you come up with your ideas?
Everywhere. I'm a constant daydreamer and a romantic, so even a silly situation like taking out the recycling could be just the thing to spark my next story.

4) What books/authors do you like to read?
I love to read spicy romance books and my favorites include: alpha heroes, smart heroines, some type of misunderstanding that turns into a conflict and of course a happily ever after.

5) What's your next writing project?
I'm currently working on Book Two in the - Old Enough to Love You series - Giving Up Gage.

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Leigh Lane (LeighMLane) | 152 comments Thanks for opening up your blog to so many guests!

1) What is your name and bio?

My name is Leigh M. Lane. I have been writing for over twenty years. I have ten published novels and twelve published short stories divided among different genre-specific pseudonyms. One of my novels was a feature on the Home Shopping Network. I'm married to editor Thomas B. Lane, Jr. and currently reside in the beautiful mountains of western Montana. My traditional Gothic horror novel, Finding Poe, was a finalist in the 2013 EPIC Awards in horror.

2) What is your book title, synopsis, and where can readers find it?

I'm currently promoting my dystopian thriller World-Mart, as I'm in the process of shopping its prequel. About World-Mart:

George Irwin remembers a time before the Big Climate Change, back when the airlines were still in business and people still drove their own cars. The world has changed much over his lifetime, but he still believes in the American Dream. When an alleged terrorist act lands his wife in the hospital, however, George stumbles upon a Corporate secret that could mean the end of all civilization.

World-Mart is available in paperback, Kindle, and Nook through numerous online retailers. Go to for direct links.

3) Where do you come up with your ideas?

Much of what I decide to write comes from a drive to express my thoughts on social and political evils, which I often explore to their horrifying extremes, although I do also receive some of my inspiration through reading works written by my favorite authors.

4) What books/authors do you like to read?

There are far too many to list, but among my favorites are Vonnegut, Poe, Wells, Orwell, and King.

5) What's your next writing project?

The Private Sector is a prequel to World-Mart and offers a glimpse of the social and political changes between now and the corporatocracy toward which our country seems to be moving. Readers have told me these two books take dystopian literature to a unique level of horror.

message 236: by Bonnie (new)

Bonnie Ferrante (BonnieFerrante) 1) What is your name and bio?
My name is Bonnie Ferrante.
I was a grade school teacher-librarian for ten years and then a classroom teacher. I wrote for about ten years when I was half-time, got several short stories published, and had a humour column in a regional newspaper. When I took a full-time teaching job, I no longer had the time or energy to write. I quit teaching and am writing full time now and loving it.
I've written short stories and articles for adult and children's magazines, and the (Dawn's End triology - new adult fantasies). They are now rereleased as self-published.

2) What is your book title, synopsis, and where can readers find it?
My publisher folded just as my young adult novella, Terror at White Otter Castle, was about to be released to I decided to self publish it. I also have a children's picture book, The Amida Tree, just released.
You can find my website here
I'm on Twitter but I'm much more active on Facebook (Bonnie Ferrante - Author).
You can find my work here on my Amazon Author Page -

3) Where do you come up with your ideas?
I day dream. A lot.

4) What books/authors do you like to read?
Shakespeare, Tolkien, Malcom Gladwell, Margaret Atwood, Jodi Picoult, Robert J. Sawyer, Jane Yolen, Lois Lowry, C. S. Lewis, Patrick Ness, Scott Westerfeld, Philip Pullman, Suzanne Collins, Thich Nhat Hahn, H.H. Dalia Lama, Philippa Gregory. Some change over time and some, like Shakespeare, are eternal.

5) What's your next writing project?
I'm working on final (I hope) revisions for Switch, a young adult historical paranormal, which will be released by a traditional print publisher, Tradewind Books, in 2014.
I have two other young adult novels that are still at the major revision stage, RAP and Burning Questions.
Bonnie Ferrante

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Brittany James (BrittanyJoJames) | 10 comments 1) What is your name and bio?
Brittany Jo James was born and raised in the small town of Idabel, Oklahoma. She is happily married to her high school sweetheart, Conlee, who is now a soldier in the United States Air Force. They share two rowdy sons, Jagger and Jett. Her life revolves around living for God, caring for her family and writing, writing, writing. The James family is currently residing near Anchorage, Alaska until the USAF decides otherwise.

2) What is your book title, synopsis, and where can readers find it?

