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This is the lake area, where campers can hang out.

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Aster twirls her sword. It changes into a leather necklace with a silver ankh on it. She sits slowly on the side of the lake. The dry mud feels dusty under her fingers. Aster whistles, low and clear.

A few shadows pull away from the trees near the forest and race toward her. They materialize into a black hellhound. "Hey, Ethe," Aster whispers lovingly in it's ear.

Sup, Arty? the hellhound asks her master.

"Mmm, nothing. What news from the Underworld?" Aster smiles slowly.

Nothing much. Well, actually, your dad is having a bit of trouble. The spirits of near the River Styx are restless. Nothing he can't handle.

"Yeah, those things happen every day."

Ethe lies down next to Aster. The daughter of Hades lays down her head on her hellhound's soft fur. The two friends relax in the light of the setting sun.

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Candace walks slowly up to the girl sitting beside the lake. With a large animal laying on her. Candace's face is suddenly emotionless. When she spoke, her Irish accent seemed stronger than ever.
"Hello, I'm Candace. What's ya name?" Candace asked, then looking down at her feet, worried if this girl was going to be like the people back at Ireland.

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"Hi, Candace. I'm Aster. Friends call me Art." Aster's long brown hair shimmers with a few ripples of light. "And this is Ethe," she says, flashing a rare grin at Candace. "Are you new here?"

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Candace was normally a good speaker, but this time, she stuttered.
"I am…um…from…um…Ireland." Candace peeped. It seemed as if the girl were staring at her forever.
"I was supposed to be on vacation here, but my parents were killed by monsters, or at least I think they were. I wandered off, looking for the right home until I found myself here. What about you?"

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"Well, my story's not much different from yours. My family's all dead…" Aster pauses, her eyes flitting to the lake. Her breaths come low and fast, her throat clogged. "And I'm a daughter of Hades." This time, Aster's eyes leave Candace's face and roam across the lake, looking for something non-existent.

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"I'm so sorry for ya loss. I guess I know what it feels like. Others will say they are sorry, and act as if they care, but they never lost someone that means so much..." Candace began. Her voice seemed so natural when speaking to Aster. It seems as if she knew her for so long, but it was so short.

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"Thanks. I know you have the same feels I have." Aster gives Candace another smile, this one bigger and more trusting. "And you're totally right. People just don't get the big losses in life. The only thing that you can really look forward to in death is seeing your lost family members."

Esme gives a relaxed, guttural growl, almost like she is agreeing with her master.

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Ethe gets to her paws. Up close, the hellhound is almost as big as a pegasi. She pads over to Candace and puts her head gently on the girl's shoulder. This girl is good. But she has a lot of pain, Ethe tells Aster.

Aster gives Ethe a quick glance and returns to looking at Candace. "Ethe thinks you're a good person. I'm inclined to trust you. Hellhounds are good at sensing nice people."

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"Good poochie, good poochie!" Candace announced. It was clear that she was afraid of dogs, but hellhounds? She could hardly breathe.
"How do you know what she is saying? I can't here her. Since she hasn't eaten me whole yet, I am guessing she is okay." Candace continued.

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"Yeah, lot's of people ask me that. It's nothing really," Aster says, looking at the lake. The choppy waves glitter in the sun. It's a blinding ocean of photography, she thinks. She turns back to Candace. "So you know how satyrs can establish empathy links? It's a bit like that. As for Ethe eating you, don't worry about that! She's tame."

Ethe makes a low grumbling sound and trots back to her master.

"Oh… sorry. I'm guessing you don't exactly like dogs," Aster says sheepishly. "The only reason Ethe had to get up so close to you was to get a read on you."

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Ethe gives a loud bark and speeds away into the shadows. The forest swallows her form up whole. A raven flits down from the sky and lands on Aster's shoulder. "Hi, Halo," she croons. Aster strokes the raven's glossy black feathers.

The raven's golden-red eyes focus on Candace. It gives a squawk and flaps down to the ground. It melts into a puddle of darkness and spirals back up into a small golden cat. A dark gray aura shimmers around it. "Halo, go say hello," Aster tells it. Halo walks over to Candace and rubs around her ankles.

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Candace lets out a loud yelp.
"I'm sorry Aster! I…I can't be near animals other than Arizona! I just… can't!" Candace storms out of the forest, heading over to the beach where she could relax before dusk finally approached.

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Aster frowns concerdedly at Candace. "Hmm. I though she'd like you," Aster says to Halo as she pet's the now wolf-form Halo. "What about a pegasus? I wanna take a ride."

