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Title: Secret Blend
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Formats: ePUB, MOBI, PDF

Secret Blend is the first book in my new contemporary romance series, the Bourbon Springs Series, set in a fictional small bourbon distillery town in central Kentucky, the Land of Bourbon and Bluegrass. It will be released on June 4, 2015 on multiple platforms.

Here is the product description:

Welcome to the Land of Bourbon and Bluegrass…welcome to Bourbon Springs, Kentucky…

When longtime courtroom rivals Rachel Richards and Brady Craft get appointed to the bench in Bourbon Springs, tempers flare as they are forced to share chambers.

Working closely with the obstinate-yet-sexy Brady is not an attractive idea to Rachel—although she has to admit that Brady himself is pretty damned attractive.

Rachel doesn’t have to run for office to keep her judgeship, but Brady does. He draws a formidable opponent, Hannah Davenport, a wealthy co-owner of Old Garnet Distillery, where some of the finest Kentucky bourbon is crafted north of town along Old Crow Creek and near the historic springs which gave the town its unique name.

And Hannah just happens to be Rachel’s best friend.

As the judicial race heats up, so does the relationship between the judges—so they decide to keep it a secret.

But can any secret be kept in little Bourbon Springs, Kentucky, where gossip flows as freely as the bourbon?

Secret Blend is the first book in the Bourbon Springs Series, an upcoming nine-book series of smooth, sensual, sexy, slow-burn contemporary romances set amidst the lush and rolling Land of Bourbon and Bluegrass of central Kentucky.

Secret Blend will be released on June 4, 2015 on multiple platforms. The second book, Filtered Through Blue will be released on June 14, 2015, and the third book Angels' Share , will be released on July 14, 2015. These are full-length books, not novellas. Secret Blend is about 92K words total (that includes some end matter).

You can go to Instafreebie right now to claim the file of your choice,( or I can send you a MOBI, ePUB, or PDF via email upon your direct request. Note: in previous versions, the Instafreebie file has stripped the italics from the PDF; I am assured by them all is well now. However, if you get that file from them and find no italics, let me know and I'll try to make it right!

If you'd like more info about the series, including titles of the remaining six books, and would like to see the covers for the upcoming two books, additional information is available on my website,

Contact me at with questions or file requests if you don’t want to use Instafreebie. After the book goes live, I'll follow up by email to let you know the book has been released in case you do want to post your review.

I very much appreciate you taking the time to read my post!


Jennifer Bramseth

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Debbie Hughes | 140 comments I can read for you...

mobi or pdf

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Debbie wrote: "I can read for you...

mobi or pdf"

Thanks! I just sent you an email with the MOBI!


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Lou LaJeunesse | 33 comments I can review for you
or mobi

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Thank you! I'll be sending you an email with the MOBI!

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