My Knightly Dreams

Now eligible for courtship, many men hope to be the lucky groom selected to marry the Duke and Duchess of Crawley's beautiful daughter, Farren Montbassen. Farren only considers one man acceptable- a notorious knight enjoying a carefree life with little interest in the prospect of marriage. Sir Patton Caswell cannot help but be intrigued by the beauty and grace of the spirited young woman. Everything seems to be falling into place until a rejected suitor and his father decide to take matters of Farren’s marriage into their own hands.

The forthcoming Marquess of Farnborough, Bayard Norshire, plans to scare Farren into marriage by giving her an ultimatum- marriage, or the death of her family. By kidnapping the Duke and Duchess of Crawley, Bayard thinks he holds their young daughter’s future in his hands. Sent to the rescue by King Edward III, Patton takes Farren on a journey of a lifetime to save the Duke and Duchess before Farren is forced into marriage with the despicable young Marquess.

At Least I'm Pretty

Prince Dimitrie seems to have tough luck waiting for him around every corner. His most recent problems, a dangerous clan of gypsies threatening his life and his father presenting an ultimatum that he must marry within thirty days or lose his crown to his vehement sister, completely exasperate the young man. However, things appear to turn around when he unexpectedly meets a beautiful and seemingly eligible bride in a neighboring village. The fascinating and mysterious young woman steals his heart but with his history of bad breaks he cannot help but wonder if the captivating beauty is too good to be true.

Emerald Baillie is growing weary in her ploy to intimidate the supercilious Prince of Moldavia into releasing her imprisoned brothers. The stunning Duchess of Little Egypt confidently leads her life as gypsy royalty but trying to guide a large group of wayward menaces and keep them out of trouble proves tiresome, even for the poised young woman. With all the pressure resting on her shoulders she panics more and more each day. Fortunately for Emerald, Prince Dimitrie unintentionally makes her search for revenge against him much easier. However, sticking to her mischievous plan by abandoning all emotion and guilt is not as simple when her heart becomes involved.

3) Where do you come up with your ideas?
I've been a dreamer all my life, so coming up with stories is relatively easy for me. Sometimes the idea hits me while listening to music, dreaming, playing with my kids or just talking to my husband.

4) What books/authors do you like to read? I'm a big fan of historical romance. Some of my favorites are Kathleen E. Woodiwiss' Shanna and A Rose in Winter, Ellen Tanner Marsh's Sable, and practically every book Johanna Lindsey has ever written. I'm also a big fan of the classics, Daphne Du Maurier, Charlotte Bronte and Emily Bronte.

5) What's your next writing project?
My current work in progress is a contemporary new adult fiction that I'm super excited about.

Brittany Jo James

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Sarah | 1 comments 1) What is your name and bio?

My name is Sarah Wagstaff. I'm a stay-at-home mom, music teacher and substitute. I have three daughters and live in Utah.

2) What is your book title, synopsis, and where can readers find it?

Ocean Lost

YA fantasy about a merman living in Utah.

Walter crawled up on a foreign shore after escaping his parent's murderer. Walter learned a new language, straightened up and found a new family.

Now at sixteen Walter's fallen for an impossible love. Sienna swims competitively and Walter's allergic to pool water.

With too many secrets and life threatening dangers, how can this relationship ever work? Especially since Sienna's human and Walter is not.

It's an ebook available on

Ocean Lost

3) Where do you come up with your ideas?

Everywhere. I think about stories all the time. I like to ask myself, "What if?" That's where I got Ocean Lost from. I asked, "What if there was a merman living in the most improbable place, a desert? Why is he there? What happens to him?

When I talk to people I see characters. When I go to bed I play the scenes I want to write in my head. I read tons and watch movies. I love to watch Korean Dramas (subtitled,) they understand situations and know how to pull emotions from their audiences. Also they have great scenery in their locations and the series actually have real endings and plot arcs. They know where they are going with the characters from the first episode.

4) What books/authors do you like to read?

I love sci-fi and fantasy. Some of my favorite authors are Asimov, McCaffery, and Tamora Pierce.

I love the Percy Jackson series, Harry Potter and Twilight. I like the fast pacing and technical details of Tom Clancy. I love action adventure movies.

5) What's your next writing project?

I'm working on editing my Kalare Esperanza series. I have two-and-a-half books finished. I want to edit them and publish them in the next two-four months (release dates Feb-April 2014.) The first book is middle grade, the next two will be YA, but big, chunky, epic-fantasy young adult around 400 pages each.