Halo obliges and turns into a white wolf with grayish wings.

"Seriously, Halo?" Aster asks. "Fine," she grumbles jokingly as she climbs onto Halo's back.

"Come on. Let's fly." The wolf and rider spiral up into the sky and are lost to the sky.

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Dragonmoon257 Celeste drags herself out onto the shore of a mysterious lake. She finally escaped from the dreadful chimera. She silently thanked the hippocampus that helped her. He cocked his sleek, dripping wet head and disappeared back under the gleaming water.

As Celeste examined her surroundings, she was shocked to see a white winged wolf with a girl on it. In the shock of the sight and utter exhaustion, Celeste drifted into sudden, calm rest.

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Aster rushes over to the girl. Her tan skin and dark hair are wet. Aster snaps her finger, getting some towels, and dries her off. Aster also conjures up some food for when the girl wakes up.

All Aster can do for now is wait. Her dark blue eyes roam the girl's features. The girl looks like a daughter of Poseidon. Aster scrunches up her eyebrows in worry.

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Dragonmoon257 Celeste stirs, to find a pale girl wearing an obvious Hades outfit, and she was conjuring food out of thin air. A familiar-looking winged wolf was crouched beside her.

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"Are you okay?" Aster asks the new girl. "Have some food. You looks tired." Flicking her hands, she dries the girl off and brings her a plate of food.

Halo bounds over and licks the girl's face.

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Dragonmoon257 Celeste laughs weakly and pets the sleek wolf. "My name is Celeste. I'm English, and the granddaughter of Poseidon and Athena. I assume you are related to Hades and Hecate due to your choice of clothing and the fact that you use direct magic." She takes a small nibble of food.
"This is amazing! Oh, yes… Where exactly am I? And is it 4:00?"

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"Actually, yes I am. I'm also from the first Nome, so I know how to use Egyptian Magic," Aster says, giving Celeste a small smile.

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Dragonmoon257 Celeste looks up at her. "Oh, I forgot to show you." The tanned girl dove down into the water with ease, and reappeared with a staff. She chanted a few words, recognizably magical, and the top of the staff popped open. Out flowed a torrent of water, which formed itself into a replica of Celeste.

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"What does that do?" Aster asks, pointing to the water form. Halo turns into a black leopard and wolfs down a sandwich.

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Dragonmoon257 Celeste explains how she can telepathically control the replica. "It's useful in battle, and can't really be destroyed."

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Aster nods. "Well, you should go see Chiron for your registration in camp," she explains. "It's the only safe place for demigods. The Big House is up that hill. Good luck, Celeste." Aster hands Celeste an apple and a sandwich and melts into a pool of shadow.

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Aster pulls Percy to the edge of the lake. She reaches out with her mind and touches his. Where can we talk in private? she asks.

In the lake? he thinks back to her.

That's actually not a bad idea, Percy.

Percy grabs Aster and leads her in the water. Bubbles swirl around them as they sink to the bottom of the lake. "So how are things in the Underworld?" Percy asks.

"Mmm, well… sorta bad," Aster responds. "Some of the more troubling souls are waking." Aster's brow furrows. "What about under the sea?"

Percy starts humming the Under The Sea theme from the Little Mermaid. Aster pokes him gently in the ribs. Percy gives a short laugh. "The Cetus are stirring," he says more seriously this time.

"The Cetus?"

"Yeah… the monsters Heracles and Perseus killed. I had to destroy a few sea serpents. And a few Naiads have tried to rebel. Dad think Proteus, the old man of the sea, put them up to it."

The two lapse into an uncomfortable silence.

Finally Percy breaks it. "I'm slightly confused, Art."

Aster sighs, though not in annoyed way. "What about?"

"So to answer Candace's question. Are we dating?"

Aster laughs. Leave it up to Percy to ask the awkward question. "I don't know, Seaweed Brain," she says to him. "Let's just leave it at best friends."

Percy nods seriously. "I'm hungry."

Aster gives a giggle. "Make a bubble," she says. Percy calls on the air in the water. The small bubble surrounds her until a large bubble of air surrounds the two. Aster pulls two steaming in cups of something from the air.

"What is it?" Percy asks, looking at it suspiciously.

"Sahlab. Egyptian drink."

Satisfied, Percy takes a sip. Aster raises the cup to her lips, letting the hot drink spill into her. The warms tugs at her gut. Her mouth is filled with the taste of vanilla, coconut, and mint. She looks up to see Percy watching her. "It's good, Art," he says.

