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message 1: by Rinn, Captain of the SSV Normandy (last edited Nov 04, 2015 12:37PM) (new)

Rinn (rinnsohma) | 3456 comments Mod
So I searched far and lo for this topic, but couldn't see it... I thought it was time to revive this topic and give our new members a chance to post!

If you have a book blog, tell us about it and post a link here :) I'll make a list in this thread.

Book blogs:
- Reißwolf, owned by Andreas
- Rinn Reads, owned by Rinn
- Snowflakes & Spider Silk, owned by Kritika

message 2: by Rinn, Captain of the SSV Normandy (new)

Rinn (rinnsohma) | 3456 comments Mod
I run a book blog called Rinn Reads that has been up for nearly 3 years now. I started out with the 'usual' features and have slowly worked in my own that also incorporate my other interests, such as archaeology and video games. I also host an event in November called 'Sci-Fi Month' which has been very successful. I will definitely be doing the same this year, and will hopefully be taking a much more active role - I was pretty rubbish in 2014 due to my degree getting in the way ;)

message 3: by Christina (new)

Christina (daria1275) | 607 comments Thanks for posting this Rinn! I used to run a book blog, but as you well know life gets in the way so I let it slip away. Hoping to start a new one sometime this year, so hopefully I will have something to post soon!

I really enjoy your blog by the way.

message 4: by Rinn, Captain of the SSV Normandy (new)

Rinn (rinnsohma) | 3456 comments Mod
Thank you, Christina :D Let us know when your new blog is up - damn life getting in the way ;)

message 5: by Cristal (new)

Cristal Punnett Rinn, I enjoying reading your blog :-)

message 6: by Rinn, Captain of the SSV Normandy (new)

Rinn (rinnsohma) | 3456 comments Mod
Aw, thanks Cristal! :)

message 7: by Paul, A wanderer in unknown realms (new)

Paul | 3524 comments Mod
I've dabbled with blogging but just ended up with too little time. Goodreads provides the same outlet but with a bit more discussion so haven't headed back. Might do some day

message 8: by Andreas (new)

Andreas | 106 comments I've started a bookblog at Wordpress called Reißwolf. Mainly for short story reviews, because GR doesn't handle smaller bits of fiction well enough.

message 9: by Rinn, Captain of the SSV Normandy (new)

Rinn (rinnsohma) | 3456 comments Mod
Just a reminder that I'm running Sci-Fi Month again this November.

Also, feel free to submit your book blog for this list!

message 10: by Kritika (new)

Kritika (spidersilksnowflakes) Hey everyone, I have a blog called Snowflakes & Spider silk. I'm actually looking for a co-blogger because I'm a little burned out from blogging and I need a friend :)

I thought I'd post here since I met Rinn through her book blog and Sci Fi month and I figured there would be other like-minded fantasy and sci-fi lovers here who might want to join me! Please message me on goodreads or email spidersilksnowflakes@gmail.com if you're interested!

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