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message 1: by Vincent, Mod & Author (new)

Vincent Lowry (vlowry) | 1105 comments Mod
This folder is for readers and writers of romance fiction.

Welcome! Please post your books or leave a comment!

message 2: by Urenna (last edited Dec 02, 2009 03:43PM) (new)

Urenna Sander | 57 comments My novel, “True Season of Love,” is a mesmerizing, passionate love story set in Paris, France in the late sixties. African-American, Medical Journalist, Olivia Moreno meets wealthy Greek Ptolemy Verenis at a weekend masquerade party in London. This is a compelling love story that also involves secrets, envy, deceit, and forgiveness.

Go to my website at:

Urenna True Season of Love by Urenna Sander

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Trish Silver (whenirememberlove) | 8 comments My book is When I Remember Love . It is a contemporary love story set behind the scenes of the music business. Aidan Price becomes famous by winning an American Idol type competition. He meets and falls in love with Jenna. There love story will face many obstacles that are more difficult because of new found fame. Listen to the original music presented in the book on my web site, I am also spotlighting new authors on my web site as well as authors who help other authors. Vincent is spotlighted in December. Go to for details.

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Jo-Anne Vandermeulen (ppromotionals) | 26 comments See why there's been nearly 1,500 views of ch.1 of "Conquer All Obstacles" in the first 3 wks...

For Author Interviews, Book Reviews, Blurb,Endorsements and purchasing directions, go to:

message 5: by Sharon (new)

Sharon (fiona64) Here is my the link to my romance (which is also a work of historical fiction):

In The Eye of The Beholder A Novel of The Phantom of the Opera by Sharon E. Cathcart

message 6: by Jo-Anne (new)

Jo-Anne Vandermeulen (ppromotionals) | 26 comments So excited to announce the 2nd 5-Star rating for "Conquer All Obstacles".

Jo-Anne Vandermeulen ranks higher than Nicholas Sparks, Sandra Brown, Nora Roberts, Debbie Macomber, Jodi Picoult, Amanda Quick and Danielle Steele

For personal reviews, please check it out on Amazon:

To purchase:

message 7: by Amber (new)

Amber Lehman (amber_lehman73) | 28 comments Hi! My name is Amber Lehman and my novel TORN is a romance novel for teens 17 and older.

Synopsis: When fourteen-year old Krista McKinley transfers from Catholic school in Ohio to California’s public Crestmount High, she discovers she has a lot to learn. Luckily, she is befriended by Carrie and Brandon and things start to look up. But when a simple dare tests Krista’s values, it sends her entire world spiraling into a confusing series of events that leaves her questioning her identity as well as the people around her.

Torn by Amber Lehman

Thanks for viewing!
Amber :)

message 8: by Serena (new)

Serena Yates (serenayates) Hi everyone!

So far I have published two novellas:

To Find and to Keep

The Mistletoe Phenomenon

There will be a full novel sequel for To Find and to Keep with the title To Keep and to Love in January, also with Dreamspinner Press. This one will be available as e-book and print.

My website is and I'm a Goodreads author with my profile up at

Thanks for checking out my books, I'll be doing the same with yours.


message 9: by Shalonda (new)

Shalonda Williams-McClendon (shalondatreasurewilliams) | 13 comments I am writing my first inspirational romance novel. U have excerpts at the link below and would love feedback.

Thank you

message 10: by Julia (last edited Dec 19, 2009 12:51PM) (new)

Julia Knight (juliaknight) | 6 comments HI, I'm popping my book in here as it has romance subplot that is rather important :D

Hi Vince

Thanks for the invite :D

My book, Ilfayne's Bane is now out in print and has also been nominated for an EPIC award. It's an action / adventure with a splash of romance. The sequel is due out next year.

Here's the blurb

He destroyed a continent. Dethroned a god. Now her love will destroy him.

Oathcursed, Book One

Hilde is shunned for her strange looks and ability to dream the future, both unwelcome gifts of the half-kyrbodan blood that flows in her veins. One of those dreams summons the legendary mage, Ilfayne. Beneath his cynicism and penchant for melting eyeballs, she discovers a tortured man driven by demons as cruel as her own. And the only man who doesn’t recoil from her.

Condemned to four thousand years of loneliness and regret, Ilfayne finds a rare thing in Hilde: a friend. For that, he will do anything to keep her safe. Just as he gathers the courage to reveal the tender feelings he thought he’d lost, her kyrbodan blood forces her to bond with a man of her own race. To deny the bond means she could die. Either way, she is lost to him.