"Yeah," Aster agrees.

"Where's Aralyn?" he asks.

"I'll call her," Aster tells him, sending out a thought. Aralyn, your brother is here, she thinks. Come on. We're at the lake.

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Dragonmoon257 Celeste dives down in the water, only to find two familiar figures. One is the legendary Percy Jackson, who, is kind of her uncle, and also, Aster. "Percy!?" she exclaims. "And Aster, too! I thought Percy was dating Annabeth!?"

Percy turns his head and grins. "Seems I have a fan."

"Oh yes! You're my uncle!"

"Hmmm… Explains why you can breathe underwater like that."

"But what about you, Aster?" prompts Celeste in her thick accent. Why are you here and how can you breathe underwater?"

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Aster gives a short laugh. "We're not dating! We're just best friends!"

Percy nods.

Aster passes Celeste a cup of Sahlab. "Here you go. Kinda cold down here," she says.

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Dragonmoon257 "Thanks!" mumbles Celeste between sips of Sahlab. She asks, "Is it 4:00? I want to be at the dining area during teatime."

Percy looks confused. "What teatime?"

"In England we drink tea and eat biscuits at 4:00. Everyone knows that."

"Are you related to Annabeth?"

Celeste chuckles. "Actually, yes. Athena and Poseidon are my grandparents."

Percy glanced at Celeste. "You are exactly like her. I want to see Annabeth again."

To cheer Percy up, Celeste procures her staff.

"Cool!" Percy says, as her replica emerges softly.

"Hi. I can talk through my water twin, see," Celeste bubbles through the replica's mouth.

"Aster, you've been awfully quiet," remarks Percy.

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"Yeah, well, daughters of Hades learn not to be too obtrusive. Most people don't want us around," Aster says, her face somber, her eyes tired.

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Dragonmoon257 "You look exhausted, guys. Hey, Percy, wanna hang out with Aster and me at the Poseidon Cabin?"

"Sure." Percy shrugs.

Celeste looks hopefully at Aster, hoping she won't mind being in another cabin.

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"Sure," Aster agrees. She runs a hand through her rumbled hair and pulls it back into a braid. "Actually, I have to go to visit Gray and then I'm gonna get some rest. Feel free to visit me if you want," she says. "It was great seeing you again, Perce."

Aster break out of the bubble and floats up. The cups up Sahlab disappear, turning into smoke.

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gina | 3 comments Ignoring the people around her, Elizabeth walked quietly up to the still waters of the lake. Usually, she was able to act positive around everyone she encountered.

Usually, she didn't feel like she was drowning in her own sadness.

Elizabeth sat beside the water, kicking off her flip-flops. The background noise of the waves faded as, against her will, she pictured her parents and her brother, long summers spent with them, winter days that passed in a haze of snowball fights and hot chocolate. She sighed heavily, grief burning a hole in her chest.

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Aster finds Percy sitting by the water's edge. After getting some sleep and having her sore limbs soothed, she needs a little time to talk to someone. "Percy," she says softly, touching his shoulder.

Percy jumps and relaxes when he sees her face. "What's up?"

"Are you worried about Aralyn?"

"Kinda. I know she'll be back soon."

Aster sits down on the dried, muddy shore, pressing into him. Percy sighs and puts his arm around her waist. "Are you alright? You're the one I'm worried about, Art."

"I dunno," Aster responds, listening to his breathing. "I miss Egypt and the first Nome."

"Why don't you visit?" Percy looks at Aster, disturbed by her longing tone.

"I had a sort of falling out with Carter. He wanted me to stay," Aster tells him, feeling his green eyes watching her. "But I couldn't. I had seen Camp. I had found another home. Carter told me to come back only when I could decide if I was loyal to Egypt or Camp and tell him what I decided."

"Oh," Percy sighs. There wasn't much to say. "Well, I'm glad you're here."

Aster draws her knees up to her forehead and puts her head on Percy's shoulder. "So am I. " The two sit in silence, watching the sun come up over the lake. The final stars fade from the sky and it turns a soft bluish-pink.

Aster takes Percy's hand and they stand up together, saying a mountain of thoughts through the simple gesture. Aster looks up at Percy and meets his green ones with her dark blue ones. "We need to get away more often," she whispers, the air still and yet vibrating with her words.

"Yeah," Percy agrees, pushing his messy black bangs back. The two stand in silence, watching sunlight spread on the lake.

