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Organ Transplants

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Etienne; per our discussion (I know this is a personal decision, but maybe it helps):


Tuesday 29 August 2000
I suggested that one way of nurturing a genuine culture of life "is the donation of organs, performed in an ethically acceptable manner, with a view to offering a chance of health and even of life itself to the sick who sometimes have no other hope" (No. 86).

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Steven | 1 comments I'm assuming that that is a quote from the Holy Father? I agree, but one is not morally required to donate organs. It's a personal decision, like you said. My worry was, and still is the decision of health care professionals to prematurely declare me "dead" in order to extract a highly prized organ. The organs have to be "fresh" to put it morbidly. (Ha ha, as long as they look at my foot-thick med record, no one's gonna be asking for anything of mine. Trust me, you don't want anything from me ;)

That is the only thing that bothers me. And as far as the heart being connected with the soul somehow...I think that smacks of superstition. If we can morally donate one part of our body, we can donate anything. I think it is a tradition, and worthy I suppose to hold the heart in high esteem. I dunno. I've chosen not to donate at this time, and will hold to that until I find new info.

Curious though....If you are going to donate your organs, would you think me morally remiss in some way in choosing not to donate mine? Am I being selfish?

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Oh, heavens no! Good grief, Etienne, I'm going to slap you if you ever come back! I am an organ donor, but when I got my new license (yes, they actually give me one of those, silly people...) that was the first time I had considered it. I certainly don't think it's wrong not to...

You're funny. I always thought the same thing...what would they want from me? (This way, if you're worried about the medical process, you can feel generous, but know deep down inside that they'll never touch your intesticles with a ten-foot pole!)

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Trinka (trinkaofcanada) | 6 comments Oooo, creepy! I have to agree with Etienne. While I selfishly shudder at the thought of one removing my heart or something else when I die, I could get past that part, with the glorious thought of extending someone's life.

Unfortunately, I have heard horror stories. I imagine the hands of the surgeon, trembling with excitement while harvesting fresh, juicy organs, still quivering with life ; ) eeeewwww. Just think of the agressive and self-important doctor, who would love to further his career and reputation by saving 2 or even three people (at the price of, well, one poor soul who could possibly expire anyway). Probably more likely in a big city, but at any rate... What of the average doctor, performing abortions daily, with numbed conscience? Really, would he even consider it a problem to take one's organs before one is officially dead? What if the patient in question, if spared, might have brain damage and limited ability to enjoy life? Wouldn't saving a more promising person be not only more ideal but unquestionably the right answer?

I remember watching a documentary of a poor family finding not much more than skin and jello in the coffin of their loved one, a donor. Horrible! Frightening!

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Um, Trinkette?

First of all, WELCOME BACK!

Second, you shouldn't put your picture up because I miss you even more when I see your face!


"Eighty-seven percent of all U.S. counties lack an abortion provider, but nearly all rural counties (97%) are without abortion providers and almost half of women living in the Southeast and Midwest live in counties with no provider."

I think that isn't a HUGE concern. I mean some mad, knife-wielding abortionist cutting out your liver. Now, that there are abortion providers at all is another subject altogether...

I'm not really a rabid organ-donation freak. Makes no difference to me if someone does or not, I just said I am okay with doing it as long as its done within the confines of the law.

With my luck, though, I'll meet Mr. Schiavo's psycho brother living under a rock I mean under a pseudonym in Motley and marry him. Then I'll get into a car crash and crack my head open on a rock, suffering contre coup (just ask S. King about that) and lay in a coma for years and be totally aware and then he'll decide to cut off my food and water, and they'll decide my nerve endings are not working any more so they will save money on an aenesthetologist and cut all of my organs out without even so much as a generic tylenol, starting with my kidneys.

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Trinka (trinkaofcanada) | 6 comments Okey dokey Jhwaletta! I was really trying to keep it light and humorous, I can because I refuse to be an organ donor thus far (I definately do have reservations). I know you are not a fanatical raging pro-donor, I am just chinking away on my keys here. Anyway, what I meant is that there are many doctors, meaning regular ho-hum OBGYN doctors that do perform abortions, in lots of places (that is what I mean by average doctors, they have no scarlette M for murder on their forheads, and aren't known for their cruelty). Maybe I don't know much about the numbers in the States, but in Brandon, which isn't as big as St. Cloud, all of the OBGYN's perform abortions. There are several I believe. They are also the ones who would be doing the slicing and dicing. Don't they perform abortions in L.P., too? Or is it just the doctor there? Yes, yes, I know I live in Canada, no pointy fingers, please, I am sad that you guys (as in the U.S.) are pretty much on your way down as well...

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Hmmmm....Je ne c'est pas...I've never heard of a Dr. in LF performing abortions, although I suppose someone around here, maybe in Saint Cloud does. We certainly don't have any protests around here, and believe me, Dr. Weirdo, I mean Dr. Noel Collis (sp?) the internal specialist here, is a rabid pro-lifer, and would probably have raised quite a stink if there was something going on.

But I want your tongue when you're done with it! I could say such witty things. Oh, and speaking of slicing and dicing...

:0 I didn't say that!

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Trinka (trinkaofcanada) | 6 comments No french please, I know I've heard that phrase many a time, but I took Spanish and 'no tu comprendo'! I said L.P. not L.F.. What a lot of trouble, by the way, for some piddly little italics! Maybe no one else types as slow. So anyway, here we discuss cold-hearted docs while my own sister is thinking to cut me into little wee bits! Is that what you mean? Or are you being more sinister??? >:^O EEEHhhhh?

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Trinka (trinkaofcanada) | 6 comments Also I must add that, yes, of course there is no abortion clinic in my county, but I could drive only and hour and a half (through a few more counties without clinics) to get to one. If there wasn't one there I could drive 3 hours to Winnipeg, and those are just ones I know of to mention. There are sadly, I am sure, many more. Most rural women don't have too far to go. : (

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Trinka (trinkaofcanada) | 6 comments Please, stop talking to me, I am supposed to be getting my tax papers together for the accountant...

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GEEZ! You're making me make myself sound like I'm pro-abortion! I'm I'm feeling vicious enough to abort myself!

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Trinka (trinkaofcanada) | 6 comments Didn't I just ask you to stop??? Just kidding, I want anything to do so I can procrastinate, so here I am again. I of course didn't think you sounded pro-abortion! And what of animal parts in humans? I know I am on the wrong subject, but yuck! I haven't heard about that one!

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