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Matt rushed in the hospital with Rory at his side. Clara was laying on a bed in a hospital room. They were going to be running tests on her soon.

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LP (kirinchick) | 458 comments Rory frowned nervously. He had no idea what was going on and wanted to know what was wrong. He just could bear seeing Clara this way or Matt in this kind of situation.

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Cera  | 180 comments Isabella came quietly in still holding William. She hope Clare was okay. She started to look around for Rory

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LP (kirinchick) | 458 comments [Rory]
Rory seen Isabella walk in a hurriedly walked over to her and in a hoarse voice whispered, "The doctors said that they're going to begin tests on her soon, and that was a few minutes ago so they should have started already. We should know what's wrong with Clara in a short time..."

"Where's Matt?" Karou asked Rory joining Isabella by her side, "Is he with Clara?"

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Cera  | 180 comments Isabella lay a hand on Rory calming him down. "That's good, the test should come back soon. Hopefully there nothing wrong." She said biting her lip trying to keep the worry from showing on her face. She heard Karou and looked around her for him. "We should let him know his kids are okay that may help him through this."

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Matt walked into the emergency waiting room and sat next to Rory and cried.

"They are scanning for cancer."

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"Cancer?" Arabella said, shocked. She turned around and paced down the hallway, so that Melody wouldn't cry and because she was worried for Clara.

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LP (kirinchick) | 458 comments [Rory]
He turned towards Matt and patted him awkwardly, he was not a man who can comfort friends easily. "There are cures for cancer Matt..." He sighed worriedly.

Karou sat down on the other side of Matt and hugged him, "Everything will work out for the best... Besides you have two healthy, beautiful children that you and Clara made." She couldn't help but think otherwise...but she hid that from Matt to try to cheer his day up.

"What kind of cancer are they checking for?" Mik questioned. He turned around and began to pace with Arabella after awhile.

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Cera  | 180 comments Isabella drafted towards the wall and lean against it. "They just want to make sure they covered all possible things. It probably doesn't mean the worst." She offered Matt rocking William while looking at the ground.

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"They are scanning for breast cancer." he said sadly.

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"Thanks for the encouragement though."

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LP (kirinchick) | 458 comments [Karou]
Letting go she quickly braids her hair worriedly in a messy braid. "Breast cancer?" She didn't know anything really, about it so she didn't know how to comfort him. With a a sigh, she finished tying her hair.

"Don't worry Matt, we'll try our hardest to save her. There are many possibilities like surgery, radiation therapy, targeted therapy, chemotherapy, bone directed therapy, and hormone therapy." Rory answered remembering these treatment from a book. He wanted to help them, but still didn't have his degree. So instead he tried his hardest to give Matt a sense of hope.

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"Yeah I know." said Matt. A doctor came out and walked over to Matt. "Clara Oswald does not have breast cancer." she said calmly. Matt sighed a sigh of relief.

"But she has Epilepsy. She has had Epilepsy her whole life but she has never been open about it. So when she fainted, she gave you a scare. She is okay for guests right now." the doctor said leading the group in her hospital bed.

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Arabella breathed a sigh of relief. She knew about epilepsy. Although still a serious condition, it's not near breast cancer. Arabella followed the doctor to Clara's room.

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LP (kirinchick) | 458 comments [Karou]
Trailing behind Arabella, Karou grabbed ahold of Mik for support. She was still worried for Clara and was tired from the completion and all the driving. At the moment, Karou felt like she was on a roller coaster with all it's drops and turns. Right now felt like a drop just ended and everything should be fine now, hopefully...

With Karou holding his arm, he headed into the room with them. He silently took a few big breaths in and out to calm him down a little.

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Cera  | 180 comments Isabella nodded listening to the doctor before following everyone. See not everything is very bad she told herself as they enter Clara's room

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LP (kirinchick) | 458 comments Rory jogged up to catch up with Isabella and wrapped his arm around her.

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Cera  | 180 comments Isabella tried to give Rory a smile. "Well it isn't as bad as we thought..." She whispers to him but she was still worried

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LP (kirinchick) | 458 comments He nods his head, sharing the same worry, "Yes, but if she lived with it her whole she must know how to cope with it. So I think she'll be fine."

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Matt walked over to Clara and squeezed her hand lightly. Clara opened her weak eyes and smiled.

"Hi." she said. Matt laughed.

"We never knew you had epilepsy. You could have told us. We wouldn't have made fun of you or judged you. You can trust all of us." he said. Clara nodded.

"I know I just never told anyone because when I was in high school I told my friends and they made fun of me. But I know I can trust you guys. You guys are my real friends." she said. Matt smiled.

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LP (kirinchick) | 458 comments [Karou]
She walked over to Clara and softly hugged her, "I'm glad to know that your okay. We were so worried. You can trust us with anything, we'll always be there for you Clara."

He agreed with Karou. They been hurt by the people who are always supposed to be there for them no matter what: their parents. And after that, they vowed to always be there for friends.

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Cera  | 180 comments Isabella nodded at Rory and kissing him a quick kiss on the cheek before turning to Clare. She sent a small wave at Clare. "Yea you can trust us with anything." She smiled brightly at her before showing her William. "Your kids are being take care of."

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LP (kirinchick) | 458 comments Rory yawns a bit tired, "Don't be afraid to tell us anything. We'll always be there for you."

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Matt smiled and looked at Clara.

"We will all always be here for you." Clara smiled.

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A doctor walked over to the smiling group.

"Hello, it is now safe for Clara to return home. Um Matt?" he said looking at his papers.


"I need you to sign these papers releasing her from the hospital"

Matt signed the papers and they drove in Rory's car and Mik's car back to the academy.

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LP (kirinchick) | 458 comments (( Yay Grace! You're back, it's been so long since I last saw you. ))

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((yeah sorry bout that, I had finals to study for and tons of last minute homework to finish))

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LP (kirinchick) | 458 comments (( Nah, it's fine :) ))

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LP (kirinchick) | 458 comments (( :3 So we're at the school now, right? Where exactly at the school? ))

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((Um i will start in the garden))

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