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Justin What would happen if the princes had never been cursed?

message 2: by Calamus (new) - added it

Calamus Then there wouldn't be a story. :D

bell uhh, then like rime said, it wouldn't be a good book. let alone even a story to tell!

Anna yep. no story.

Lena yeah, no story

message 6: by Kate (new)

Kate There would be a story, but it would be a very typical story about every teen who feels him or herself to be a freak, to be different from the rest of one's family and, perhaps, too, the entire rest of the world. In other words, the usual Bildungsroman or a young person's journey of growth, increasing awareness of the diversity (for good and for ill) in the larger world, and most important, of self-discovery. Because this is a classic hero's quest filled with the techniques of the fairy tale genre, the author's craft of oral storyutelling transposed to the printed page as well as the author's personal interests in the natural world and variations on human-animal interactions, the plot twists and turns and the subplots tie off abruptly at times. But always filled with keen perceptions of both the inner and outer world. One does not need a wing to experience the conflicts of Ardwin. It was merely the physical manifestation of the thing inside that each of us dreads someone else seeing and calling us on. It is the wing, though, that makes this story what it is....Beautiful! Poignant! Rewarding!

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