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Margaret Atwood's review

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Jessica It came out when the book did, but I hadn't seen it until today. I think it's a great review:

Kristen Thanks for sharing. This reminded me of why I both enjoyed this book and was completely freaked out by it. And kind of made me want to read it again!

Anne Terrific review, I second the thanks! Her perfect encapsulation brought the book into focus for me, and also reminded me how great a writer she is herself. I need to go back and reread The Blind Assassin now!

Kathy Brodaski Again, thanks for sharing this review. This book is so much more than the story line would lead you to believe.

Elise Another thank-you for posting the link. This review is what ultimately led me to reading the book, and I'm so glad I did!

Yuhan Thanks for the link - Margaret Atwood - love her. Really insightful review. Really enjoyed Never Let Me Go.

Natalie Great review, thanks for sharing it. I love Margaret Atwood. She has such a distinct voice and each word she chooses was chosen for a reason.

Sarah Excellent review and so relevant. Great to read one of my favorite author's thoughts about one of my favorite books.

Lisa Brackmann Many thanks for the link. I loved this book, a lot, and her review is so perceptive...

message 10: by Anne (new) - rated it 5 stars

Anne I am to review this book to my book group in September 2011. This has helped me a lot with that. I saw the film first, and was compelled to read the book. I was glad the film closely followed the book.

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Jane This was such a compelling and disturbing book. Margaret Atwood's review is an excellent summation. I still need to see the movie.

Smith Nickerson This is so funny. I only recently read A Handmaid's Tale and kept on thinking about Kazuo Ishiguro's novel. Of course, they were written in the opposite order that I had read.

After adding her book to Goodreads, this discussion pops up.

So glad to have read both.

Kevin coiincidence, .. I read Handmaids Tale, a few weeks ago (knowing nothing about it) the very next thing i read was Never Let me go. I sort of recognised the authors name.
Couldn't have planned it better!

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