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The next - Possible spoilers

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Morgan Storey I like thinking about this idea as another advancement of human evolution, although they seem intelligent and sociable, they lack empathy. I think if anything empathy is somewhat selected for in our society, but maybe I have some self-selection bias.

I did use "Dim-bulb" to describe someone to my wife the other day, terrible of me.

Anyone else think about the Next?

Saw this and imagined this is how they would talk;

Meran I think they show no remorse, are totally self serving. That, however, is fully a cultural development with them. I suppose it could be some chemical lacking in their brains also.

And honestly, if this were to happen in reality, there would be some sort of bell curve, humans and individuals being how they are, there'd be a range. Some would be ruthless, some actually compassionate, even if they believe we're only "pets". Whatcha think?

Morgan Storey It seems like they boarder on the psychopathic spectrum. I know a few that are on this end of the spectrum, and yes some of them are damn smart. One admitted to me after I had known her a while that she would have no qualms harming another to get what she wanted, but she didn't as it wasn't currently in her interest. She was still a good, although mainly self-serving individual.

I know others that are on the opposite hyper-empathetic (can't watch violent movies for the pain it causes) side of the spectrum and they can be just as smart. I think the Next seem to only be self-serving borderline (or completely) psychopathic, which is I guess a narrow view.

I agree there would be a bell curve, I think they are going for punctuated equilibrium style evolution here (a hypothesis that has yet to be verified). Punctuated equilibrium would (afaik) still require some sort of selective pressure to cause the push. They put happy landings as the selective pressure, but if anything I would think empathy in place like happy landings would be selected for, not against.

Carrick Maile As much as agree with you that they are borderline psychopathic, they aren't completely without remorse. *Very slight SPOILER* Stan Berg rejects 'the Grange' & the total blanket idea that humans and the next are separate. Then starts preaching to build bridges between the next and humans.

Their origin has a huge part to play. Another slight spoiler that their origins are explained in the long Utopia.

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