Now llfayne’s oldest enemy has resurfaced, a sorcerer who will stop at nothing to destroy him. Including targeting their greatest vulnerabilities—Ilfayne’s hidden love for Hilde, and Hilde’s guilt-wracked conscience.

When the sorcerer makes his move, Hilde holds the lives of two men in her hands—and faces a terrible and deadly choice. Loyalty…or love.

Warning! This book contains a jaded hero, sarcasm, violence, and magic spells involving aggressive runrips Ilfayne's Bane (Oathcursed) by Julia Knight

message 11: by Jennie (new)

Jennie Marsland | 3 comments Hi, Jennie Marsland here. My debut novel, a historical Western romance entitled McShannon's Chance, has just been released in print by Bluewood Publishing. It's available in e-book format as well.

Trey McShannon survived the carnage of the Civil War, only to discover that the deepest wounds are those to the heart. A traitor to his home state of Georgia, Trey has built a new life for himself in the untamed Colorado Territory. Now it’s time to find a wife to share the future he’s worked so hard for – but can he free himself from his past?

Beth Underhill is looking for choices. Needing to marry to escape being sent back East, she prefers Trey’s honest business proposal to false promises of love. Can a union between a man who isn’t sure he can still feel love, and a woman who doesn’t believe it exists, blossom into more than a marriage of convenience?

There's an excerpt posted with my profile here on Goodreads, and my website address is Right now I'm having a contest on the site to celebrate the release. If you enjoy an old-fashioned Western in the vein of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, you might enjoy this one.

message 12: by Delyse (new)

Delyse Trink | 34 comments Hi,
I am so happy to annouce that my first romance novel was recently published. It is an ebook titled Wrapped in a Rainbow. Available for download to your computer at or at
It is a romance set in Canada and the Bahamas-appropriate for young adults or adults. Here is one review:
5.0 out of 5 stars Wrapped In A Rainbow by Delyse Rodrigues-Trink, January 25, 2010
By Janine Marzec

Amazon Verified Purchase
"Wrapped in a Rainbow is a special romance, involving a fantasy, tropical lifestyle set in the Bahamas with memorable characters, an interesting, uplifting and enjoyable plot and carefully written dialogue. Must reading during your next vacation!" -from ebook reader Janine Marzec

Hope you enjoy it!

message 13: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth Blake | 73 comments Delyse wrote: "Hi,
I am so happy to annouce that my first romance novel was recently published. It is an ebook titled Wrapped in a Rainbow. Available for download to your computer at or at..."

Wow! Good for you!

message 14: by Delyse (new)

Delyse Trink | 34 comments Elizabeth B wrote: "Delyse wrote: "Hi,
I am so happy to annouce that my first romance novel was recently published. It is an ebook titled Wrapped in a Rainbow. Available for download to your computer at http://www.a..."

Thank-you Elizabeth--it's very exciting to be finally published!

message 15: by Keta (new)

Keta (ketadiablo) | 58 comments Hi Vincent and members. Kudos to Vincent for the insightful Goodreads group!

Spank Me Twice won Best Erotic Book of 2009 from Love Romances Cafe. Thank you so much! I am particularly humbled and honored since I edited this anthology and my story Lip Service is included in the anthology. You can find out more about SPANK ME TWICE here:

Lip Service, Keta Diablo
After their recent tiff, Bryan took off for Japan on business and left Navarre home to stew. Now Bryan is expected home after two long weeks, but fate has other plans--mechanical problems with his plane and no rental cars available. So what's a desperate man to do? Find his own means to get to the man he loves. When Navarre finally arrives at Bryan's hotel, he has second thoughts about challenging fate. Bryan has company in his room!

Spank Me Twice by Jude Mason

message 16: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer DeLucy (jennifer_delucy) | 2 comments My debut novel, Seers of Light, was recently published and is picking up momentum.

"Lillian Hunt has never truly lived. Always sensing more to the world than is easily perceived, she fears that her instincts are stubborn flights of fancy, or worse, mental instability. But some things—disappearing strangers, tangible dreams, and visits from malevolent creatures—cannot be ignored. Before it's too late, Lillian is ripped from the only existence she’s ever known and thrust into a reality that she always suspected, but could scarcely believe. She must learn the truth about who she is, the powerful beings that wish to destroy her, and the two men who would die to protect her." Seers of Light by Jennifer DeLucy

message 17: by Ava (new)

Ava Bleu (avableu) | 12 comments Hello All,

My debut romance, The Diva of Peddler's Creek, is being published by The Wild Rose Press. I don't have my release date yet or my cover but as soon as I do I'll post them here.

