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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments Sup!

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Morgan Nuffin muffin :3 okay! Lets get down to business. *takes out briefcase* how long are your posts usually? How much do you write?

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments *Kicks feet up on the table* I usually write a paragraph or more with each post. I will try and write as much as my partner, but sometimes I don't have time for that because it's the end of the year for my school. I'm usually pretty detailed though unless on mobile and I write as much as time permits for my phone.

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Morgan Haha okie dokie I normally write 4-6 paragraphs but it kinda depends :3

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments Oh dear. Um, yeah, time doesn't permit me to be able to write that much for each post which sucks. I would love to but I have homework and other stuff that demands me.

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Morgan That's okay :) just write as much as you can!

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments Alright, thank you. :3 I would love to be able to write that much but I also have my art that I need to focus on for college since that's my major. o.o

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Morgan Focus on what's important and it's okay if you don't post everyday, I might not either

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments Alright, that sounds good to me. I don't post on Fridays and Saturdays very often since I'm pretty busy.

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Morgan That's perfectly fine :) I'm pretty sporadic sadly haha -.- okay so we're doing plane crash, two survivors, cannibalistic natives on the island. Do you want to be the guy or the girl? Because I really don't mind :) and I always have a little romance in my RPs by the way ;)

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments Haha, alright, sounds good. And um... Let's see, can I be the girl? I have one that I think would be a total BA in this I've been dying to use.

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Morgan Go for it xD

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments Sweetness! How detailed foe the character sheets?

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Morgan Average. Descriptive about them but not paragraphs and paragraphs

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments Ahh, sounds good to me. :3 I can write a lot for characters since I usually use them again.

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Morgan Alright girly haha

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments Alright, do you want to make your character first?

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Morgan I can get mine up later tonight

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments Alright, sounds good. :3

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Morgan Just started working on him

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments Sweetness. I'll go off of your template with my girl. :3

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Morgan [Name] Shay Nathaniel Magnus
[Age] 21
[Date of Birth] October 4th
[Occupation] DJ at his town's local club


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[Eyes] Brown
[Hair] Brown
[Height] 5"11'

[Personality] ~fun loving ~upbeat ~jokester ~loves to laugh ~finds fun in every situation ~loves to party ~flirtatious ~doesn't like to be in charge ~mouthy

[Background] Shay was raised in your average family, a mom and dad, and two older sisters. Since he was the youngest his parents weren't as strict on him as they were on his sisters. He got away with a lot of things, such as sneaking out and going to parties. He was known as the popular guy at school, but surprisingly he didnt let all that get to his head. As soon as he was old enough he moved out, but never went to college, but he still partied every weekend. At the age of 21 he got a DJ job at a club where he could party every weekend and get paid for it.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments [Name] Adrian Montgomery
[Age] 20
[Date of Birth] March 14th
[Occupation] Tech student/hacker/ and programmer.


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[Eyes] Jade green
[Hair] Black
[Height] 5'7

~ Hard headed ~ Mouthy ~ Sassy ~ Funny ~ Witty ~ Loves to have fun ~ Joker ~ Serious ~ Closed off at times ~ Snappy ~ Irritable ~ Leader ~ Flirty

[Background] She was born into a pretty smart family with a computer programmer and a mathematician as parents. She was the second born to the family right behind her older brother Dallas. The two of them are inseparable from her birth. She had a hard time in school since she was a genius and flew right through her classes ending up graduating two years ahead of everyone else, she got to graduate with her older brother! She also went with him to the same college since they were both into the computers. She graduated college at the age of 19 and then went back for another few years to get an even higher degree since she had time. She was working full time repairing things and everything.

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Morgan SHe looks good!

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments Thank you! He does as well!

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Morgan Do you want to start out with them gettin on the plane and maybe they could be stuck as seat buddies xD

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments Haha, yeah, that'd be funny. "Oh, you're my annoying seat buddy? At least you're pretty."

