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- Guy A ( You )
- Girl A ( Me )

- Proper Grammar
- Proper Punctuation
- More then a few words
- No more then three lines per post ( I'm pretty detailed depending on my Roleplay partners )
- Don't rush into the romance
- Be paitent ( I have a life too you know )


So Guy A and Girl A are best friends right? (Yes), so what happens when both of the, go to a party one night, and Guy A and Girl A get drunk together and they end up doing things they shouldn't.

Girl A and Guy A where invited to a college party, both of them, they were having fun, dancing, talking, and drinking. It was around eleven o'clock that night and Girl A had about twelve bottles of beer and a bottle of Vodka, while Guy A had about fourteen bottles of beer and three bottles of vodkas, they were both drunk and horny, they both left the party and went back to Guy A's dorm, where things happened. The next day when they wake up next to each other and Guy A's roommate is just standing there watching them with a smile, they both freak out. What happens when Guy A, wants to do it again with Girl A? Will they do It again? (view spoiler)

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So Charatcers?

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Kk I'll do it in a minute

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Name: Trent G. Callen

Age: 19

Gender: Female


Occupation: College Student

Playing guitar
Her friend

Bad Boys
Know It alls
Her mother
Her sister

Hazel Callen > Mother
G. Callen > Father
Brenda Callen > Sister
Ben Callen > Brother
Caleb Callen > Brother
Kaaran Callen > Brother

Other: None

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I like him:)

Could you maybe start, like where they get invited to the party, maybe they're sitting on Trents bed doing homework or something?

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" Well it's up to you, because you know how I love to go to parties," Trent said with a small smile.

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" You mean our homework," Trent laughed, " Yeah I'll be done within five minutes," Trent replied.

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" Yeah that's late," Trent teased as she poked Jakes chest.

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Trent laughed, " yes you got it done with my help," Trent said as she moved backwards away from Jakes hands.

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Trent laughs loudly and she squeaks and squirms.

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" Stop, please, I need to breathe!" Trent squeaked out as she pushed Jakes hands away.

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Trent blushed, " Really?" Trent asked?

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Trent smiled and she scooted closer to her friend.

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Trent smiled, " Okay, now let me finish our homework, I don't want another bad grade," Trent said.

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" When you took me out to dinner last Friday! I couldn't turn in my biology homework because you insisted on that I needed a break from homework," Trent said as she began her homework first.

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Trent finishes hers a second before Jake, " Now we must turn these in through the Internet!" Trent said in an deep tone of voice, she laughed.

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Trent smiled and she ran after him, " Don't touch it!" She cried in fake distraught.

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Trent squeaked and she squirms in his grasp, " At least I have a good view," Trent said.

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" Yeah," Trent said and she pinched his butt.

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(( Meep!))

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Trent squeaked, " Hm your sure?" Trent asked.

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Trent smiled, " Then allow me to turn our homework," Trent said with a smile as she looked at Jake.

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Trent smiled as she watched Jake, just as she scanned their homework onto the computer.

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" You too mister, you can't go to a party looking like that," Trent teased.

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" Well what's wrong with what I'm wearing, you scared that a guy is going to steal your best friend from you?" Trent asked.

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" I got you something too," Trent said as she hopped off the desk, she headed for her nightstand.

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" Hmm, something that you've always wanted Trent said as she opened her nightstand drawer and she pulled a medium sized box out and she handed it to Jake.

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" Blue wrapping paper!" Trent squeals, " You never forgot," Trent murmured as she took it from his hands.

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Trent smiled, " Let's open them up on my bed," Trent said.

(( So before anything happens....... What did he buy her? And what is Jakes favorite thing in the whole world that he's always wanted?))

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(( Okay, well I guess she got him a CD he's always wanted and also she got him a leather jacket that's he was looking at in the mall, but on the back of the Jacket it says both of their names inside of a heart ))

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Trent smiled she closed her eyes and she took a deep breath, she opened her eyes and opened the box. Her eyes widened as she saw what was inside, she picked the dress up out of the box, "HOW IN THE WORLD DID YOU GET THIS?!" She squealed, " It was like a million dollars!" Trent added, she then put down the dress and she picked up the scrapbook, she opened it and gasped, she flipped slowly through the pages.

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" Everything that we ever did is in this book, oh Jake it must've taken you months to do this," Trent said.

(( I want them to get together quicker! I totally ship this: Jakent! Maybe we should change the plot a bit:)..))

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Trent looked and listened to Jake, she was near tears almost, she nods, " Yes Jake," Trent answered with a smile as a single tear slid down her cheek.

(( So ADORABLE!!))

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Trent smiled softly, " I have always loved you, more then a friend I mean," Trent murmured as she wrapped her arms loosely around Jakes neck.

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" Open your gift first," Trent said.

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" The CD is from my dad, he had got it for me so that I could give it to you, I know how much you like the band, and also, I knew you would love the leather jacket, try it on babe," Trent said with a smile.

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" And I love my gifts," Trent said as she gives Jake an small hug.

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Trent smirked as she grabbed the dress and she walked backwards into her dorm bathroom.

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Trent got dressed.

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" Kk babe," Trent said back.

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Trent comes out, her hair looked like this , she smiled, as she twirled around in her blue dress that looks like this .

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" You don't look so bad yourself," Trent said with a giggle as she made her way over to Jake.

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Trent nods, she took his arm.

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Trent smiled as she got into the car.

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Trent smiled, " Ugh I hate surprises sometimes, but fine, I'll cover my eyes for you,"'Trent said as she covered her eyes.

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Trent didn't uncover her eyes and she grabbed Jakes hand.

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Trent smiled and shook her head as she followed Jake.

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Trent moved her hand away from her eyes and she opened her eyes.

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Trent was so surprised, she stood frozen as she smiled, " All of this for me?" Trent murmured to Jake.

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