Just wanted to say I'm glad to be here and I look forward to meeting many wonderful people.

Happy Friday!

Ava Bleu

message 18: by Shirley (new)

Shirley (discipleshirley) | 4 comments Hello my book Forever Promised is a time travel romance. Hope you like it and even if you don't read it let's talk! Shirley

message 19: by Ava (new)

Ava Bleu (avableu) | 12 comments Hi again,

Still trying to figure out how this site works :-). I got a bunch of posts from horror but had to log in to see the romance posts. I don't get it, but then again, technology and Ava don't mix.

Still working on my site, my blog and all the things that make me official. Any other authors out there as petrified of Facebook as I am?


message 20: by Jaleta (new)

Jaleta Clegg | 41 comments For a different twist, how about trying a science fiction romance?

[image error]
Stranded on a primitive world, facing death at the hands of the natives, betrayed by her crew, hunted by drug smugglers, Dace has one hope of rescue - convince the Patrol agent who's trying to kill her that she's innocent.

As my friend described the agent, Tayvis - "He's dark, dangerous, and sexy as all hell!"

Roarke by Frances Pauli

(The link to the cover isn't working right. Sorry.)
Roarke is an intriguing romance story. Nora has just risen from the dead, with no memory of her past life as a mercenary or of her fiancé. Everything seems in place, except an inner warning that all is not as it seems. And who is the mysterious Roarke who haunts her dreams?

Both are a lot of fun. Try them out.

message 21: by Robert (new)

Robert Page | 7 comments Yes Ava, I know exactly what you mean. Facebook AND Twitter are complete mysteries... so is the language (?) used. To describe it as retarded adolescent is to exaggerate its qualities. Much the same is true of the topics discussed. They are unbelievably shallow. As for negotiating a way round the sites... enough said.

message 22: by Jaleta (new)

Jaleta Clegg | 41 comments Twitter and Facebook can be good ways to connect with readers and other authors. You just have to learn your way around and find the right groups of people to join. I've been using both for about a year now and actually enjoy it. I've found old friends and new ones. I like reading updates on their day (mostly Facebook). Twitter is more useful for sharing website links.

They are just tools. How you use them is completely within your control.

message 23: by Robert (new)

Robert Page | 7 comments I'll give it another go Jaleta

message 24: by Ava (new)

Ava Bleu (avableu) | 12 comments Jaleta, you're like those IT people who say computer programming is easy :-).

Thanks for the encouragement. I'll take it one step at a time and try not to bite off more than I can chew.


message 25: by Jaleta (new)

Jaleta Clegg | 41 comments It took me a while to figure out what I was doing with them. I use Facebook more to keep in contact with friends and family. Posts there can be longer. Twitter is great for sharing links and short updates. I use Tweetdeck to manage them (free download - it's a program that lets you easily update your feed and read other updates).

If you want to friend me on Facebook, I'm under Jaleta Clegg. Twitter I'm ursulasquid.

As long as you aren't posting spam ads all the time, people will eventually find you.

And don't think I'm some tweeny user. I'm older than I look. I still can't figure out texting on my cell phone.

message 26: by Ava (new)

Ava Bleu (avableu) | 12 comments Thanks, much. Just one question: What's a text? Just kidding... :-)

message 27: by Jo-Anne (last edited Mar 26, 2010 04:15PM) (new)

Jo-Anne Vandermeulen (ppromotionals) | 26 comments One element I'm enjoying about Facebook is how they send me weekly status reports about my 2 fan pages:

1.) Jo-Anne Vandermeulen -
2.) Premium Promotional Tips for Writers -

For example, this week #2 fan page: +21 Fans this week (2,431 total Fans)
15 Wall Posts, Comments, and Likes this week (25 last week)
153 Visits to your page this week (201 Visits last week)

Every day I post a new status with a link directly back to my blog where my book is sold. The great news is that this traffic is now roaming into my site page...YIPEE!!!

I have even more in my Facebook Group page: but I have no idea of the stats here. The great 'thing' about a Group page is that others can just enter here without being accepted as a friend...which is a good thing for me since I cannot accept anymore because I've maxed out at 5,000.