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Morgan Haha I know :3 do you want to start or me? I have no problem starting it just won't be up until late

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments Um, I can start it up. XP I'm not writing anything right now.

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Morgan Alrighty thanks!

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments Stuffy, hot, sweaty, and disgusting are the only thing that Adrian could focus on as she walked through the crowds of people putting their things away in their overhead cubbies. The fact that they chose to stand right in the center of the walkway annoyed her to no extent. If she was one of those people who could pop out the vein in her head, she probably would have by now. She looked at her ticket constantly, hoping that no idiot decided to steal her seat like some did because they just didn't care where they sat. Of course, she would just kick them out anyways.

She finally got to her row and stood to the side so people could make it passed her as she threw her travel on bag up in her cubby and plopped down in her uncomfortable chair. Well, it wasn't too uncomfortable, but if you leaned back even a centimeter, the person behind you would probably reach forward and slit your throat. People on planes were so angry all the time it makes everyone else feel the rage and frustration. She was just glad that there weren't any kids behind her that would kick her chair or a baby that would be crying through the whole trip.

She leaned back in her seat as best she could, feeling the awkwardness and the dread of having someone sit next to her as she knew they were going to. No annoying children, no annoying people who don't know when to shut up, and NO babies. Unless they're cute and they wanna giggle non stop as I play with them. Then I'm okay with it. She thought. She wasn't the biggest fan of kids when they were annoying, but when they were cute she would go for them. Why not? She pulled out her iPod, since you could keep those on since they didn't make noise if you put them on airplane mode. Same with her phone. She had huge headphones that vibrated when it got to the bass sections. She didn't listen to dubstep, but it was so cool when they had a bass solo.

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Morgan AHHH I didn't see this!! Typing now haha

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments Haha, it's alright. :3 Can't wait for your reply! XD

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Morgan The best of Shay's new mix played deadly loud through his large headphones as he walked through the crowded airport. He had only four minutes to board the plane before it took off, but he wasn't worried at all. He had plenty of time. Each step he took was in perfect unison with the bass as he neared the gate his plane belonged to. He couldn't hear a single thing that was going on around him, but he could see every parent trying to herd their children back in place as they rushed to make their flight, every business man on their phone running through crowds of people to board their plane to go to their next meeting. Shay didnt have a are in the world. His long legs got him to the plane in no time.

He got through the security pretty easily, taking his time to slip his shoes and belt back on and stuff his pockets back up his the random loose change he wasn't sure why he had. Soon enough he was stepping into the plane. He looked around and saw that the majority of people were already seated. They must've gotten here a lot earlier than he had. Digging through his pocket, he pulls out his airplane ticket to see what his seat number was. 103. He was secretly hoping that he wasn't placed next to someone crazy, but then again all he had to do was turn up his music and he was good to go.

He made his way down the aisle, staring at the numbers above the seats, counting up until he finally reached seat 103. When he got there he saw that someone had already claimed one of the two seats and it was a girl. The world was in his favor today. He had made his flight on time and he got to spend the whole time with a pretty girl. Maybe he wouldn't need his headphones after all. He knew without a doubt that the people around him could hear the loud bass blasting through his headphones, but that's how he liked it. Nice and loud. He could actually stop what he was doing and dance in the aisle of the airplane if there weren't so many people around.

Sliding into the seat next to the girl, he turned off his music am everything around him was quiet. Expect for the loud ringing in his ear that always followed the loud music. He moved his headphones down around his neck and tried his best to get comfortable in the seat, although it deemed impossible. He quickly gave up and looked over at the girl. "Hey." He said, noticing that she had a pair of large headphones in her hands. "You like music?" He asked her, actually interested. He was curious about everything music because really, it was his life and maybe he could make this flight go a lot faster by making conversation.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments Her eyes scanned the area, thinking that no one was going to show up to their seat, maybe no one had bought it. She could stretch out! Finally though, her eyes landed on a very good looking guy with huge headphones on his head. He was good looking, she started praying that he might plop down next to her, sit with her, chat with her. Maybe she wouldn't get annoyed? Or, maybe she was stuck with that judging a book by the cover. She sighed softly, though she thought about the songs that were playing in those headphones of his. She just hoped it wasn't crap, especially as he started settling down in the seat next to her.

