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message 1: by Steeny (last edited May 07, 2015 07:52PM) (new)

Steeny Lou (steenylou) | 4 comments I've been asked so many times, "What's it like to live in the wilderness of Alaska?"

That is hard to answer short of a book. Life is different in the bush anywhere in the world, and being further north poses unique challenges.

I would like to share a chapter about how I heated the A-frame in which I lived during my first winter in Southeast Alaska, when I was a newlywed wife to the abusive ex, and get some feedback.

I don't know how secure this site is, so I'm hesitant to post my email address. What is the recommended way of getting my writing from me to thee?

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2000 words isn't too long to just post here, Siri...

message 3: by Steeny (new)

Steeny Lou (steenylou) | 4 comments Jim wrote: "2000 words isn't too long to just post here, Siri..."

Thank you, Jim. It includes a photo, though, and I'm not sure that would copy here.

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There are ways. Check the cover art group for some hints.

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