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Emma Giordano (emmmabooks) | 40 comments Mod
Hey Hey! So Welcome to our book for May: CITY OF GLASS. A lot of people seem to LOOOOOOOVE this book, (myself included) so I think we'll have some awesome discussions this month!

So how do you guys feel about the beginning of the book?
Personally, I think things get so real so quickly in this book haha. For those of you reading the book for the first time, how excited are you to finally see Idris?! What are all of your thoughts?

-Emma xoxo

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Pallavi Janiani | 2 comments I definitely find this book better than the other two and Idris oh Idris...SO EXCITED. There's a lot of Herondale in the story haha and so makes me more excited about reading the Infernal Devices. But I'm glad that this book is much more fast paced than the second one(at least how i found it to be)

Grace | 14 comments I definitely think this one is my favourite so far! I don't really have many comments other then what I've said in other books... I freaking love Sebastian but you know, he's Sebastian so...

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Sonia Ayala | 12 comments Immediately this book became my favorite out of the ones I've read so far. Not only are the characters more interesting, but so is the plot. It was especially nice to finally visit Idris and learn more about the Shadowhunters and where they come from.

I am, however, getting fairly annoyed with Clary. I think it's great that she wants to go save her mother and do whatever it takes, but at the same time she's so brash and thoughtless. She basically has tunnel vision and doesn't think about the consequences of her actions. She doesn't even think about them really. She says she didn't ask Luke to come with her, but did she really think he'd just sit there and let her do something dangerous? Didn't they warn her that you can't just enter the City of Glass without permission? To be fair the book would be a lot less interesting if Clary wasn't so careless, but I still can't help getting annoyed with her.

Also Sebastian is definitely my favorite character out of the whole series so far. I love how smooth he is and how he manages to bother Jace with such little effort. I can't help, but feel that there's more to this character? He's kind of suspicious because he's just too... perfect?

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