Her headphones moved off of her head, her turning off the loud music that was only seconds ago buzzing and vibrating through her ear cups. His body movements were so sexy, she was hoping that he might take the same interest in her, though she really doubted it. Or if he did, he could just talk to her and she would scare him away with how much of a genius she was. She didn't really have hope in relationships for her. Sure, her brother could get anyone he wanted because it was okay for guys to be geniuses, but girls? Not so much.

"Yeah, music is like my second life." She answered after he asked the question, not bothering to respond to the hey as it was just a starting word. They were already passed the start of the conversation, they were now in it. "I like alternative mostly, MCR, Black Veil Brides, Simple Plan, some pop music though I don't wish to share as you may stop talking to me." She said, answering the next question of What kind of music do you like listening to? Along with the other question, What are some of your favorite bands or groups?

She was too smart for her own good, though this wasn't really smart, but she was smart mouthed. "What about you? You're into music, too?" She asked tilting her head to the side with a sassy, yet adorable, smirk on her face. She wasn't really wearing makeup, it was just natural. Well, she was wearing some mascara and eyeliner, along with some gloss. That was it though, which was good for her, saved a lot of time.

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Morgan Shay's legs were too long for the cramped airplane seats and his knees were grazing the seat in front of him. If he relaxed anymore, the person in front of him would probably turn around and start yelling. Airplanes weren't Shay's favorite thing in the world, but he got use to them due to the fact that he was on them a lot. As soon as he moved of his childhood home and could support himself, his parents moved to Italy and now he was forced to visit them at least twice a year, but they paid for his ticket so it was all worth it. Sometimes he wished he could stay in Italy, but he would miss his job too much. As much as he loved his parents and as much as Italy was beautiful, his work meant too much to him.

This was his first plane ride that he say next to someone that was some what approachable. He was normally stuck next to old people or businessmen that chatted away on their phones the whole time or did work on their laptop. This time though, he got to sit next to a nice looking girl that seemed to have the same passion for music as he did. When she answered his question, Shay listened intently, curious as to what types of music was downloaded on her tiny little device. Alternative. That was alright, but he only liked a select few bands. Their music was fun to put a nice beat too though. A smile played on his lips, revealing perfect teeth when she told him about her pop music and she was right, pop music would scare him far away.

The girl seemed to have a slight sense of humor, something that would go a long ways and keep Shay entertained on this annoyingly long flight. "I mostly make my own stuff." He answered her. "Like put beats to songs and do remixes, even mash some together. Stuff like that." He said, looking over at her and noticing the slight smirk. He got a closer look and saw that she was wearing little to no makeup. That was impressive. Most girls he knew wore five pounds of that powdery crap. It was good to see a woman I brave her natural beauty, but this girl had it easy seeing that she was gorgeous without makeup. "What's your name?" He asked her, changing the subject off of music even though it was his entire life. He just needed something to call her and since they were going to be together for hours, might as well.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments His voice was pretty nice so she was glad to be listening to it instead of the amazing Gerard Way or Andy Biersack. Heck, even Niall Horan, whose voice she just adored. She liked him for the person he was, he was so laid back and chill, funny as well and knew his food. Yeah, she was a tom boy and she acted like it a lot. She might look like a pretty little model, but she could play basketball or anything you threw at her really. She was more on the video game spectrum though. She wondered if this guy would rather hav ea girl that was more into the makeup type deal or a crazy one that wasn't afraid to get her hands dirty.

With his comments about how he made his own music, her interests started sparking as she tilted her head to the side in wonderment. "So, you like dubstep?" She wasn't the biggest fan of it, "Or do you like doing remixes with two bands and stuff like that?" She asked, tilting her head a bit more, she looked rather adorable, if not sexy. "So is that what you do for a job? Or do you just do it for fun?" She thought she might as well ask, it didn't matter which one he did it for or if he did it for both, it was pretty chill.

