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message 1: by Arjani (new)

Arjani Tusk (arjunatusk) | 2 comments Book's genre: Sci-fi/LGBT
Word count-80,000
Kinds of sex scenes (if applicable):None
Number of betareaders you want: 3

100 years ago, the universe suffered the Bang. A cosmic disaster a of monumental portions, that no one would ever understand. Planets were destroyed, entire civilizations wiped out in a matter of minutes. Cosmic waves mutated many people of the species Jehuvians, though humanity did not was left untouched. 50 years have passed and some of the worlds have regained their governments. This is where our story starts Ekul has a simple mission. Learn who is betraying the Towerworld government in two months. Failure means death.

message 2: by Arjani (new)

Arjani Tusk (arjunatusk) | 2 comments bump

message 3: by Emily (new)

Emily (worldsokayestcatmom) Hello, Pam!

I have an editing business that also offers beta reading! If you are still looking for beta readers, I have a fast turn-around time and will offer feedback on plot development and content. Please check out my Facebook page to find my rates and read customer reviews!

Thank you!

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