So my suggestion to you is that if you haven't already...join my Group page as I update it with the same information as my other FB pages. You'll receive valuable content and free marketing tips.

Have a wonderful weekend!...:).



message 28: by Ava (new)

Ava Bleu (avableu) | 12 comments Wow, I posted this message but I have no idea where the first one went, so here it is again!

Hello Everyone,

Still working on getting all my things in order. Really looking forward to getting my release date so I can officially be listed as a published author on this site (yeah!).

It's that time of year when love is on everyone's mind. All I can think of these days is baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and a strong pair of biceps ... I know, I'm a little sick :-).

Anyway, best to everyone and I'll be in touch soon, hopefully with news of when and where you can find my debut.


Ava Bleu "

message 29: by Maureen (new)

Maureen Miller | 8 comments Greetings to all!

I am a romantic suspense author with a writing formula that generally contains..."danger, romance, dark cliffs, and a sinister house". Of course, Scooby Doo has that formula too. :)

Victory Cove (Volume 1) by Maureen A. Miller
Victory Cove

Megan Summers thought that she was safe in the remote coastal village of Victory Cove. For a year she hid in seclusion, preparing for the battle ahead by building her own target range and practicing adaptability in the darkened halls of Wakefield House. But, today a stranger appeared on her doorstep. Was he it? Was he her executioner?

For Jake Grogan, his trek to Victory Cove started out with a cryptic letter from a woman who after thirty-five years of silence identified herself as his mother. He was told to locate Wakefield House, the home of his grandmother. Jake found the sinister residence on the outermost crag of the ocean, but the woman who answered the door was not elderly. She was young, attractive, and looked like she would do about anything to get him off her doorstep.

Jake Grogan came to Victory Cove to discover his past. Megan Summers came to Victory Cove to escape hers. Inside Wakefield House their lives collide, and on the edge where land and sea meet, they wage a battle and struggle to survive the night.

Widow's Tale by Maureen A. Miller
Widow's Tale

Every night Serena stood on the deck of O'Flanagans Tavern, searching Maine's rugged coast for a sign of her husband's body. Though he was pronounced lost at sea, Alan Murphy still haunted her as only his malevolent spirit could. In the loft above her tavern, Serena hears footsteps pace across her living room floor, yet when she turns, no one is there.

Alan would not let a little thing like death stop him from tormenting her. If she could just find his body, surely this torture would stop.

It had been ten years since Brett Murphy saw his sister in-law, although the separation was by design, to avoid temptation. Now Brett was in Victory Cove, not to declare his feelings for Serena, but to discover the truth about his brother's death. In doing so, he must battle Serena's ghosts, both real and contrived.

message 30: by Cynthia (new)

Cynthia Roberts Hello one and all.

Historical Indian Romance


Wind Warrior ~ The Iroquois Series ~ Book One

Leslie Michaels is a visionary, and only those close to her know of her special gift and the visions that come when her mind and body surrender to sleep. Fate has a way of righting many wrongs, and for Leslie it is a destiny that changes her life dramatically. But not before she is forced to flee into the wilderness to escape a murderous trapper bent on claiming her for his very own. Faith and a strong will to survive are her only companions, until she encounters Winnokin, the handsome Seneca war chief who first came to her in her dreams. Not only does he prove to be her rescuer and protector, he teaches her that tragedy can breed happiness and the passion to live and love deeply once again.

Wind Warrior plunges readers into the intimate depths of a relationship that unfolds like a live drama before their eyes while painting an insightful and intriguing portrait of Native Indian life in the 1800s. It is a story of longing, of a wanton need to survive all odds, and a love so strong it conquers human evil. Wind Warrior expresses with cunning words the simple, raw human emotions that hold readers spellbound and captivates their hearts.


message 31: by Fiona (new)

Fiona McGier | 69 comments Hi everyone, I write contemporary romance with a spicy twist. Currently I'm working on a series involving the various members of a large Hispanic family. The 5th book, Love Therapy, will be out June 1. I write about strong women busy living their lives, who meet men they are interested in spending some time's a toss-up who decides they belong together first, her or him. But ultimately they have to figure out if what they have together is worth pursuing for the long run. You can find out more at my website:
Hey, who doesn't like a good romance with some naughty bits?

message 32: by Donna (new)

Donna Fasano | 28 comments Hi, everyone,

My name is Donna Fasano and I've written romance and women's fiction novels for Harlequin/Silhouette for 20+ yrs. I wrote under my pen name, Donna Clayton, and under my real name, and 32 of my books were published with them. My newest book is The Merry-Go-Round. The Merry-Go-Round

It has seven 5-star reviews at Amazon (I'd love to have more GoodReads reviews). The Merry-Go-Round is available through Amazon's Kindle Store, Smashwords in various formats, B&N for the Nook, Borders for Kobo.

