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Hi! I'm currently writing a book and I was wondering if there are any kids publishers out there.
I mean like that would probably not be too fussy and give a little choice. I'll post my first chapter of the book in a bit. I'm up to chapter nine tho.

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"What's up with him?" Asked Dannie.
"Oh, that's just Cam" said Ella, not looking twice at the boy. "He's always excluding himself from everything."

I looked at the two ignorant redhead fire pixies, Dannie with hair that made her look from the 80's, curved around the ears then continuing to her shoulders, Ella with punk hair, short on one side and long on the other.

What these two didn't know is that this dark-green-winged pixie sitting at the back and reveling in his dark curls was excluding himself from talents because he doesn't want to be feared. I'm a poison pixie. The only poison pixie. And this is how pixies work:

Every pixie is invisible to the human eye but not transparent. We might be in the room right now but you'll never catch us unless we want you to. Once you touch one of us you see us all forever. That hasn't happened in 120 years.

Each pixie is created out of their element (fire pixies from fire, water pixies from water...) and are immortal. Apparently, I was created from a lake of poison nobody could identify. It was just discovered one day, nothing was even close to being similar.

For our first 100 years we need to learn in school with Talents, Basics, Spells, Pixie Knowledge, Gym and, finally, groups. I just practice my talents by myself during this afternoon period.

"Cam? Are you okay?" I hear a forest pixie ask.
"Yeah" I reply.
"Come on! Show us your power!" She bristled. I cringed. What was her name? Maya? I couldn't refuse this stubborn girl, she'd pester me to the bitter end.

I like to think of myself as a gentle guy, which is ironic considering the sincerity of my talent. I hate many boys in the class so I guess I'm girly. Who cares.

When I stood up everybody went silent. Even the teacher looked surprised. The fire pixies' floating fireballs disappeared, as did the water pixies' fountains and all the other types' creations.

"Cam, what type are you?" The teacher, Mrs. Morrow asked.
"Poison" I mumbled. The class gasped. Half of them looked scared even. An unknown and dangerous type, unheard of!

"What Can you do?" Morrow persisted.

"I can put people to sleep, create acid or poison, make reactions like itching, I can heal really well and....." I stopped.


"Nothing" I said, but the class knew what else the poison pixie could do. What poison is known for.

"Could you demonstrate please?" She'd have to be really brave, stupid or faithful to ask that.

Wings lifted as pixies got ready to fly out. How could I demonstrate? I could make someone sleep, but people would think I'd poisoned them... unless... Mrs. Morrow started snoring loudly. The class burst into fits of laughter. "Class dismissed" I chuckled.

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