Kalare is epic fantasy bordering on space opera. It takes place on a planet, Novikov, where humans have been genetically altered in ordered to survive the extra radiation of it's duel sun system. In a few people, Novas, the alterations create super abilities to control heat. Book 1 starts with a young girl, Kalare who gets kidnapped and then escapes. In the second book Kalare travels to another country to face an evil king. When the series is done I'm going to end up with intergalactic warfare.

I've also written most of the prequel to this series, an adult sci-fi, about one of the founders of the planet, the geneticist who makes the DNA alterations.

Ocean Lost's sequel, Caverns Found, is about the next element, fire. Caverns Found revolves around four middle school friends who develop the ability to transform into dragons. Caverns Found will be finished next Spring 2014 or Summer 2014.

message 239: by Rustin (new)

Rustin Petrae (RustinPetrae) | 62 comments 1) What is your name and bio?
My name is Rustin Petrae, the author of the Histories of Purga novels Book One: Dragon and Book Two: Roc, and the Bane Pack Novels starting with Blood Ties: The First. I am also the creator and writer for the comic book Hybrid Earth. I have always loved writing and creating unique and different worlds. I got started young when my friends and I would make up cartoon characters for fun. Everything spun off from that. In addition to being a writer, I am also a professional graphic artist and love to draw. I was born in San Antonio, TX but I grew up in Japan and Korea, which has influenced a lot of my works, both in writing and in art. You can view more info about me and my books at or follow me on Twitter @RustinPetraeAGD.
2) What is your book title, synopsis, and where can readers find it?
The Histories of Purga:

Book One: Dragon


Rooks have embraced science and technology, inventing helpful, microscopic robots called nanos to create any machine they need.

The Terraqouis are their opposite. They embraced the spiritual, developing a deep bond with nature. This bond allows them to shift into the animal that resembles their own, inner selves.

These two races have fought each other with brutal savagery for centuries. But things change when the Rook prince, Rone Varlamagne, is attacked and left for dead by an unknown force. Keiara, the daughter of the Terraqouis chieftain, finds him, but instead of killing him, she saves his life. It is one act. One conscious choice. But it changes everything for them and the entire world of Purga.

Together, they face foes from every direction...and they will stop at nothing to protect each other.

I read Dragon and liked it. This is worth reading. - Review by: Piers Anthony (Bestselling author of the Xanth novels)

Book Two: Roc:


Wilhelm Coran is amassing more and more power as his Blak Army washes over Purga. Now, he finds himself face to face with the Terraqouis nation's army but he might just have enough strength to crush them into the desert sands.

The only chance for Purga, and the people that inhabit it, lies with the very unlikely pair of Rone Varlamagne and Keiara, a Rook Prince and the daughter of the Terra Chieftain. As Rone searches the ends of the earth for Keiara, he soon realizes that finding her is the least of their problems.

Together, they must fight for their lives as enemies become friends, friends become enemies, and the world keeps falling to darkness.

Chaos is growing...

The Bane Pack Novels:

Blood Ties: The First:

All Kendra wanted was a change.

After a bad day at work, she wants this more than anything. She goes to an old friend for comfort and decides it’s time for that change to happen. So she gets a tattoo in a last ditch effort to make people see her differently. She never would’ve bargained for what comes next. She’s seeing better than she ever has in her life. She can smell and even tell the difference between scents. She can hear a fly buzzing from fifty feet away. She’s faster. Stronger.

Oh…and now she’s extremely hot.

But is the price of these changes too high? And what about the shocking revelation of who-and what-her biological father really is?

Sometimes change can be good…and then there’s the other times.

You can find all of my books available for purchase at,, Barnes and Noble, iTunes, and more. *Print versions available at

The word of Hybrid Earth (published through

In December of 2015 the nano-bomb was created, fusing nuclear and nano technology together. The first, and last bomb, was detonated into Earth’s atmosphere. When the irradiated nanomachines came back down, they merged humans with machines.

You can get your copy of issue #1 here:

You can also view our free webcomic at the above link or at our Facebook page Be sure to like our page to keep up to date on all things Hybrid Earth!

3) Where do you come up with your ideas?
My ideas come from an intense love of everything paranormal, supernatural, science-fiction, and fantasy. I love reading ot watching anything that has those elements. Naturally, when writing, those are the kinds of stories I want to tell. I get ideas from a lot of different placesbut for the most part I use ideas that I think are cool. If I really like the idea, I'll develop it further.