About the book: When Lauren goes to court it's usually to defend a client, but now she's divorcing the man whose mistakes have cost her far too much. Little does she know that she'll be awarded a rundown merry-go-round. Maybe restoring the circus menagerie will bring her some normalcy. Or will it spin her in circles and teach her a few lessons before bringing her back to where she started? One thing is certain; Lauren will discover that, when she's willing to open her heart to love and forgiveness, life never fails to offer a wild ride.

I'd love some feedback on the book. Thank you!

message 33: by Delyse (new)

Delyse Trink | 34 comments Author Interview Today on Two Ends of the Pen!
Thank-you to Debra Martin for the wonderful interview on her blog today at "Two Ends of the Pen."

Being a newly published author has definitely been a learning experience but it has been worth it!
Having my romance novel Wrapped in a Rainbow out there for people to read, and not lost and forgotten on my computer has encouraged me to keep writing.

Please check out the blog at:

If you like fun, light romances and would love to relax and escape to a tropical paradise for a few hours then Wrapped in a Rainbow is for you! Only $3.19!

message 34: by Susan (new)

Susan Quinn (susan_kaye_quinn) | 43 comments My debut novel Life, Liberty, and Pursuit is a young adult love story about a college-bound girl who falls in a pool, the Navy recruit who rescues her, and their struggle to choose between following their dreams and daring to love.

It's an empowering story for teen girls about making choices in life and love, but also a fun summer read for anyone who enjoys a love story. :)

message 35: by Ilie (new)

Ilie Ruby (goodreadscomilie_ruby) | 4 comments Hello All, For those who believe in love and second chances... Giving away The Language of Trees. It comes out July 20th!

Woven with magical realism and Native American folklore, THE LANGUAGE OF TREES is a constellation of love stories set on Canandaigua Lake, the birthplace of the Seneca nation of Indians. At the center of the story is Echo O'Connell, who returns home to care for her ailing father and reunites with her childhood love, Grant Shongo, a Seneca man running from a long-hidden secret. After the break-up of his marriage Grant has moved back into his childhood cabin where he is taken up by the spirit of a little boy who was lost in the lake years before. Together, Grant and Echo embark on a search for the boy's missing teenage sister and put to rest the mysteries of the past. THE LANGUAGE OF TREES will make you believe that hands can heal, that the spirits of those we love watch over us, and that if you can forgive yourself your mistakes, the world will return to you all of your forgotten dreams.

"A haunting lyrical story of love, loss and second chances..."--Publishers Weekly


message 36: by Sharon K. (last edited Jul 04, 2010 03:41PM) (new)

Sharon K. Garner (skgarner) | 3 comments Hi All,

This post is about Sanctuary, one of my romantic suspense novels, this one set in Brazil.

A double cross that keeps on giving, a Brazilian ex-mercenary who wants to live in peace, a children’s book illustrator who leaps into a danger she doesn’t understand with a man she doesn’t want to love ...

EMILY TALLY NOBLE, a children’s book illustrator, rushes to Brazil after finding two men searching her missing half brother’s London flat. James told her to go to Christovao Santos if anything happened to him. He didn’t tell her if he trusted Chris, or if Chris might be responsible. She’s shocked to learn her brother crewed on a mercenary operation led by Christovao Santos, an op that went horribly wrong. Emily steers clear of military types since her British Special Forces fiancé’s death, yet she’s immediately attracted to this big half Brazilian, half American ex-mercenary, the most aggressive, overbearing, infuriating, and annoying man she’s ever shot at.

CHRISTOVAO (CHRIS) SANTOS watches peace slip away from him and the other ex-soldiers who work Abundancia, his vast farm in the remote cerrados area of Brazil. He and seven men from his mercenary unit survived a double cross and massacre eight years ago. He’s recently received untraceable e-mail messages about five of those men’s accidental deaths—and Chris has had an accident of his own. He doesn’t know what to expect next, but it isn’t Emily Noble, on a mission to find James King. She’s the most talkative, exasperating, fascinating, and outrageous woman he’s ever met. He’d like to kick her to the airport in Barreiras one minute and kiss her senseless the next. And it’s well known locally that after a disastrous love affair, the patrao doesn’t allow women at Abundancia.