With her name coming up, she couldn't help but laugh. Her name? It was a guy's name mostly, "My name is Adrian." She stuck out her hand, black nail polish was evenly spread all over the top of her hard nail, no cracks visible. She had a nice smile on her face, and compared to his perfect teeth, hers was pretty nice though one of them, the one next to the two center front ones... it was crooked. She thought it added to her character, made her more original. Also, she had fangs, making her seem like a vampire though they weren't that long, they were just on her k-9s. "What should I be calling you fine sir?"

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Morgan They were having a nice little conversation and it seemed as though she felt the same way he did abou music, even of they had different tastes. "Yes." He answered both her questions with one answer, making a slight smirk form. He was a fan of Dubstep, he just preferred to listen to his own creations. At the club he worked at, he was famous for the sick beats he made. It made just about every single person there get up on the dance floor and dance. "Yeah, I'm a DJ at some club." He said, blowing it off like no big deal, even though most people thought it was pretty cool and usually when he told girls that they swooned over him for hours.

This girl wasn't like all the other once Shay had met while working. The ones that dragged him out on the dance floor just to get close to him, the ones that through themselves all over him and wore more makeup than clothes. He didnt like girls like that, but he knew if he didnt get along with the ones at work he would be fired and that wouldn't be good at all. He wasn't sure what he would do if he wasn't a DJ. He'd probably go love with his parents in Italy until he found a job there. Even though he only knew this girl for maybe ten minutes, she was starting to grow on him. There was just something about her that was so intriguing. This was going to be a fun plane ride.

"Attention all passengers. We are preparing to take off so please remain in your seat and buckle up until instructed otherwise. The captain said over the intercoms system as the girl stuck out her hand, introducing herself. Adrian. That was a girls name? Well now it was. "Shay." He said, taking her hand firmly and shaking it. "You better buckle up, wouldn't want you get in hurt Adrian." He said, winking at her before releasing her and and turning his attention to his seat belt, buckling up.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments She nodded to him, he had an interesting life it seemed, a DJ at a club and he looked so young, but really what was the young age for a DJ? She didn't know. She just leaned back in her seat, her legs were long, but they weren't as long as Shay's so it didn't bang against the seat in front of her. She had her hands on her lap, her headphones brushing against her cheek as she looked at him. "Well, that sounds like an interesting job. I'm the one that programs your little board that you play with, your computer, your lights, your whole system." She grinned with a wink. Yeah, she loved showing off that she was a genius, even if people thought that it was weird. Adrian was weird.

She was glad that he seemed to be pretty chill, though it was pretty early to tell what kind of person he could turn into within a few hours. A plane could tell a lot about a person's character and how fed up they could get and how fast that it could happen. She didn't think that his job was all that, though she did think it was cool, something that she would be interested in, just not gaga over it. She wasn't that kind of fan girl, she was the fan girl that got to know who she was fanning over. Okay, she would probably squeak if she met her favorite band but come on, who wouldn't?

She looked up to the intercom, glaring up at it as if it had insulted her. She shook his hand though, "Oh screw them and their rules. I go by my own." She said actin gas if she wasn't going to buckle up though she did after a few seconds. "Stupid rules and stupid you for not wanting little Adrian to get hurt." She winked, showing that she was joking with him and wasn't actually calling him stupid, though she always called people stupid in a form of endearment.

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Morgan Adrian just kept managing to surprise Shay. She wasn't like any other girl he had met. When she told him that she was the one that programmed all the electronics at his DJ booth, he was actually a little surprised. You would have to be super smart to do all that. He wondered how smart she really was. He was sure she had many things up her sleeves. This was, without a doubt, going to be a good plane ride thanks to her. If she didnt turn out to what he expected though, he always had a back up plan to block her out. His music. It was the cure for all his problems. Whenever he was having a bad day, he'd make music, get his mind off his problems. When he was sick, he's listen to his music and it would instantly make him feel better. He loved it.