4) What books/authors do you like to read?
There are so many authors that I like to read and naming each one might take two to four years and that's guessing on the low side. My current favorites are both of Jim Butcher's series, the Dresden Files and the Codex Alera books. Love them and I am a lifelong, die-hard fan. My other favorites are Stephen King, Terry Brooks, J.K. Rowling, Christopher Paolini, just to name a few. I think I'll stop there so I don't ramble on and on.

5) What's your next writing project?
My current projects are many and varied. I just got finished with the script for Hybrid Earth's second issue and now I am back to trying to finish up Blood Ties: The Second. My plan is to finish both of my current series and then move ion to my next on, the Indestructible books. These folow two college students that decide to undertake an experimental drug test and walk away with powerful abilities. I am really excited about pursuing these books because I really love the superhero genre.

That's all for now. Remember to check out my websites:,, my author page at Facebook Rustin Petrae, Author and follow me on Twitter @RustinPetraeAGD.

Thank you, Rustin.

message 240: by Janette (new)

Janette  Harjo (JanetteHarjo) | 6 comments Here is my interview. I hope I've done this right, and I look forward to learning about its publication!

1) What is your name and bio?
I am Janette Harjo. I was born and raised in Klamath Falls, OR and I currently live in University Place, OR. I also have a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences, which I earned at UW. I run an author blog at http://www.authorjanetteharjo.blogspo... where I post 7 suspenseful sentences from my current wip every Sunday. I also regularly host other authors and showcase their work there.

2) What is your book title, synopsis, and where can readers find it?
My current release is a Trilogy, CONNECTIONS, which is a romantic paranormal/fantasy.

Synopsis – The CONNECTIONS Trilogy follows two intended souls, through trials and tribulations, who are cursed to search throughout time and reincarnations for their CONNECTION. A little boy’s soul follows them through his own lifetimes for his CONNECTION to the first 2. Each of their incarnations leads them closer than the last to discovery of each other and the origin of the curse they exist under. The obstacle, which they are faced with at the end of their search, and which must be overcome before their search will be ended, has ultimate power over their destinies.

CONNECTIONS can be found on my publisher’s website, and can also be found on Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, Kobo, and other etailers. The first in the trilogy is already out and available, the 2nd two are expected to be out in Dec, 2013 and Jan 2014.

3) Where do you come up with your ideas?
My ideas are just there in my imaginative thoughts. I write them down when they tell me they are ready to be told.

4) What books/authors do you like to read?
I like to read historical, especially medieval historical. Margaret Mallory comes to mind. I just finished a medieval read by Vijaya Schartz which kept me up at night! I also like to read futuristic and paranormal, The Host, by Stephenie Meyer, was a fabulous read!

5) What's your next writing project?
Right now I’m working on a Romantic Paranormal for Halloween 2014. When I’m finished with this draft, which will be soon, I am going to get a historical romantic paranormal I’ve written, which is based on a true life event from the 1870’s, polished off and submitted!

message 241: by Sarah (last edited Nov 26, 2013 07:36PM) (new)

Sarah (sarahvistica) | 22 comments Here is my interview:

1) What is your name and bio?
My name is Sarah Vistica. I currently live in Northern California. I have a chihuahua mix named Mocha who is joy to have as a pet. I am also an actress. My favorite times of the year are winter and summer, when story ideas tend to spark my imagination. More information about my books and myself can be found on my blogsite: Http://

2) What is your book title, synopsis, and where can readers find it?
Whisper (Whisper Trilogy, #1) by Sarah Vistica

Avaya Emerson has no memory of the night her parents died. Now an orphan she moves in with her isolated Uncle James deep in the woods of Vermont. Where her new life is not what she expected. When she meets Nate his familiar presence draws her in. His resemblance is undeniably similar to a guy in her dreams and Luken Vandersen who mysteriously vanished 127 years ago.
She discovers a strange shadow in the woods watching her and a girl she can’t see wants her to disappear. The closer Avaya comes to learning the truth about Nate, Luken Vandersen’s disappearance and her own tortured memory coming back her life is in greater danger than she can imagine.
Even though Avaya faces haunts and trials with the help of others she has one fight she must handle alone.

