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message 1: by Melissa (new)

Melissa Wagner (melissawagner) | 5 comments I am always looking for new books to read. Sadly, the cover is what usually draws my attention to a book unless a friend suggests it. If anyone knows any good books they would gladly recommend, please tell me what the book is about and why you recommend it.

I can start. I really recommend wicked if you havn't already read it. We have all seen the Wizard of Oz (I hope). This book tells the story of the wicked witch of the west and how she came to be. This is advanced reading but if you can make it through the words and dig deep into it you will have a blast reading it!

message 2: by Ashley (last edited Apr 09, 2008 06:03PM) (new)

Ashley (readerandwriter) I'm almost done with a book called "The Book Thief" by Markus Zusak. It is an awesome book and I definitely recommend it to adults and teenagers alike. Here is the synopsis of the book :

By her brother's graveside, Liesel Meminger's life is changed when she picks up a single object, partially, hidden in the snow. It is "The Grave Digger's Handbook", left there by accident, and it is her first act of book thievery. So begins a love affair with books and words, as Liesel, with the help of her accordion-playing foster father, learns to read. Soon she is stealing books from Nazi book burnings, the mayor's wife's library, whereever there are books to be found.
By these are dangerous times. When Liesel's foster family hides a Jew in their basement, Liesel's world is both opened up and closed down.
In superbly crafted writing that burns with intensity, award-winning author Markus Zusak has given us one of the most enduring stories of our time.

message 3: by Melissa (new)

Melissa Wagner (melissawagner) | 5 comments It sounds interesting...I'll have to go pick it up. How did you find out about it?

message 4: by Kennard (last edited Apr 20, 2008 02:01PM) (new)

Kennard | 5 comments I would like a recommend a book I really enjoyed was "Monster: Autobiography of an LA Gang Member" by Kody Scott (aka Sanyika Shakur).It's a true story about gangs it give's you a insider's view without being in one and also show's you how gang members disregard life and their view's why and what gangs are for. Now I don't agree with everything they do but I feel you could use this book as a reference tool in teaching young children in the pitfalls of this life style.

message 5: by Christine (new)

Christine Tarzjani  | 8 comments Melissa, i loved wicked too, it was an awsome book!! your right though it was very advanced. another book i would recommend for light reading ( a summer beach novel if you will) would be baby proof by emily giffin. she has two other books that are just as good as well.

message 6: by Nancy (new)

Nancy Salazar | 6 comments I definately recommened a Veil Of Roses. You will definately love the book. I read last summer and I was hooked on it. I think I finished reading it in 3 days. I couldn't put it down. Don't ever judge a book by its cover. You might like it when you start reading it.

message 7: by Tiffany (new)

Tiffany Fraser | 4 comments I should read Wicked. I love broadway shows and I am dying to see Wicked! I'm always looking for a good book to read and from what I've heard it sounds like a great book!

message 8: by Jasmine (new)

Jasmine Colato | 4 comments I would recommend, The Nazi Officers Wife, it is a wonderful love story that took place in real life.

message 9: by Serena (new)

Serena Sedillo | 11 comments hmm.. well i haven't read any books recently but a book i read in highschool that i really enjoyed was the summer sisters by judy blume. It's a real coming of age story of two girls totally opposite from one another becoming friends and going to a summer cottage together every summer. They go through complex issues such as betrayal, love and happiness. They grow up before your eyes and as a girl i was able to relate to them.

message 10: by Natalie (new)

Natalie Sanchez | 3 comments I find that to be so funny, because that what draws my attention to many of the books that i have read, the cover. I am a girly girl i like to read stuff about girly things. There is this one book i do recommend and that is Confessions of a Shopoholic. That book is great, they even have other books like Shopaholic Ties the Knot. I bought a budle pack of four books for christmas but i still havent got to read any of them. I am on Confessions of a shopoholic. I like the book so far and i would recommend that if you like girly books to read this one!

message 11: by Sandra (new)

Sandra | 8 comments I have recently read the book called "A Child Called "It" I am sure most people are familiar with the book and I felt that it is truly a horrific story and no child should go through this madness. I do recommend everyone who has not read the book specially future teachers. This is the only book I have read so far but I will try to read more books.

message 12: by Ashley (new)

Ashley Hanna | 5 comments The time Travellers Wife totally freaked me out and I had to stop reading it for a couple of weeks in order to not have some soft of breakdown. However, if you are not like me, totally crazy, then the book is moving and insightful. The story is very modern and explores some of the deepest questions about love I have encountered.

message 13: by Indira (new)

Indira Landin | 8 comments One of the books i would recommend reading for future teachers is the book called 501 tips for teachers. I like this book because it gives you short tips about teaching such as "Dont expect students to look up to you if you talk down to them." Read it.

message 14: by Serena (new)

Serena Sedillo | 11 comments that sounds interesting, i def want to check out that book! i know i'm going to need some tips as a future teacher :)

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