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Hang out with your fellow Hades brothers and sisters.

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Aster walks into the room with her book and sits down, reading hard. The Darkest Mist glitters from the tablet's screen. "Geyron… hmm… that's not how you kill him… and hellhounds can be friends, not just enemies," she mutters under her breath. "What an awful book!" Aster finally slams the tablet onto the couch. "Ugh." She walks back to her room and deposits it in it's place. After that she walks back to the room and thinks.

Aster pulls a piece of paper out of thin air along with a gel pen. The paper floats in on the and Aster begins to draw runes on it. As she finishes a rune, it glows blueish-gold and fades. After drawing all of them, Aster tugs a rune from the page, coaxing it from the paper onto the air. The air shimmers as each rune touches it. Finally a mist forms in the shape of a cat. It meows and jumps on the couch next to Aster. The daughter of Hades pets it, staring into space. The page and pen disappear.

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Ileane Gutierrez (agentthundercat) | 7 comments Lovely watches Aster amazed, she just created a cat out of thin air. Blinks as the pen and paper disappears she watches her perplexed. Then quickly she realizes she must look crazy so she picks her own book back up and sits by the fire, coaxing it blue with her own magic. She turns it violet and green then finally a dark shade of black looking into it. She wonder's sadly, "is there any place for us out there really?"

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Aster looks up and smiles at Lovely. "Hi, I'm Aster," she says. "You must be Lovely, the new camper. Welcome."

Aster whistles. A blue ball comes zooming in. "This is Halo," she tells Lovely. The ball explodes into a shower of sparks that regroups in front of Lovely.

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Ileane Gutierrez (agentthundercat) | 7 comments Lovely smiles shyly and waves.
"Uh yeah hi you seem to know how things go around here" she stutters.
As the ball zooms up at her she gasps and hides her face but soon reaches out to touch the little blue ball.
"oh gosh wow this is amazing is he a ball of floating physical Hydrogen" she asks?

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"Not really. Halo's a carbon-based life form. Mostly carbon, with almost no oxygen intake. She can rearrange her atoms. There are only two of her kind- her and her sister." Aster explains. "If you want I can help around. Where you from?" she asks, curious about Lovely.

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Ileane Gutierrez (agentthundercat) | 7 comments She stares at Halo for a little longer distracted watching as he floats and expands.
"Oh from under New York"

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"The Underworld?" Aster guesses. "I'm from America, too, same area, but I got stranded in LA. I'm 90 years old. What about you?"

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Ileane Gutierrez (agentthundercat) | 7 comments She gasps choking on her words.
"Oh gosh well I'm not full cycle yet I'm still well in my first life" she admits turning red.

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"Wow. Lucky you! I just got stuck in a time warp, that's why I'm such an old lady," Aster jokes.

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Ileane Gutierrez (agentthundercat) | 7 comments She laughs easily with Aster and smiles.
"Was it scary" timidly she stutters wondering if that was offensive to ask. Maybe she didn't want to tell anyone.

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"Not really," Aster says. "While I was stuck in time, I was in the most fun place in the world. It was basically a hotel designed to trap you, to keep you in there with all the things you wanted." Here she pauses. "Well, when I got out, I was terrified. 90 years had passed, and I was alone in a big world…"

Halo changes into a cat. She climbs into Lovely's lap and starts to purr.

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Aster gives Lovely a smile. "I'm kinda tired. If you want, you can ask me about camp anytime." Aster opens her room and steps in. She lies down her bed and falls into a light sleep.

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Aster is wakes up, her shoulder being shaken gently. She gets up, running a hand through her wild hair. Aster yawns, only to be tackled by a bear hug. "Miss me?" a voice asks. Strands of messy black hair tickle her nose.

"Nico?" Aster asks, hugging back hard.

The boy pulls back. His coffee brown eyes shine and his hair catches the light, making it seem darker. "You've grown," Nico says. Aster smiles and pulls her brother back in a hug.

"I can't believe you're back!" Aster exclaims while Nico ruffles her hair. "How are things in the Underworld?"

"Better," Nico says. "The rebellions have been stopped. But what about you? How's your little problem?"

"I'm been better," Aster admits.

"So you haven't made any progress?"

"Nope. Not really, I guess."

Nico puts his arm around her. "You'll get it, I know you will." Aster puts her head on her shoulder.

"Thank the gods you're back. Maybe you can help me."

"Yeah. Yeah, I can. I know how you feel," Nico says softly. He gives Aster another hug. "Maybe you should get some more sleep," he tells her. Aster lies down without protest.

"Can you stay?" she asks. "I'd feel safer."

"Sure," Nico says, giving his sister a small smile. "Come on, try sleeping now. You looks tired." Aster gives Nico a small nod and hands him a book.

"Read this, so you don't get bored," she says softly.

Nico takes it. "The Undoing of Darkness," he reads. Nico raises an eyebrow. "Why?"

"All my notes are in there. You can tell me if they make any sense."

Nico gives Aster a shake of his head. "You've got everything planned, eh?"