JAMES KING, an ex-Royal Engineer, suspects the series of near-fatal situations befalling him are not accidents. Chris Santos, his friend and one-time commander, might make sense of it. James has always believed that retribution would someday find them. Thank God he’s kept Emily out of this.

SAMI, the medical officer in Chris’s unit, saved Chris’s life. It was his African village where the mercenary op went wrong. Now he lives quietly at Abundancia. The only things he brought with him were his father’s spear and his hatred for the man who doubled-crossed them. If that man were still alive, Sami would be ready, his primal urge to avenge his family still burns deep and bright. And his spear hangs on the sala wall, ready.

Amazon Kindle, Smashwords, other e-reader vendors.

Sanctuary came out in hardback and trade paperback from Five Star Expressions. My other hardback Five Star Expressions are River of Dreams (romantic adventure) and Pele's Tears, coming 07/11. Lokelani Nights and The Spaniard's Cross, both romantic suspense, are available from Hard Shell Word Factory (Mundania Press) and e-reader formats.

message 37: by Fiona (new)

Fiona McGier | 69 comments Hi all! I'm trying something new with my latest book...actually a couple of new things. One, I put more EROTIC into my erotic romance novel, Prescription For Love, the 6th book in my Reyes Family Romances series, about the members of a large Hispanic family and the people they fall in love with. And two, while I have given a couple of copies of the last two novels out as freebies on Goodreads, this time I am offering the entire novel for free to anyone! Yes, that's right! FREE!
This book can be downloaded in formats for many e-readers, as well as in HTML, to be read on your computer. Happy reading!

message 38: by Muriel (new)

Muriel Lede (muriellede) | 5 comments Hi! I'm Muriel Lede, romantic erotica author, and here's my debut novel:

[image error]
The Sacrament of Conception

A tale of polyamory, poetry, and spirituality

A devout young couple is prompted by Providence to conceive a child on holy ground. They comply wholeheartedly, having carefree, scorching sex together while deepening their intimacy in unforeseen ways.

But then they are summoned overseas to complete the ritual which, upon disclosure of its shocking continuation, they realize reaches far deeper than what they had initially committed to. Somber revelations and mortal danger shall test their resolve to carry through an ordeal that threatens their very lives and faith.

Will they carry out their mission and return home unscathed? Find out through the account of their peripetias, imbued with overlooked exoticism, spicy sensuality, irreverent prosody, and ontological shock, as they journey across the Old Continent to uncover the mystery of their origins, rooted beneath shrouds of biblical proportions.

message 39: by Lindy (last edited Jul 17, 2010 04:59AM) (new)

Lindy Dale (lindydale) Hi All,
My debut novel Heart of Glass has just been released by Fontaine Press. If you enjoy an untypical romance style that's a little grittier than the norm then this may be the book for you. I'd love to hear some comments.
Heart of Glass Heart of Glass by L A Dale

You can read chapters from the book

and if you are interested in doing a review I can email you a free copy of the story.

message 40: by Tarrant (last edited Aug 16, 2010 09:21AM) (new)

Tarrant Smith (tarrantsmith) | 7 comments Hi all,

Enchanted Darkly is the first book in a new paranormal romance series.

There is a giveaway that runs through August 30th. at E.J. Stevens blog site,

The book blurb:

Jen Mackell knows the feel and texture of magick, but like her father and grandfather before her, she has suppressed her gifts in the pursuit of a normal life. But now at the age of twenty-seven, Jen finds herself leading a decidedly average existence filled with unending bills, a mentally-numbing job, and an uninspiring marriage. After moving with her husband, Jim, to the picturesque town of Madison, Georgia, her world is turned upside down when she meets the darkly handsome Steven Dunne. Jen is drawn to him for reasons she doesn't completely understand, and although she fights the attraction, the universe works against her and she finds herself working as a waitress in his café.

If fates untimely intervention into her life were not enough, Jen has also caught the eye of Hueil, a banished unseelie fey warrior with secrets of his own, who is intent on bringing her back into his world of enchantments and danger.

Both will force her on a quest of self-discovery as she questions her values, her hidden nature, and which fairytales are real. While navigating this uncharted world, she will need to master a witch's spellcraft and learn the rules for dealing with the dark fey in order to protect herself and the man she is truly destined to love.

