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Groovy Lee Hello, Everyone

I'm Groovy Lee. I write wholesome, passionate romances under my EverAfter Romance line available on Kindle for $2.99. ONLY my married couples make love, the scenes are not graphic, and there is definitely no profanity.

**UPDATE** I will no longer write love scenes in my romance novels; but the passion in them will be inferred. There's just so many ways you can compose them. I'd rather leave it to the wholesome romance reader's imagination:)

My motto is: If you can't find Mr. Right in the real world, he's always waiting for you in Forever Us.

Hopefully, you'll find them all entertaining. C'mon, he's waiting. You can always contact me here, or at I'd love to hear from you. Reviews are always appreciated, favorable or unfavorable.

As My Wife by Groovy Lee AS MY WIFE

SYNOPSIS: Gracie Allen Jenkins is an executive secretary for Indigo Farrell, the raven-haired, tight-bodied CEO of Farrell Enterprises. The moment she entered his huge office to apply for that position, she could feel his essence reaching down to her very soul as he sat poised behind that huge desk with those sensual, brown eyes gliding over her from head to toe. She practically tripped across the floor to take her seat before him. So when he called the next day and informed her that she had gotten the position, she knew the safest job to take would have been down on the corner, leaning out the window and asking, “Would you like fries with that shake?” But the need to afford rent and to eat wouldn’t allow it. So, with deep breaths for strength, and a seven foot wall of courage encircling her, she kept her true feelings and deep attraction for him under a professional cloak as she went about her daily duties over the next two years.

It goes without saying she’s not his type; To dare to even think that is absurd. Besides, she has plans for her future. Just one more year and her dream to be the proud owner of her own pastry shop, Sugar and Spice, will be more than a blue-print dream.

But Mr. Farrell halts those plans when his father’s will almost reaches its deadline. In order for him to claim his inheritance there’s one stipulation: He has to be married! In his hour of desperation, he makes a deal with her: To marry him and reside as his wife until his inheritance is finalized; After that, she’ll receive a sizeable settlement in return.

The reward of opening her own business debt free will be her inspiration as she embarks on this excitable, yet emotionally dangerous journey. Keeping Sugar and Spice as her focus point will help rein in her true feelings for her boss while they’re married and residing at his vacation home in Canada.

But now the employer/employee title transcends into husband and wife; And her inspiration is being overshadowed by the constant interaction with him in a day to day, personable atmosphere. That strong will to resist him is being chipped away every time he touches her like a cherished wife in front of his mother and sister; or when he seems determined to cross that in-name-only agreement with his shameless need to remind her that he’s Indigo her husband, not Mr. Farrell her boss. This is a deal, right? And nowhere in the contract does her duties include the master bedroom at the end of the hall with the king-sized bed. Can it get any stressful?

Only if you add the fact that his Gucci-wearing, Mount Kilauea tempered ex-fiancee has reappeared and is on the attack to get him back.

The stress of it all threatens to explode in any given moment, forcing her to decide whether she should hang in there for the sake of Sugar and Spice; Or walk away from that dream, and her love for him.

Invitation to Love by Groovy Lee


SYNOPSIS: Taryn Kimble has lost her job and is now about to lose her twin daughters Remi and Rachel. Her vengeful ex-father-in-law, Mac, has made his threat very clear: If she’s not employed, or miracles upon miracles, married in one week’s time, he’ll sue for custody of the girls—payback for the death of his son three years ago. A week! Why don’t he insist she walk on water, too?

When another job interview crumbles, and her anxiety continues to build, that miracle appears on her doorstep in the good-looking form of a good friend Michael Vande-xx. When he presents her with what he feels is the only solution, the one-two punch of a single word sends the room spinning. Marriage? Surely, there’s another way out of this nightmare. But the deadline is just about on her. It’s either marriage or watch her daughters being escorted from the courtroom by her in-laws.

She agrees to the union, but not the emotional entanglement that comes packaged with it: Love, passion, and a desire to share not only his bed, but his heart—completely. That moment arises when Michael whispers one single question in her ear. A question that changes her life forever and results in a night of pure bliss and fulfillment as their bodies unite in a rhapsody of passion. She realizes now that her life would be nothing without him and hopes he feels the same.

But, wait, his ex-fiancee, Karen, has returned and she has plans of her own.

Under The Harvest Moon by Groovy Lee


**Free** Just leave your contact information here, or at

SYNOPSIS: Leslie Dixon finds herself on a plane heading for the spacious countryside and rolling mountains of Nashville, Tennessee. Why? Because her boss, Mr. Winston, is back in California lying in the ICU of Destin’s Medical Center paralyzed by a sudden heart attack. Fortunately, he’ll recover. But until he does, she’s on a very long vacation. Home—the thought brings a smile to her face because it means she’ll spend quality time with her grandmother, DAISY. But her smile only lasts for a short minute as another image materializes: That of JONAS McCLURE, her only neighbor down the country road, and also her biggest source of anguish.

Failing health and hard times forced her grandfather to sell most of the farmland to his family when she was nothing but pigtails and legs. And although she was able to form an instant connection with part of the McClure family, the most difficult to form anything with was Jonas. From the moment his twelve-year old, eyes locked onto her, she knew the devilment instigating that smile would push her patience beyond the confines of civility.

A deep love for him was forged out of their childhood friendship: He’d chase her with a whopper of a spider; dare her to see who could throw a rock the furthest; or run the fastest down the road. As the years progressed, innocent games were supplanted by strange awakenings during her high-school years when the latest hairstyles replaced her braids and the curves of her body became more pronounced. His boyish teasing matured into lengthy stares when he thought she wasn’t aware, and his goading laughter evolved into the sweetest of smiles.

Now he’s a full-grown man; and he’ll always be her one and only love. After all these years, he still frightens her, moves her in ways no other man ever could, which includes her latest steady—KAL. And yet, this is a love best kept hidden behind their competitive friendship. After all, to him, she’s only the neighbor down the road that he likes to flirt and tease with—his sidekick. There will be no harvest moon nights for her. But this long visit home will no doubt test her determination to keep him at arm’s length, a task proven more difficult by this newfound closeness between him and her grandmother. And true to form, the moment she arrives, his lion-on-the-prowl game, where he loves circling her and forcing her to take evasive action, begins. Although she vows not to give in to his sultry charm and seductive teasing, Jonas has a willful streak, and true to his nature, vows are meant to be broken.

She’s been trying to contact Kal, back in California. Safe, dependable Kal. If he were with her, Jonas would be less of a problem—right? She exhales in despair at having realized the answer to that immediately.

In the middle of struggling with Jonas’ constant overwhelming presence, Kal’s secretive mood and his strange disappearing acts are cause for concern. Jonas has become involved and sums it all up in one word: Embezzlement. But, Leslie can’t believe Kal would ever be involved in such a horrendous act. And yet, he’s come out of hiding wrapped in trouble and insists she pack a few clothes and disappear under the secret shadows of the night. She has a big decision to make.

Will she be able to leave Daisy, again? And will Jonas be able to save her in time?


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Groovy Lee My very first author interview has just been posted. Drop by and tell me what you think:


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