Aster smiles and rolls over. She sinks into a deep, comforting sleep.

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When Aster wakes from her expedition into the forest, she sees Percy sitting next to bed. Getting up on one elbow, Aster asks, "Seaweed Brain?"


"But you prefer Percy." The two laugh. Percy hands Aster the Undoing of Darkness book. Aster snatches it up, looking mortified. "What were you doing with that?" she asks, embarrassed.

"Looking through it. Your notes make sense, you know," Percy explains, helping Aster sit up. Her whole body feels sore and malnutritioned.

A small moan escapes Aster's lips. "How long have I been out?"

"Just tonight. I already told Chiron you were back so he could stop worrying." Percy hands Aster a tray with a steaming hot liquid in it. "It's 4:00. Tea time!" he announces, wiggling his eyebrows.

Aster, of course, laughs. After all, this Seaweed Brain son of Poseidon always did some kind of stupid thing all the time.

Aster starts on the hot liquid. It tastes like soup- but also has a hint of her favorite Egyptian food, koshary. Immediately her insides seem to magically heal. It must have ambrosia, she thinks.

Percy watches Aster eat in silence. When she is done, he pauses for a moment and then says, "About the Annabeth thing. I thought it over. I still have feelings for her, but they're not as strong."

Aster stares at the blanket covering her. "But you've together for so long."

"I know. What should I do?"

Aster hesitates. "Do you like someone else at the moment?"

Percy looks at her as if she said something highly incriminating. "I don't know."

"Then what you need is some time away from each other. To figure things out, and see if your time away bonds you."

"That's good! So you're saying if I miss her, then…"

"Yes. You catch on fast, Perce," Aster says, lightly punching his arm as she swings over to step out of bed. Immediately she feels woozy.

"Are you okay?" Percy asks gently, helping support her.

"I am now," Aster tells him, smiling at him.

The two head out of the cabin, not going anywhere in particular, just trying to find someplace private.

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Aster comes in after the fight in the stables, sighing. She lets herself fall onto the bed, tired after all the energy she spent there. The black covers wrinkle around the area where Aster lies.

There is a knock on the door and Tessa pops in. "Art? Can I talk with you?"

"Sure, Tess. What's up?" Aster asks, forcing herself to sound upbeat and awake, though she just feels like dozing off.

Tessa sits down on the bed next to her. The little girl bounces slightly as she says,"What did you do to the stables?"

"Nothing, really."

"Why are you keeping things from me?"

"I'm not!" But even as Aster says it, she knows it isn't true. However, she doesn't let on.

"Art?" Tessa asks, slightly hesitant.


"Can I stay with you tonight? It's so dark in the Zeus Cabin," Tessa explains.

Aster nods, flicking her fingers. A foldable bed appears next to her regular one. "I'll sleep here and you get my bed, kay?"

Tessa nods. She hugs herself and says,"I wish I had Wobble."

Aster smiles and hands Tessa her teddy bear, having pulled it out of nowhere. Then she tucks Tessa in. Soon the little girl is sleeping calmly beneath the covers.

"Good night, Tess," Aster whispers to her sleeping form. Then she falls into a calm darkness on her bed.

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Aster meets up with Percy after a few hours of fruitless searching. "No luck?" she asks, though by Percy's solemn expression, she could tell there was no sign of Tessa.

"God, what am I gonna do?" Aster asks, her face falling.

"Come on. You should get some sleep," Percy says gently, not daring to answer the question. "I'll stay with you if you want," he adds, adding a bit of calming pressure to Aster's shoulders.

Aster leads the way into her room, leaving behind the empty bunks for a bit of solitary confinement. Percy smiles and sits down next to Aster.

The daughter of Hades flicks her fingers. Her clothes change to worn black PJs. Short pants and a t-shirt. Aster pulls out her camp bed. "You need some sleep too. You look tired."

"Can I have pajamas, too?" Percy asks, giving a small, taut smile.

Aster shakes her head. "What, Pikachu pjs?"

"I'll pass," Percy says with a serious laugh.

Aster clicks the light off and falls asleep almost immediately into a dreamless sleep.

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Aster flopped down onto a couch and rubbed her forehead. "Tylenol," she grumbled. The medicine fell onto her open palm, pulled as though from thin air.

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"Oh god," She sighs and looks around Nico ceases to be there. "Drachma" One falls from the Duat. She creates a spring and Iris-Messages Nico. "Oh Iris goddess of the rainbow take my offering. Nico Di' Angelo.

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"My. Head. Is. On. Fire." Aster's forehead burst into small flames. "Gah! I mean figuratively!" The fire sputtered and went out.

Sorry, Ptah said.

Not sorry enough, Aster responded.

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"You said you can see people's memories…" Aster began, her voice wavering. "Can… Can you… see… my brother?" she asked. Her throat felt suddenly dry as remembered the past. There was a minotaur, and blood, and then a flash of light. That's all her fragmented mind would remember. She had suppressed the memory for years.

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