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Emma Giordano (emmmabooks) | 40 comments Mod
GUYS WE HAVE JUST FINISHED BOOK 3 OF THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS SERIES! I NEEEEED to know what you all think. SO much has happened in this book, so feel free to run wild with all of your spoiler-y thoughts for the entire book!

How do you feel about this ending? What were your favorite scenes? And how about all of those plot twists!?!?!?!

Fun fact: THIS WAS MEANT TO BE THE END OF THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS SERIES. Can you imagine? Do you guys think this would have been a satisfying ending, had you not known there were supposed to be more books? We still have 3 more to go, so be sure to join us for book 4, City of Fallen Angels starting on June 1st.

Thanks for reading with us, guys! We're really enjoying all of your participation :)

- Emma xoxo

Justin (jbradley86) Just finished this one, I didn't think i was going to like it at first as i was really struggling to get into it i'm not sure why, Then once the demons started invading and the bit where clary and jace stood in the fields and the wolves came sprinting past them thats when it hooked me and i couldn't put it down. By far my favourite so far. I did wonder as this is my first time reading should i read clockwork angel next before the next book starts in June and alternate the infernal devices books with rest of this series? I've been told thats the right way to read them but wasn't sure.

Kelli (potterdancer) Justine--I highly suggest you do that! I read all three TID books in between COG and COFA and it kind of ruined some of suspense in the links between the two series. Just a suggestion!

Kelli (potterdancer) Omg my phone:.. I totally meant Justin I'm so sorry :/

Justin (jbradley86) Brill I'll do that then thanks Kelli, was unsure what book to pick up next and that's just made it a lot easier :) also don't worry about the name lol I've been called worse :)

Kelli (potterdancer) Just finished my reread of this book and I loved it of course... Pretty sure this is my favorite of the whole TMI series. Absolutely love the characters and the writing and everything! I found myself shipping Luke and Jocelyn really hard this time and I was really rooting for them to get together. I of course loved Clace and Malec moments and I just adore everything about this book.

Grace | 14 comments I finished last night but fell asleep as soon as I did! I actually couldn't put it down. I think I enjoyed this read through more then the first time! A lot of the time I think it was because I knew what was happening and could connect it. I cried everytime Max was mentioned.... Maaaax!
(I'm going to go quite deep right now, just a warning)
I think we tend to forget that Valentine did love people. And those he loved and cared about he did so with a passion. He only gave Jocelyn the angel blood because he thought that it would make her feel better. Because he cared. He truly cared for Jace. He felt regret for what he did to Sebastian (even though I despise Valentine for that). He could love. He did care.
Okay so that's my thoughts in a nutshell!

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Sonia Ayala | 12 comments I think I liked starting this book more than I did finishing it. Mostly because things felt dragged out (imo) especially the revelation that Clary and Jace weren't siblings. I don't mind that it took until the third book to find out, but just when they were about to find out either someone dies or someone ran their mouth so that person couldn't clue them in. The inquisitor tried to tell Jace and he cut her off (then she died). Hodge tried to say why he wasn't sure, but people wouldn't let him explain and then he died. Clary's mom essentially comes back from the dead, the first thing Clary asks is "Why didn't you tell me I had a brother?" and does she give her mother a chance to explain? No she rants on, storms off, and her mom barely gets a word in edge wise let alone a chance to explain herself. I was doubtful that Jace and Clary were related since book 1, but it was never confirmed till Jocelyn's tale. Still it was teased and heavily hinted throughout the books! I can understand why... Clare wanted to her readers to ship Jace and Clary and give hope that they weren't related, but I personally got tired of it being teased. By the time it was revealed, it wasn't a big deal to me.

I also found Clary incredibly annoying throughout the entire book...

On the bright side this book was definitely my favorite so far. It was nice to learn more about the Clave and Idris as well as get some real answers to questions that have lingered from previous books. A lot of the characters seem to grow in this book Simon especially. He started as this sort of lost puppy that just followed and clinged to Clary. Now he's an awesome, cool and collected vampire that has two chicks after him (talk about "forbidden" love).

Since this was the original ending for the Mortal Instruments series and it was a pretty good one, but I could definitely see how it could continue.

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