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Adrienne I know that I read this book. I have read a lot of Nick Hornby's novels but the film is what I remember the most. I think I have watched it about 5 times. What was the other novel he had about the dudes with the record store?? That was an enjoyable read.

Leticia Duret Villanueva Maybe you've already found out; in any case the film/novel you're thinking about is High Fidelity. Top film and better book in my opinion. Nick is a genius.

Nadia "HF" was a great book (my favorite out of NH's books), but movies-wise "HF" was fantastic. "About A Boy" as a movie was a little disappointing to me, though.

Leticia Duret Villanueva Right, the film wasn't as good as the novel. And where was all the Nirvana stuff that gave the novel its title? I missed that in the film.

Nadia I know, right? The most moving scene in the book for me was when the girl wrecked the shop window that she thought was trying to capitalize on KC's death, and the subsequent reaction of the shop-keeper. :/

Therese Probably because I've seen the movie a million times and absolutely LOVE it, when I read the book I was a little underwhelmed. This is one of the only occasions where I actually prefer the movie to the book. I liked High Fidelity better (than the book)

Adriana Having seen both of the movies years ago, and only recently discovering the books, I have to say that I think I also prefer the movie version of High Fidelity. However, I absolutely loved About a Boy the book. But like I said, it's been years since I've seen either. I should given them both another go and see what I think now, after reading the books. In the meantime, I'm trying to catch up on Nick Hornby (I'm currently reading Slam).

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