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Candace takes a seat by the shore, staring up at the clear sky. Soon will walks by and sits next to her.

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Aster comes in, dressed in

Percy trailed behind her, smiling. He lay down, his head in his hands, one knee bent towards the sky. Aster sat down next to him, laying her head on his chest. She kicked off her shoes and let the lake water lap at her legs.

A contented sigh escaped her lips. For some reason, Immortals was playing her minds. Aster willed invisible energy to surround her and Percy. Nothing could disturb them.

"What are you thinking?" Percy asked, turning his head to look at Aster. Sea-green met dark blue and locked together.

"I guess… I guess I'm happy to be here. That's what I'm thinking. What about you?" Aster countered softly.

"Nothing, really. Just like usual." Percy laughed.

Aster rolled over so she lay on her stomach. She pushed herself up on her elbows. "We never have any alone time anymore," she told him. "I'm glad we have this moment."

Percy smiled. "So many little kids will defiantly ruin the peace and quiet. How are things going for you in the Hades Cabin?"

"I forget I'm older than Nico, he has so much sadness," Aster told him, "You know… I think the wheel is turning and hamster is just a bit tired." Percy laughed along with her.

Aster turned over again on her back and took Percy's hand. The two lay in comfortable silence, the grass at the edge of the lake forming a soft pillow. The day was calm and warm. The quiet was to be savored.

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Candace smiled at WIll Solace. He smiled right back.
"I'm going to clear the air right now," Candace began, grabbing a stick and drawing in the dirt. "The thing between Adelise and Jason at the beach, I think, was really weird. Don't ya think?"
Will nodded. "Agreed. I know they love each other, but this isa Camp Half-Blood for all ages."
Candace got up and offered Will's hand. He took her hand and they both walked together, off on their quest together to save the camp.

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Aster stumbled knee-deep in water. She let herself fall, cutting her leg on a sharp stone. Candace understood nothing, nothing, and she had never had seen or even felt the Chaos lord ever. She had everything now, and if Set was coming back then she might as well be dead.

He would achieve his goal, she thought wryly.

Percy's hand was suddenly on her back. "Art? Are you okay?"

Aster shook her head. She stood but slipped and fell, completely submerged in the lake. Percy pulled her up, wrapping his arm around her waist. "It's okay. If you have to have to go on this quest, I'm going, too. We're in this together."

Aster shut her eyes and leaned on Percy's shoulder. The warmth was comforting. As soon as they reached land, she threw up.

Percy cleaned it with his water powers, not even complaining. "I know how you feel. I went through hell and back, too. But you know what we're up against. You have to come with us."

Aster nodded and threw up again. They headed back to Candace.

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Aralyn sits by the lake again. Fingering the lakes water between her finger tips.

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Aster lets her head hang as she sits down next to Aralyn. "Hey."

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"Hi," Aralyn drops the wte. "Any updates on Rome?"

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"No," Aster sighed, pushing a hand through her hair. Biting her lip, she murmured, "Carter would know what to do. He's dealt with possession before... but only on the outside, not the in..." She stared off into the distance.

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A blue ball flitted over to Aster and floated over her shoulder. It melted into a nightingale and landed on her lap, tweeting anxiously. Aster absentmindedly stroked its back and it hopped onto her shoulder. "Good girl, Halo," she said softly.

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Aralyn smiles at the shapeshifter. "Hi, Halo"

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Halo chirps and hops closer to Aralyn, turning into a winged white wolf. She settles down between the two demigods and licks Aralyn's hand.

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Aralyn rubs Halo's head.

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Halo cocks her head but does not get up. After a few moments she looks back at Aster and licks her master's hand.

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((seeing as Issa is no longer roleplaying with me ; hem hem))

Aster moved Tessa's hands as the little girl carefully braided a few flowers together, showing her what to do. "Done," Tessa announced, holding up the completed result, looking satisfied.

Aster smiled, placing it on her head. "Now I can be a ruler, just like your father," she said, patting Tessa's light brown hair. It had grown lighter in the sun, almost blonde, but wasn't there quite yet.

"Daddy never has time for me. Promise you won't go off and rule and forget about me," Tessa told her anxiously, gripping Aster's free hand tightly.

"I promise, Tess," Aster agreed, her dark blue eyes holding the daughter of Zeus's gaze. "Don't worry about it. I'm sure Reagan will take you with me when we move away."

"You're moving?" Tessa asked, wide eyed. "When? How? Why? Where?"

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