Readers can find my book on Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Apple, Sony, Diesel, FlipKart, and Oyster.
A print copy of Whisper is available only through Amazon at this time.

3) Where do you come up with your ideas?
All over. Inspiration strikes when I am reading books, listening to music, and even when I am watching television. Sometimes even when I am people watching.

4) What books/authors do you like to read?
I love the Young Adult genres. The Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer, The Fallen Saga by Lauren Kate, and there are many others. My current top favorite is the Nevermore trilogy by Kelly Creagh. I am also looking forward to the next book in the Vampire Queen series by Rebecca Maizel.

5) What's your next writing project?
My next writing project is a book I started writing four years ago. It is looking like it will become a book series at the moment, but that is not official. It is an alternate reality/paranormal (ghost story)/romance YA novel that I am excited to finally finish and make available to readers. I hope to release it before the new year. I have not decided yet what I will be working on when I finish this project.

message 242: by Lynnda (new)

Lynnda | 23 comments 1) What is your name and bio?

My name is Lynnda Pollio and live in NYC. I was the world's Chief Consciousness Officer, working with Fortune 100 companies, helping them integrate elevated levels of consciousness into their businesses. I've been on a spiritual journey through healing modalities, wisdom traditions and energy work for over 20 years. It's been an adventure.

2) What is your book title, synopsis, and where can readers find it?

Trusting the Currents, my first spiritual novel was released last week. It is narrated by Addie Mae Aubrey, an elderly, Southern, African American woman who recounts the magic, tragedy and love of her teenage years in the late 1930s rural South. It is also the story of my journey writing this book, listening to her whispers and how her wisdom transformed who I became. Trusting the Currents is available as a hardcover, paperback and ebook on Amazon, Barnes and and iBooks, as well as other e-platforms.

3) Where do you come up with your ideas?

They find me. With Trusting the Currents, I just heard her voice one day and started writing. Eventually, she took me right here.

4) What books/authors do you like to read?

I like books that open my heart, teach me something about myself and lead me into places I have never been. Between the book and taking care of my mother who is ill, I haven't had much time for reading though. Most recently I read The Ancestral Continuum. It explains how our ancestral energies affect our lives.

5) What's your next writing project?

Not sure. I think it's going to be a children's book with a strong moral message that children and their parents can share and discuss. But we'll see.
Trusting the Currents

message 243: by Andrea (new)

Andrea Gardiner (AndreaGardiner) | 5 comments 1) What is your name and bio?
My name is Andrea Gardiner. I am a British doctor living in Ecuador. I love to write about life in a different culture and the people I have met here. I am married to an Ecuadorean and we have two daughters.

2) What is your book title, synopsis, and where can readers find it?
My biography is called Guinea Pig for Breakfast and it is widely available on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and more as paperback and ebooks.
This is the remarkable true story of a young British doctor who travels to humid, insect-infested Ecuador and sets up a village health centre and child sponsorship scheme.
As you read this honest account you will laugh and cry with Andrea as she battles against endless bureaucracy and the confusion of living in an alien culture. You will feel as though you have travelled to the village and met the friends she makes there. You will find the Ecuadorean people touch your heart.
Young, free and single, and dedicated to her mission, Andrea is certainly not expecting to encounter love. Should she open her heart? Or will doing so lead to an end of all her dreams?
This is the unforgettable account of lives touched and changed by heartbreaking tragedy and the transforming power of God´s redeeming love. The heart-stopping stories contained in this tapestry of despair and hope, loss and discovery will leave you inspired and challenged.

3) Where do you come up with your ideas?
I get my ideas from real life. I have also written a children´s book, The Adventures of Tamarita Rachel, which is also about the differences in Ecuadorean culture, but from a child´s viewpoint. I find the cultural differences fascinating and people´s real life stories captivating.

4) What books/authors do you like to read?
I love to read historical fiction, romance and dramas. I also enjoy biographies and reading books to my children. Some of my favourite authors include John Grisham, Maeve Binchy, Dee Henderson, Francine Rivers, Philip Yancey and Joni Earekson.

5) What's your next writing project?
My next project is a sequel to Guinea Pig for Breakfast. I want to tell the stories of patients who suffer so bravely and have very positive attitudes.

Andrea Gardiner

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Roger Owen Bishop (rogertheriter) | 12 comments 1) What is your name and bio?