"Well thank you." He laughed. He was sure that she hadn't programmed his exact equipment, but he understood what she meant. It made him think. Without all these programmers and designers, there would never be any equipment and electronics for him to make music or listen to it. He could never imagine a life like that. What would he even do? Probably work at a boring job and have a boring life with nothing to do. "I am very thankful of your big brain." He teased her as he sneaked a peek out the window and saw that they were slowly moving forward. In just a few hours he would be in Italy with his parents. It wasn't very appealing to him but at least he would be with family and would have super good food.

As soon as Shay told her to buckle up, he could see the glimmer if defiance in her eyes, almost as if she wasn't going to buckle up. If she didnt he would be a little worried, but he new that one if the flight attendants would see she wasn't buckled and probably do it for her, but she did herself. Right after a smart comment and a wink. She was really growing on him and it had only been what? Ten minutes maybe. "I should probably go tell the captain to take our flight easy since there's precious cargo." He tried telling her with a straight face, but it didnt work out and a big smile slowly crept on his face.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments She grinned and nodded at him, "You're very welcome, maybe if you let me look at your set I could make it even better, play on a higher quality, unless you already have the best equipment out there." She said with a shrug, loving the fact that she had a huge brain that she would be able to do these types of things. "The only thing I probably don't know about is how to run an airplane and then also the NASA stuff, though... some of their things are really easy to hack into and mess with." She said seeing if he would take the bait and be freaked out.She shook her head right after though, "Don't worry, I don't actually do that. Though, if I tried my hardest it might take me a few days." She winked and leaned back in her chair.

She thought about how she was excited to go visit her brother in Italy with the huge job that he started that the government was paying him for. He needed an assistant though, and that was her, so here she was, on her way. She didn't think that she would ever be able to help people with the work she did, but she was glad that she was wrong. Now she was helping her best friend do work for another country, with the okay of the USA first, since if they didn't they might be marked as traitors or some sort of terrorist. She didn't know and she thought that it was pretty stupid that she had to have an okay to fix a stupid program. Though it was an important program.

She was happy that he seemed a bit worried about her when she was starting to refuse to follow the rules, though she was just joking along with it. She might not have buckled up if she knew that she could get away with it, like in a car ride or something. She rolled her eyes, "Well aren't I a lucky girl getting to sit next to an adorable flirt. Or are you talking about your precious sound bar?" She asked crossing her legs, her combat boots showing off nicely. She looked totally punk, but an adorable punk that was also toned down quite a bit.

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Morgan From the looks of things and what Adrian was saying, she really did have a brain. A big one too. Shay wasn't the smartest people in his schooling career and he meee planned on goin to college, but he wasn't really a stupid person. Although, he normally got framed as the popular jock that was dim witted and copied off of everyone's homework to pass his classes. He didnt like that title one bit, even if he did struggle in school a little, but he never ever cheated. Adrian seemed like the type of girl that sat in the front of the classroom, answered all the questions (and got them right of course), and aced all her tests, but never let anyone copy off of her. Growing up, Shay didnt like those kind of people. Only because they had the ability to get As and he didnt. But now, he was a grown man and didnt care what others thought of him, whether he wa smart or not, and he didnt dislike Adrian for being super smart. He actually found that highly attractive.

He wanted to get to know Adrian more, but he thought it would be pretty awkward to start asking her question about her life. Like why she was one a flight to Italy. Did she have family there? Was she going on vacation? Was she going to do some hardcore smart person hacking or research? Who knew. Maybe he would just stick with the flirting for now. They did have an entire plane ride together, it would probably come up eventually right? Shay wasn't really sure how she did it, all the computer stuff. All he knew how to do was copy, paste, and print. Nothing else. It was sad, really. Maybe Adrian could show him a few tricks and hints while they were stuck together for hours on end.

