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Melinda Valentine (goodreadscommelindavalentine) | 3 comments 74,000 word novel, Alabaster City, is a paranormal romance(With some steamy sex scenes :)). Mixing suspense and romance in a world where werewolves aren’t just in the movies.

Mackenzie Wolfe gets by pretty well owning her own bar. Until the night she was saved from a brutal assault in the alley by Warren Alabaster. Not knowing who or what he was, she’s drawn to his charm. Feeling as though she’s been tossed down Alice’s rabbit hole, she’s forced to face off against a stalking ex-boyfriend who wont let go, a confession from Warren that slants the prospective of her whole world and an attack by his ex-girlfriend that leaves her forever changed.

Riley Fitzgerald was ready for a new start when he returned home to Alabaster City. He wanted nothing more that to resume teaching the newly changed wolves to hide in plain sight among the humans and to make a life for himself. Until he meets the human girl that has his Pack mate, and future Alpha all twisted up. Now Riley wants more. Can he win Mackenzie for himself?

I'm looking for someone to check for holes in the story line, see if things flow properly and an opinion on the overall story. I've gone over it so many times that I'm afraid I'm missing the forest for the trees. If you're interested in being a beta, I look forward to hearing from you!

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Looks good Melinda :-)

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