In the end, Jen will have to choose wisely, trusting her heart and repressed empathic ability to discern truth from fantasy if she is to attain the happy-ever-after she so desperately wants - but to do that, she must risk losing it all.

Tarrant Smith

message 41: by Delyse (new)

Delyse Trink | 34 comments Vincent wrote: "This folder is for readers and writers of romance fiction.

Welcome! Please post your books or leave a comment!"

I asked my publisher to put my romance novel on sale and they finally agreed!Wrapped in a Rainbow is now on sale for only $1.59! (On Kindle)
Have you ever dreamed of escaping to a tropical island? When Kristy's life in Montreal starts to fall apart she seizes the opportunity to work in Bahamas.There she meets the intriguing David and her life stable life is turned upside down once again.Filled with vivid descriptions of Nassau and Paradise Island the book takes you on Kristy's rocky path to finding true love.

Also available in paperback.

message 42: by Jo-Anne (new)

Jo-Anne Vandermeulen (ppromotionals) | 26 comments Conquer All Obstacles by Jo-Anne Vandermeulen

#authors #readers with @conquerall FINAL DAY - ENTER AND YOU MAY WIN ONE OF MY BOOKS...nothing to lose...check it out!

Good luck!

message 43: by Deborah (new)

Deborah Patrick (pristine) | 44 comments Hi everyone!

My latest romance novel, "In His Love,” is a captivating Christian romance novel. This book explores the journey of a young woman pursuing her calling, her dream, and the love of her life. Along the way Sarah learns that she must contend with religion, surrender her fear, in order to pursue love. As you follow Sarah’s journey through religion and fear, you are left with the question, Will she ever be able to fully believe In His Love?

“Her story has drama, intrigue, romance, and humor, and Deborah Brodie hopes to share it with the world.”
Northwest Florida Daily News

“Local author brings emotions to new book.”
The Walton Sun

In His Love by Deborah Brodie

message 44: by Sally (new)

Sally  Grubbs | 7 comments Amber wrote: "Hi! My name is Amber Lehman and my novel TORN is a romance novel for teens 17 and older.

Synopsis: When fourteen-year old Krista McKinley transfers from Catholic school in Ohio to California’s p..."

Sounds like a great book.

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Sally  Grubbs | 7 comments Deborah wrote: "Hi everyone!

My latest romance novel, "In His Love,” is a captivating Christian romance novel. This book explores the journey of a young woman pursuing her calling, her dream, and the love of he..."

Your book sounds like a great read.

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Deborah Patrick (pristine) | 44 comments Thanks Sally!! I have 1 author signed copy on giveaway now until the 23rd, I encourage you to enter. I hope you win!!

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Sally  Grubbs | 7 comments Your welcome Deborah, I made sure I entered the giveaway for your book. Thank you.

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William | 46 comments Deborah wrote: "Hi everyone!

My latest romance novel, "In His Love,” is a captivating Christian romance novel. This book explores the journey of a young woman pursuing her calling, her dream, and the love of he..."

Hi, Deborah. It's great to meet another Christian author. I write a Christian fantasy series, "The King of the Trees." God bless you!

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Red Haircrow (redhaircrow) One of my stories is an e-book available from Dreamspinner Press, it's called "The Lieutenant's Love", and it's a historical fantasy romance. Although it's a same sex story, I believe it is no less romantic because of that fact. It was published 9 June, 2010.

Description: "Lieutenant Jarryd Alyt has given blood and soul in service to the Duke, yet suffering the loss of a beloved companion drives him near the brink of des ...more Lieutenant Jarryd Alyt has given blood and soul in service to the Duke, yet suffering the loss of a beloved companion drives him near the brink of despair. Disillusioned though still loyal, when new recruit Arin arrives, Jarryd is struck by the youth’s innocence and beauty. But will the horror of war strike before Jarryd summons the courage to love again?"

For those interested in warnings, it is rated approximately PG-13 for some sexual situations and language, but I consider story and character development to be my main focus. This link is to the listing page here at Goodreads For my wordpress blogs which lists all updates and a link to an interview with author Sarah Black on her site "Romance on the Lunatic Fringe" about this book, please visit my author's page here or

Thanks for reading along.

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Deborah Patrick (pristine) | 44 comments Hi William,

I'll be sure to add your book on my "to Read" List!

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