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Races you may chose from

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Tomago (http://dragonball.wikia.com/wiki/List... )
(go here to chose from the aproved races)

Android being this race allows you to updrade your self with new parts to make your self Stronger. (Must be Roleplayed finding the parts.){note as a Human you can be converted to an Android.. either by going to Dr.Gero laboratory or Capsule Corp}

Arcosians a powerful race part of the planet trade organization with several transformations

Human a rather simple people with bits of technology. some of them are skilled fighters that are able to learn extraordinary abilities.

Shin-jin (Kai, Kaioshin) these people look over the universe and their section of their section of the galaxy.that have many abilities that may be useful to other races.

Majin a race of people made from magic almost indestructible and is able to learn many moves from watching or absorbing others that have them.

Namekian a race of green people that drink only water to survive.80% of the race are nomads and healers the last 20% are fighters they have great stanima endurance and the ability to regenerate themselves such as a loss limb.

Saiyan a race of warrior people that live for battle. they have an ability that they are able to learn techniques just from watching them only a few times. they also have a special ability called a Zenkai boost which allows them to become much stronger after each battle. this ability is most useful after recovering from a near death experience. sands also have a giant Ape born that they are able to transform under that of a full moon due to their tails. and finally once a saiyan is strong enough and has the need not to transform they are able to become a Super Saiyan.

Tuffle a race that started off as humanoid transformed into a parasitic like lifeform that are able to infect their hosts and leave an egg behind when they infect a new host to control them and if the host is strong enough this race is able to transform them into something much stronger.

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Tomago now please keep in mind you don't have to be a full blood of anyone race. if you want to be a half breed or even qurter breed you can.. or lets say you want to be 50% saiyan and 25% Kaioshin and 25% human thats ok just please try to explain when you make a background your heritage when it gets down to these types of percentages thank you.

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