My name is Roger Bishop. I was born and raised in the garden of England, which for those that do not know is the county of Kent in the UK. For the last decade of my life, I have lived here in the beautiful South East of Ireland. A country that is ideally suited to anyone with a literary or artistic leaning.

2) What is your book title, synopsis, and where can readers find it?

My book is entitled UNHOLY ORDERS. Although a novel, it is a fact based story about one mans attempt to improve his position in life with duplicity and subterfuge, that takes him to some very unexpected places. Ultimately, this includes the corridors of Church House Westminster the administrative headquarters of the Church of England.
Here he discovers all the secrets that the church would prefer remained hidden. He meets Archbishops and royalty, rogues and conmen, and discovers a world he never knew existed. Eventually leading to the opportunity to secure his families future by masterminding the great insider trading scandal, that rocked the church and the bookmakers back in the early nineties.
All the characters and events in my novel are based upon real characters, and events that actually occurred. I was employed by Church House for a number of years back then, and this is from where I drew my inspiration.
UNHOLY ORDERS is available in paperback, or as in e-digital format from all leading suppliers including Amazon right here or here

The Church of England, like its Catholic counterpart, is not without its failings. But for a chancer like Richard Walker, who discovers himself a part of this august institution, the possibilities are endless. Richard wants to ensure the future security of his family…but it comes with a price. He soon discovers all the hypocrisy and double standards that the Church would like to keep quiet, and those within its hallowed walls who, like him, are only out for themselves.

3) Where do you come up with your ideas?

For this particular novel it was straightforward. I worked for The Corporation of the Church House for a number of years back in the late eighties and early nineties, and drew my inspiration from my experiences there. I believe that an author should always draw from his own experiences.

4) What books/authors do you like to read?

I prefer fact based fiction, and historical fiction. For light-hearted reads I enjoy the work of Kathy Reich's. Recently I have discovered a relatively new (to me at least) author by the name of Conn Iggulden who's books I am reading at present. Their themes are ancient Rome in all its glory and debauchery.

5) What's your next writing project?

My work in progress is about the Nazi looted artwork during World War II, and how it came eventually to finance the emergence of the Russian Mafia, after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Roger Bishop

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Bonnie Vause (goodreadscombonnievause) | 10 comments My book is : "Fast Escape" by Bonnie Vause
Can review at this link:

message 246: by Bonnie (new)

Bonnie Vause (goodreadscombonnievause) | 10 comments My book is : "Fast Escape" by Bonnie Vause
Can review at this link:

message 247: by Hock (new)

Hock Tjoa (hockgtjoa) | 65 comments 1) What is your name and bio?
My name is Hock Tjoa and I was born in Singapore but I have lived in the States (Boston, L.A. and now the Sierra foothills) for a long time.

2) What is your book title, synopsis, and where can readers find it?
My book is THE CHINESE SPYMASTER. Here is the blurb on the back cover--

Chinese Intelligence uncovers a North Korean trying to sell a nuclear device. Then they find five other dealers trying to do the same. The buyer is the same in every case--the Pashtuns.

Is this a "Pashtun Spring"? A realignment of geopolitical power in Central Asia? A resurgence of Islamist terrorism?

In order to anticipate and confront these threats, Spymaster Wang must negotiate through bureaucratic rivalries, as well as personal ambitions, at home and abroad. He reaches for ancient insight into strategies and unorthodox alliances. But the struggle he must undertake cannot cease, and the outcome always remains in doubt.

The Spymaster must also confront a vendetta within the Party as well as the determination of his Old Friends and their wives to make him a match.

The book is available from and

3) Where do you come up with your ideas?
I first had an idea while watching a movie and imagined the scene which appears almost at the end of the book; originally I thought it might appear some place at the beginning. Then I tried to imagine a situation in which the Spy Agency would need to work with other spy agencies. Once I got the outline and characters in mind, the book took its life in its own hands as it were. Several times, it wanted to go where I had no idea what I would find; other times something I read would suggest a development.

4) What books/authors do you like to read?
I have no great relish for young adult, horror, chick lit, fantasy/paranormal (though I like science fiction), or erotica; otherwise I will read anything well written and imagined. In 2013, I took great pleasure in reading The Year of the Flood, Red Sorghum, Out, The Tiger's Wife, The Elegance of the Hedgehog, Shantaram and many others.

5) What's your next writing project?
I am trying to imagine the lives and deaths in Aeschylus' Oresteia and have posted the first 10,000 words on under the title AGAMEMNON MUST DIE.