"Oh trust me, you're very, very lucky little lady because right now you could be sitting next to a big fat dude that takes up his entire seat and half of yours. Or even a kid that pulls your hair and pukes all over you." He said telling the truth, but joking around as. Both of them were lucky actually, it was pretty hard to fun a good seat buddy for an airplane ride. "Well I'm just going to leave you hanging on that one." He said, chuckling. "I may be talking about you, my sound bar, or even myself. You'll never know." Really, he was talking about her, but he wasn't going to tell her that, he was sure she already figured that out though, she was pretty smart. All of a sudden, the plane began to move down the runway faster and it slowly lifted off the ground, making turbulence. "If you get scared, you can always hold my hand." He told her with a smirk as he turned his head and looked out the window. The ground was slowly getting farther and farther away, until the airport looked like a tiny white dot.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments Adrian actually wasn't the girl that sat in the front of class all the time, she was the one who skipped grades on end so she would be able to stay with her big brother longer, it was only two grades, so it didn't matter. Her brother and her were always sitting next to each other and scared the people that they were around. Her brother had blonde hair with blue ends, and Adrian, she just looked scary. They were the emo or punk kids, they were the smartest though. They payed attention to their classes and took turns answering the questions though they gave people a chance, though everyone knew that they didn't have it. They were cocky with their brains, but they had the evidence to back it up.

Adrian was very interested in the guy that was sitting next to her, he probably had a much more interesting life than she did. Most of her life was.... okay, no, it was pretty dang fun. But him, he had a different background, and she loved learning about people. Especially others that can go to different countries, there had to be something interesting there. But she didn't want to start out with asking about his life first, since there had to be much more that they could talk about than just that. First, she needed his trust more, and she would be okay with making friends for the next hundred hours, exaggerated, flight.

"Eh, I'm okay with kids, and I only take up half of my seat." She said looking down at her, she did have nice wide hips, but not too wide, just the right size. But then again, she didn't like being touched by anyone unless well, she liked them. "It must be that sound board." She said, though she knew he was talking about her, and that was okay. Better than people always being jerks to her, being the flirt and then just throwing her to the side. This wasn't dangerous though, they would go their separate ways, most likely anyways. So this was fine.

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Morgan Shay wasn't particularly one for kids, but he didnt have some soft spots for them at time. Growing up the youngest, he never had much experience with young children so he wasn't sure what they were exactly like. He knew they cried and you had to feed, burp, and change them, but nothing else. He wasn't planning on having kids anytime soon. That, and he wasn't big on the whole dating ordeal. Although he flirted with pretty girls constantly, he never did it in hopes to date them, he was just having fun and enjoying himself. Shay just needed to learn that he needs to tell the girls he flirts with that he's just kidding instead of leading them on like that.

He wasn't worried about Adrian getting attached to him at all though. He could flirt as much as he wanted. She would probably even flirt back with him. They were only going to be on this plane together and then they would get off at Italy and never see each other again. Unless they fell in love in the matter of ten hours. Who knew? When Adrian said that it must be his sound board that was the precious cargo, he knew that she knew he meant her, but he couldn't help but think about his sound board protectively tucked away on his suitcase. He longed to touched it at that moment. He couldn't be away from it for too long until his finger began to get bored.

Their plane was officially in the air and heading straight towards Italy. The turbulence had subsided and they were floating gently along the clouds. "Attention all passengers. The captain said, speaking over the intercom. It is now safe to unbuckle and use the rest rooms. Thank you. From the sound of that, everything was going well. This was going to be a good flight, he just knew it. A flight attendant began strolling through the aisle with a cart full of an assortment of food and beverages, asking the passangers if they needed anything. She made her way to Shay and Adrian next. "Would you two care for a snack or drink?" She asked politely, waiting patiently for a response. "Want anything?" Shay asked Adrian as he began to pull out his wallet. He didnt want anything for himself, he was just deciding to be a gentleman.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments Adrian had her computer with her, so if she wanted to have her fingers' best friend she could just reach up and take it out of her carry on bag, she couldn't leave her computer for longer than a few hours. She got bored, she would get on the plane's wifi like usual but not mess with things like she had always been tempted to do. She sighed happily, unclipping the seat belt and letting it go back into its little holder, she got comfortable, at least as best as she could. It was far before they could sleep, at least six hours until then, but then again, everyone slept when they were on a plane, at least they usually did. Until they had jet lag, then they would complain non stop. She just knew that if she wanted to be able to wake up in Italy she had to go to sleep with their normal time instead of hers.

