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Am I the only one feeling this is a complete rip-off of Fanny Hill?

Haven't read Fanny Hill, but I would doubt it in a way. This story is a good historical novel. Though it is not a true story, it feels like one. I t is very close to what Geisha's went through. I'll have to read Fanny Hill! I would be disappointed if this is a rip-off. I have read too many books that are rip-offs.

Kim (last edited Aug 02, 2016 03:51PM ) Aug 02, 2016 03:49PM   0 votes
It is historical fiction, so no, not all facts will be 100%. I believe the author made some comments and did a bit of research beforehand. The movie was very close to the book, for a change. Asian culture is very big on honor and sacrifice, is all I can say.

"The only thing the book has going for it is the exotic setting (if you're into Japan and stuff), but as other reviewers has pointed out, don't expect anything to be accurate or even true."

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