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message 1: by Laurel (new)

Laurel Heidtman (kylaurel) | 41 comments Thanks for posting this. It definitely looks appealing.

message 2: by Laurel (new)

Laurel Heidtman (kylaurel) | 41 comments Just sent you a book for consideration! :-)

I also posted your website on another thread on Goodreads, asking if anyone had tried it. Had one response and it was positive.

message 3: by Steph, Space Opera Diva (last edited May 18, 2015 02:13PM) (new)

Steph Bennion (stephbennion) | 807 comments I entered a novel for this year's awards and have just received the feedback. I thought I'd post it to show anyone interested the sort of specific comments you can expect. Hollow Moon was in the books for teenagers category and was judged by an appropriate readership!

Title: Hollow Moon
Author: Steph Bennion
Star Rating: 4 stars
Number of Readers: 17

Readers’ Comments

‘Not too keen on the cover. The woman on the front looks silly.’ Girl, aged 13

‘This was super fun to read. I liked the comedy in it and I liked the characters and the adventure they went on. I’m not big into sci-fi, but this was better then most. It was funny and the plot was interesting.’ Girl, aged 14

‘There is lots of astronomy in this book which is interesting. In fact, I thought this was much more interesting than the story. The plot was ok. Lots happened.’ Boy, aged 14

‘I liked the opening chapter. It was exciting. Then the book slowed a lot and I got bored and put it down. I went back to it a few days later and got back into it. The school kids in the band was annoying. I wanted the story to stay with Ravana. There were other interesting characters too. I liked the investigator a lot. I probably would not read another of this author’s books but it was still pretty good.’ Girl, aged 15

‘The children in my class enjoyed this story very much. Three of them read it and they thought the mix of humour and hi-tech sci-fi was interesting and made for an excellent read. There are so many wizard/werewolf books out there right now, it’s nice to see a sci-fi space story.’ Teacher


Of the 17 readers:

13 would read another book by this author.
3 did not like the cover.
15 thought the best part was the humour.
2 thought the best part was the plot.

Catchy Quote

‘An exciting sci-fi adventure with a strong element of humour.’ The Wishing Shelf Awards

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