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Inspecter Gamache

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Roberta A sterling example of an inspector, for the French police. Is he too patient, too understanding? Does Three Pines, expect, too much from him and his staff? Again, the bold, local people, w/ all their eccentricities, are running amuck, in Three Pines.

Pamela Ennis I think that him being an older man make him more patient and understanding of people. I think Three Pines does at time except more from him and his staff for one thing he always called to 3 pines when something happens I think you also likes the people there because they are all different. I hope this make some sense to all that read it.

Chris I loved the simply realities that surface for the town folk and the inquisitive nature of Inspector Gamache. It gives a whole different spin on what could have been a typical formulaic mystery.

Sharon Just finished reading seven Inspector Gamache in a row as I had read Louise Penny's last two books first. She is currently working on book ten.

It was a delightful time. I really got an affection for Gamache and his team and family. I wondered about his second and when the fall would come.... But what was the most thrilling for me was the writing, story telling, crimes being explored or solved and some of the great locations. Quebec City. But through it all the delights of this fictional village Three Pines and the quirky inhabitants, nature, cuisine, dramas and all the while the good and evil within people. She is truly an excellent story teller with such warmth and using history or politics where it works. I loved my time in beautiful Quebec and became quite homesick for Canada reading these books even though I am prairie to west coast!

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