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So RP with fellow Hades members here!

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Aster walks in and sits down a pure black couch. She plays with a golden ball of energy as she waits for something happen. Aster floats the ball around the room, making it crackle with electricity and glow softly. Aster continues to wait.

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Aster gets up and walks over to a small golden gemstone embedded in the gray wall of the cabin. "Open," she whispers to it, a few golden sparks shooting from her fingertips to the gemstone. It glows for a few seconds, then a dark shadowy door appears beneath it. Aster strides through it and into her room. She plops down onto her bunk. This is so boring, she thinks huffily, crossing her arms and pulling out a gray i-pad from the bookshelf above her bed.

"Nope, nope, nope," she says, scrolling through her electronic books. Finnaly her pale nimble settle on a book called The Darkest Mist. Aster settles down to read the rest of the day away.

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Aralyn plops herself down on a couch. She groans.

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Aster smiles and takes out a black box inscribed with shimmering blue hieroglyphs. "Here. Open it."

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"Box?" Aralyn takes it and slowly opens the box. inside she sees a wooden rod, a wand, papyrus, ink, a stylus, wax, a amulet, and a ball of twine.

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Aster smiles happily. "And I have something else." She pulls a wax figurine out of the Duat and hands it to Aralyn. "Your very own shabti! I made it for you!"

The figurine looks like Aralyn. It opens its eyes and grumbles, "Not wanted, not needed, gods save me." When it spots Aralyn is grumpily says, "I suppose you're my new master. Ugh."

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"Am i really like this?" Aralyn asks.

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"Yes. But don't take it personally, most shabtis are grumpy."

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Aralyn rolls her eyes "How do I fix it?"

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Aster gives Aralyn the rod. "Cherry and rosewood. Wood is best for beginners, since they channel more magic," she explains.

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"And you can fix your shabti by bashing it on the head," Aster continues.

The wax figurine pales a bit. "You wouldn't dare!"

"Yes, I would, Stupid. That's her name, Stupid."

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"Yes! But Stupid the almost high!"

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'Would it break?"

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"No. It's soft wax. You can use your staff to hit it."


"Shut up," Aster says, grinning. "Well? What do you think?"

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"Dude you have a master, and if you don't correct your attitude I will bonk you on the head and it will hurt until the end of time." Aralyn hits the wax figure on the head.

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Aster laughs. "It's just wax. You need a sympathetic spell or throw it into the Duat. Or melt it, I guess," she muses.

When Aralyn leaves, Aster sits down on the couch, ignoring the bell for mess hall. Nico comes in, his head hanging a little, and slumps down next to her. He puts his head in his hands.

Aster can immediately tell what's wrong.

"Girl problems?" she asks, biting back a laugh.

Nico nods, not making a sound.

"Can I help?"

"I dunno." Nico's voice is hoarse.

"If you like Aralyn, just ask her out. Good god." Aster smiles.

"It's not like that," Nico tells her, smacking her arm lightly.

"Aw, c'mon. I'll talk to her for you."

"No. No. No."

"Seriously?" Aster asks, smirking.

"Don't want."

"You sure?"

"Don't want. No."

"Whatever. But you should ask Aralyn out, totally. She's into you like I'm into Percy." Aster gives Nico a quick smile and musses his hair. "You look better like that," she tells him.

"Eh." But Aster could tell that Nico had perked up. "Is she really that into me?"

"Yeah. And if you want, I'll arrange the wedding ceremony." Nico tries to punch his sister but she draws back just in time. Then she gets up and heads out the door for the mess hall, leaving Nico smiling on the couch.

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((Permission from Aralyn to RP for her))

Aster rouses herself, yawning and stretching. A knock sounds at the door. Aster pulls it open and finds Aralyn, her hair in a braid and her sea-green eyes wild.

"What is it?" Aster yawns, surveying her friend.

"I had an out of body experience and-and I'm hearing this voice in my head!" Aralyn exclaims.

"Mmhmm." Aster closes her eyes, unconcerned.

"You aren't even worried?!"

"Nope. So how are you, Neith?" Aster asks, grinning a little. She pulls her hair back into a ponytail.

"Who?" Aralyn asks, surprised.

"Neith. The equivalent of Artemis. Egyptian goddess. She's taken residence inside your body, as a host." Aster leans against the doorway, letting out a massive yawn.

"So I'm… hosting a godess?"

"Very good. Neith will lend you energy in magical affairs."

"Serious?" Aralyn asks. "But what about my out of body experience?"

"Bas do that. Don't worry about," Aster explains, waving her hand indifferently.

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"I need to get you a magical headrest," Aster tells Aralyn. She invites the daughter of Poseidon inside, then comes back with a wooden pillow. "We'll go to the First Nome tomorrow. I think Carter might want you to be an elementalist right away." Aster yawns again. "Good night," she says, lying down on the couch again. She claps her hands and the lights go out.

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Aralyn walk out of the hades cabin, soon it is morning. She changes into this and walks back. Aralyn knocks on the door and repositions her backpack strap.

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((Please remember that the Borders Quest is going on))

Aster awoke to a strange humming noise. The darkness outside her cabin is tinged with pink. After getting her bearings, she saw her scrying bowl vibrating. With a sigh, Aster waved her hand over it.

Sounds of screaming and fighting filled her ears. Aster's eyes widened. Fire danced in the oil in the bowl, dark animals leaping on the shadows of people. Sadie's face appeared in the bowl.

"Aster!' she was gasping, her face sporting a small cut. "Thank goodness! I-" Sadie was cut off as she sliced through something. "Set has infiltrated the Nome with an army! The first Nome has fall-" Sadie choked on some smoke.

"Sadie! Sadie, listen to me," Aster said urgently. "Get Walt, get Zia, get Carter, and anyone else you can save and get out of there!"

"Okay. I repeat the message! The First Nome has fallen!" Then the oil turned dark. It was as depressing as if it had fallen to the floor and cracked. Aster sat in a daze for a few moments, but was soon on her feet. She sprinted out the door to the Poseidon Cabin.

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Aster was sitting on the black couch turning through the pages of a black book. Percy opens the door and sits next to her. "What did you mean, this isn't like the Red Lord?" he asks worriedly.

"He would enslave humans, not destroy them," Aster explains, bending over the book.

"Oh. Lovely." Percy wrinkles his nose. "So? What did you find?"

Sighing, Aster sits up and leans against the back of the couch. "I think somehow that You- Know- Who escaped the magic that Carter and Sadie put up and now he is possessing the Red Lord and consuming his energy."

"Voldemort?" Percy asks, confused.

"No. This guy." Aster writes a name down on a piece of paper and slides it over to him.

"Apho-" Aster shushed him. "What?" he asks.

"Names have power, Perce," Aster says sternly. She turns back to the book and continues to read.

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