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Two books to start off

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tee (teerex) | 8 comments Excellent idea James!

I've probably found tonnes of stuff over the years. The two most recent: two newspaper clippings found in a copy of 'Death and Dying' that I bought on ebay, for about $5.

The second was a hair clip found in copy of Under A Glass Bell by Anais Nin. I bought this at the Lifeline bookfest last year. I think I found quite a few things amongst the pages of books that I bought there.

I took photos but it seems you can't post photos in these forums?

Here are the direct links

Oh, I also found a photo of three short haired, very 80's stylin' women in a copy of Germaine Greer's 'The Whole Woman'. They were in someone's kitchen, there were two knife blocks on the bench and a blue chux cloth. I lost the photo unfortunately. I bought the book for about $10 at a second hand book shop at Balmoral. They were closing down (probably because of all the chain coffee&bookshop stores that are opening there).

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tee (teerex) | 8 comments Could definitely start a group on flickr. I had a quick look and there seems to be only one group (that I can see so far) that deals with things found in books, and it doesn't seem very active. I think you should start one up. Or I can create one, let me know.

Welcome to the internets!

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tee (teerex) | 8 comments haha, well i was going to say, i cannae believe it, you are spouting untruths! but i get what you mean. most of them are evil time wasters anyway. flickr can be pretty inspiring though, if you are that way inclined.

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