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Welcome to the Porcelain Palace!

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Purple | 1 comments Mod
Greetings, one and all!

Please feel free to add books as and when you see fit - there are many, many books that will fit in with this group! Owing to the nature of the group, I propose that books should generally inhabit the 'currently reading' shelf, but if you feel there are exceptions, by all means create other shelves!

Currently the group is called 'The Toilet Books Collective' but I believe I can change it, if a more suitable name is put forward. 'The Toilet Book Library', for instance. Any input greatly appreciated!

I have put the group in the 'Business' section, just because I feel it's where it belongs, but I can move that also if the need arises!

message 2: by Matthew (new)

Matthew Morris McCormick (mattmcco) | 1 comments I LOVE this group! And "Porcelain Palace" is a great name!
Some books in the bowels of my library:
1. Botham, Noel, The Book of Useless Information, 2006, Penguin Group
2. The New York Times Public Library Desk Reference
3) The World Almanac
4. Dog Man and Cat Kid cartoons-Whole Series
5. The Little Book of Big Brain Games
6. The Big Word Puzzles Book
7. The Great American Bathroom Book, II
8. 50 American Revolutions You're Not Supposed to Know About
9. The Highly Selective Thesaurus For The Extraordinarily Literate
10. A stack of various magazines, including Town & Country, Inc., Wired, Variety, Hemmings Motor News

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