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Vicki (goodreadscomboobooper49) | 32355 comments Trisha, Krista, and I would love to have you join us!

Krista | 1604 comments Yay! Exciting :)

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Trisha | 31440 comments woohoo!! thx for making the thread Vicki!

Krista | 1604 comments Now I just need to put a hold on the book at the library.

Vicki (goodreadscomboobooper49) | 32355 comments No problem, Trisha. :)

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Trisha | 31440 comments YES! My book is already in at the library! I'll be ready :)

Amanda | 4439 comments I'll join. I just brought this home from the library last night.

Vicki (goodreadscomboobooper49) | 32355 comments Awesome, Amanda!

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This sounds awesome!
I'll definitely join in! :)

Rebecca (pagescollective) | 283 comments This one looks so good, but I have other reading commitments right now. I hope you guys have fun!

Vicki (goodreadscomboobooper49) | 32355 comments Good to have you, Missy!

Thanks, Rebecca. :o)

Amanda | 4439 comments I started this yesterday but did not have time to post comments yet. I will read a little more later this afternoon and post then :)

Vicki (goodreadscomboobooper49) | 32355 comments I still don't have my book and I also have an audiobook on hold. Hopefully I'll get one or the other soon!!

Amanda | 4439 comments I hope you get one of your copies soon :) It can be frustrating waiting for a hold to come in.

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Vicki (goodreadscomboobooper49) | 32355 comments YES!!! It didn't show on the website but when I went to pick up another book today, there were FOUR waiting for me and this one is one of them. So I have my book!!! YIPPEE!

Has anyone started yet?

Krista | 1604 comments I think mine is at the library I just need time to go pick it up lol.

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Trisha | 31440 comments crap, I forgot (I haven't been updating my buddy read thread :D)

I have my copy...I'll start tomorrow!

Krista | 1604 comments I've been so busy with end of the year stuff at school I haven't even been reading this week. Fail :/

Vicki (goodreadscomboobooper49) | 32355 comments Trisha, it's okay! We all understand! :)

Krista, I understand very well!! The last two weeks of school are crazy! I have to grade and clean my classroom and then I try reading at night and fall asleep. Then I'll wake up and stay up till 2:00 or 3:00 to try to read. LOL

Krista | 1604 comments Yes! It's crazy. Plus, I'm changing grades because I got offered a teaching job for next year. So I'm getting stuff together for that! I'm dog sitting this week so I'm like I want to read but can't find the time! Lol. I need to make the time.

Vicki (goodreadscomboobooper49) | 32355 comments Krista, what grade are you going from and to?

Krista | 1604 comments 7th as an aid to 6th grade science

Vicki (goodreadscomboobooper49) | 32355 comments Are you guys K-8 or middle school 6-8?

Krista | 1604 comments 6-8

Vicki (goodreadscomboobooper49) | 32355 comments Where I grew up our junior high was 7-9. Where my kids grew up (20 miles from here) junior high was 7-8. In the district I teach it goes from elementary (K-8) to high school. LOL

Amanda | 4439 comments This one has been a little tough for me to get into and slightly confused by everything going on so I've not read very much of this in the last few days.

8 chapters in.

Rachelle (view spoiler)

I'll try to read more of this tonight.

Krista | 1604 comments Haha. Yeah it's all crazy

Vicki (goodreadscomboobooper49) | 32355 comments I plan to get to this one either today or tomorrow.

How's everyone else doing?

Amanda | 4439 comments I've dropped this one for now. I had a hard time getting into it and I found it confusing :(

Vicki (goodreadscomboobooper49) | 32355 comments I understand, Ananda. Sorry you didn't care for it.

Amanda | 4439 comments Thanks. I hope you enjoy it.

Vicki (goodreadscomboobooper49) | 32355 comments Thanks, me too! Lol

Krista | 1604 comments I started this today :) Sorry all for some reason lately I've been kind of eh about reading which doesn't happen very often. When it does does though it usually lasts a few weeks. So heres to getting back on track!

Krista | 1604 comments Ch. 4-

(view spoiler)

Krista | 1604 comments Ch. 10

(view spoiler)

Vicki (goodreadscomboobooper49) | 32355 comments No worries, Krista. I haven't even started it yet.

Krista | 1604 comments I'm a little over half way now. Things are getting more interesting. I will post thoughts tomorrow morning.

Krista | 1604 comments Ch. 21

Rachelle(view spoiler)

Armand(view spoiler)

Amelie-(view spoiler)

Krista | 1604 comments Ch. 24


Armand-(view spoiler)

Ok back to reading.

Krista | 1604 comments Finished it:

Rachelle(view spoiler)

There were a lot of up's and down's but it was a good book. I gave it three stars because there were times when I felt it was dragging on. The love story part was okay. There were times where I felt like it was a little fake though.

I like the concept the book came from if you read the acknowledgements it talks about how the book is based off of Little Red Righting-hood meets A girl with no Hands. This is the second book by this author that I have read and each time it takes me awhile to go behind the book. I don't get sucked in from the beginning like most books. When the author comes out with another book I'll probably give it a try.

Vicki (goodreadscomboobooper49) | 32355 comments Congrats on finishing!

Krista | 1604 comments Thanks!! Now it's all about what to read next....

Vicki (goodreadscomboobooper49) | 32355 comments Right? I can never decide so I end up reading a few. LOL

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Trisha | 31440 comments Vicki wrote: "Congrats on finishing! "

Hey Vicki, I still have this!

want to start soon??

Vicki (goodreadscomboobooper49) | 32355 comments Yes! Let's do it! I have it, too. Oh my...what a GREAT comeback! LOL

How about Monday for this one, or is that too late for you?

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Trisha | 31440 comments Monday is perfect!

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Trisha | 31440 comments Are you okay to change the date??

Vicki (goodreadscomboobooper49) | 32355 comments Yes, I'm good. What are you thinking? Or are you asking me to change the date on the thread to Monday?

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Trisha | 31440 comments yes, change the date above on the thread! :) it's a good reminder for me

Krista | 1604 comments I can't wait to hear your thoughts :)

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