"Oh, no thanks." She said looking at Shay and the lady, she wasn't hungry, and she always felt weird when other people paid for her, especially when she had just met them. It just felt.... wrong. She smiled over at him, "So, what are you planning on doing on this very nice, yet slightly expensive location?" She asked, raising an eyebrow. It all depended on where he came from for it to be expensive. "I mean, can you speak Italian and are moving there? Family? Job?" She asked, just figuring that it wasn't that personal, she was going for a job, and family was normal.... So, she didn't think much of it.

She kept glancing outside, seeing the clouds that were once above them now under them, or at least getting there. She always found flight fascinating and always wanted to learn more about it but never really got the chance. She would probably study on it later on when she had enough money after this job. Working for a government on a peace treaty really did pay a lot, which was nice. Her next one was to fly all the way back and then try and do the same thing again that they did in Italy, basically try and hack into everything. Best. Job. Ever.

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Morgan Shay wanted to do something kind for Adrian, not that he liked her or anything, although she was very beautiful. He just thought that it was the polite thing to do and maybe she was hunger. They were going to be on this plane for a long time, so they would eat at sometime. Shay didnt exactly have a lot of money, DJing at a club didnt really pay well, but he had enough to get buy and buy Adrian something to eat hopefully. His fridge and pantry were always empty or had some milk and stale cereal in it. He was rarely ever home because of work and when he was he was sleeping. He never really had time to go out shopping and stalk up on good food, so the airplane food that everyone said was nasty was usually good to him.

When Adrian denied his offer, he just shrugged it off and tucked his wallet back in his pocket for later. He didnt mind her no at all, she said it politely and everything. She probably just wasn't hungry and neither was he. Shay was going to make sure he paid for Adrian's food when she got hungry whether she wanted him to or not. Shay already felt like he had been in the plane forever and they had just taken off. He was already tired of sitting in the cramped, uncomfortable seat. At least he had someone sitting next to him that would keep him company, even though she wouldn't let him buy her food.

Then, Adrian asked the question he was wanting to ask her as well. He wanted I know why she was flying to Italy. Not only to get a conversation started, but to get to know her more even though they probably wouldn't see each other after this flight. "My parents live in Italy and I visit them every so often." He told her. He didnt see the need to tell her the whole story and all the personal facts. "What are you doing in Italy?" He asked her, actually quite curious. Maybe she was doing some top secret research and hacking there. Some illegal and dangerous. If that was the case, she probably would tell him and then he would know for sure that she was doing something crazy.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments Adrian did understand people wanting to be kind and offering things to her, but she always felt weird when she was offered anything that wasn't from her family. Most people didn't like her when she went to school, so people actually being nice to her was something she didn't expect at all. She slightly smiled at him, wondering what was going on in his head, "I'll just eat whenever you're hungry, it's weird eating in front of people when they aren't eating." She said with a shrug, and she would have to pay him back or just pay for it herself. She didn't know how to really accept kindness like that.

"Oh, that's cool." She said, her parents did get to go traveling a lot, much like her brother and her got to do now that they were into the technology like they were, but she never went visiting her parents in different countries. "Uh, I'm going to hack into the Italy government and see if I can get into one of their really high tech sectors in their computers." She said with a smirk, "Maybe even get onto their satellite and cause some weird disturbance." she said, and she was telling the truth, she was getting paid for it, too. By the Italy government and then by her own. She was getting a pretty penny.

"Don't worry, I won't do any real damage, it can be fixed in a few minutes." She said waving her hand like it was no big deal. She smiled softly, though she had that evil glint in her eyes, "And I'm getting paid for it, it's gunna be great." She said with a smirk. This was normal for people to do, so they can figure out how people were getting into systems and so they could block it up, and the hackers were the ones that could fix it up so other people couldn't do it that would use this for their own evil ideas.