Thanks in advance for your kindness with this interview. I'd appreciate notice of its appearance.

Best wishes,

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Bonnie Vause (goodreadscombonnievause) | 10 comments Hock:
My book is "Fast Escape" by Bonnie Vause, can be found on
This is my first fiction novel, I'm so sure I'll have many updates as I find errors (that makes me so nervouse). I teach special education (25+ yrs). Love to read/write.
I have a personal website:
I am also on Face Book (Bonnie Vause) and (Bonnie Vause, Author) just send me a friend request !
As for reading...I like mysteries, romance, chick-lit, and some fantasy/paranormal.
Kind Regards,
Dr. Bonnie Vause, Ed.D.

message 249: by Bonnie (new)

Bonnie Vause (goodreadscombonnievause) | 10 comments 1) What is your name and bio?
My name is Bonnie Vause and you can find my personal bio at:
I also have a FACE BOOK PAGE: Bonnie Vause or Bonnie Vause, Author (send friend request)
I am so excited to get to know everyone on GoodReads! I am a new author, love to read/write and after completing my Doctorate in Education/Administration, approaching retirement ~ I decided to follow one of my personal “passions”….to write a book ! My first book: Fast Escape was released on KINDLE Dec. 4, 2013 (please be patient as I make needed updates). I am trying so hard to be successful in writing, yet…as we all know, this takes time 

2) What is your book title, synopsis, and where can readers find it?
My 1st Fiction Novel is: “Fast Escape” and can be found at for extremely reasonable price 
This is the remarkable book to me because even with it being “Fiction” much of the book was inspired from my personal upbringing on a “Cotton Mill Village”…the novel is FICTION and all characters are FICTIOUS but as we all know….somewhere along the road, inspirations happen. A full synopsis can be found on my personal website:

3) Where do you come up with your ideas?
I get my ideas from real life experiences mixed with “fiction” details…my imagination is rather wild at times and I enjoy “reflecting” upon my own life, the lives of others and the rich environment that being raised “POOR” brought to my life. I am truly blessed and have three book in the writing process at this time. Fast Escape, my 1st Fiction Novel, was released Dec. 4, 2013 and following will be “Winter Vacation” which follows the ending to some degree of Fast Escape.

4) What books/authors do you like to read?
I love to read mystery, romance and dramas, historical fiction, and always…Children’s Book/Lit. since I am an elementary educator! I also enjoy biographies and reading books to my children. Some of my favorite authors include: Maya Angelo, Nora Roberts, Erika Marks

5) What's your next writing project?
My next project is considered a sequel to “Fast Escape” …which goes into the final stages of most of characters lives.

message 250: by Theresa (new)

Theresa Troutman | 16 comments 1) What is your name and bio?
My name is Theresa Troutman and I live in Pennsylvania with my husband and my crazy dog, Niko. I love reading, theatre, traveling and I'm an active member of the SCBWI. I write Young Adult and New Adult books. My Secret Summer is my first published work. I can be contacted at
2) What is your book title, synopsis, and where can readers find it?
My novella is My Secret Summer. Caitlin Conners is a loner; shy and artistic. Her only friend is her sister, Carly. When Carly dies in a car accident, Caitlin has never felt more alone. An overbearing mother makes her life impossible when she meets the boy next door, Dylan Rodgers. Dylan doesn’t fit in with the popular crowd either. He prefers skateboarding to football and is viewed by his fellow students as a pot head.

Dylan helps Caitlin deal with her grief and awakens her sexuality. Somehow these two misfits strike up a friendship and fall in love, while trying to keep their relationship a secret from Caitlin’s parents. Caitlin resorts to various methods to sneak out of the house to be with Dylan. As the stakes increase, emotions run high and passion ignites. The thrill of ‘getting away with it’ is so addictive and makes Caitlin feel invincible. How long can she get away with the lies before she is found out?
3) Where do you come up with your ideas? I get ideas from everything around me. Whether I'm traveling, or people watching, or reading a book, my mind is always taking in bits a pieces of life that inspire me to write.
4) What books/authors do you like to read? My current favorites are Jennifer Ashley for Romance and Jessica Sorenson for New Adult. I'm always reading and love finding new authors.
5) What's your next writing project? I am currently working on A Special Connection due to be released in February 2014. I also have my full length novel, Life's What You Make it, due for release in the Spring of 2014.

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