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Morgan Shay was actually slightly interested in why this woman was traveling to Italy. It could be anything. He didnt want to pry, but since she asked and he answered, he saw no reason not to ask as well. It was polite to ask as well anyways. He couldn't just answer the question and not ask it back, that was rude and Shay was far from rude. He probably wouldn't be hungry for a little while, so if Adrian got hungry before him then she would have to wait since she told him she'd eat when he did. What if he never became hungry? She would just have to starve then. He figured that she would probably just but herself food if that was the case.

The reason Adrian was traveling to Italy left Shay baffled. He was completely joking about hacking into government surveillance, but she was serious, and telling the truth. Shay couldn't grasp how smart one would have to even attempt to hack into that sort of stuff. He probably wouldn't even be able to find the on button to the computer. She kept talking, explaining exactly what she was doing an he listened intently. At least she was doing it for the good. He didnt know what he would think of her if he knew she was doing all this illegally. "Are you supposed to be telling me this?" He asked her, still a little shocked. Wasn't that kind of stuff super private and secret. Was he allowed to know? He figured that it was some what okay because Adrian didnt hesitate to tell him. Maybe it slipped out.

Shay suddenly lost his train of thought as the plane began to shake, but it wasn't from taking off. They had taken off a little while ago and had been in the air for a little bit. This shaking was a lot different. Almost like the piolite was struggling to steer the plane. Just then, the captain's voice came over the intercom. This is your captain speaking. We are experiencing heavy rain and extreme winds. Please remain in your seats and fasten your seat beats. We are currently over the Atlantic Ocean so we are changing our course now and heading back to the New York airport. Please remain calm. Thank you.

As soon as the intercom switched off, Shay's eyes darted out the window. He hadnt realized how hard the down pour was until now. He hadnt even noticed it was raining. He could tell that the captain was frantic and worried by his voice over the intercom. If the captain was worried then something bad was happening right? Shay wasn't sure. He had been on many planes before, but nothing bad ever happened. He stared out the window, unable to see past the grey clouds and the steady pour of rain. "I don't think this is good." He said, a little worry showing in his voice as he buckled his seat belt. People around then began to talk urgently. It was obvious that everyone was freaking out. The captain tried his best to make it a calm situation, but just looking out the window at the angry sky, it wasn't.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments She did enjoy watching his shocked expression as it spread on his face, he didn't understand probably, but that was okay, not many people did when she explained it all. She nodded to him, "Oh yeah, it's not a secret that I'm doing it, though it's a secret of how I'm going to do it." She said with a small smile. "A lot of people do that, a lot of companies do." She shrugged, "They usually always have someone doing it until their person is blocked on how to beat it, so they call in new people, like me." She said with a grin. "I'll probably be in I-" She stopped as she fell towards him from the shaking.

She sat back up though, looking up to the intercom as if she could see the person who was saying it. She didn't even question as she put on her seat belt, not hesitating at all. She wasn't going to get thrown out of the plane or on Shay, that would just be weird. She swallowed a lump in her throat, she was terrified as well. She tried to stay calm though, trying to turn off her emotions like she was good at, but right now, it didn't feel like it was going to work.

Her eyes flew over to the window, leaning over him so she could try and see out. She started talking quickly, saying all these equations that sounded like gibberish mixed with Greek. She then started talking how a lot of plane things worked, though she didn't know everything about it yet, she wasn't an expert. She looked over at him, "The plane should be able to withstand this..." She said, "So long as we aren't struck by lightning, or the thunder won't mess us up.... We'll probably be flying lower than normal so we don't get totally ripped apart by the rain." She said, pursing her lips.

She tried to make sense of it all, trying to make calm. "I think everyone should shut their windows." She said, looking up at him, "If we don't then there is a chance of lightning freaking a lot of people out." She said, "And I don't want you jumping on my lap and pittling." She said, trying to get a joke in to make light of it.

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