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Hang out in the Zeus Cabin with your brothers and sisters. MUST BE A CHILD OF ZEUS TO RP HERE. ANY NON ZEUS CHILDREN COMMENTS WILL BE DELETED.

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"Tessa!" Aster shouts, pulling open the door. "Please, please be in here," she moans. Percy follows. A discouraging sight greets them. A messy bed, messy trunk, the statue of Zeus glowering at them.

"Tessa," Aster asks the air, her breaths short and fast. "Where are you?"

Percy begins to search, the darkened cabin creating perfect hiding places. He knows the search is futile, only his need to find the little girl fueling his search. After about an hour of looking, Percy sinks to the floor next to Aster.

"She really is gone," he tells her.

Aster squeezes her eyes shut, a small tear working her way down her face. Percy wipes it away and pulls Aster down into a lying position. "Look, Art. We'll find her," he says.

"She's so young, so fragile. The world will break her like it did me," Aster responds, burying her head in his chest. The two lie like that for ages, neither willing to move and strengthen the grief.

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"Should we go searching for Tess?" Percy asks after a long while.

"No. Looking might mean not finding her. I can't live with that," Aster says.

"I think you're feeling something other than grief here," Percy tells her, rolling over to face Aster.

"I feel guilty, okay? I never thought about her, I never checked up on her."

"It's okay. Should we go looking now? Maybe she's in the forest or the lake. We could split and cover more ground. Then we could meet at your bunk," Percy says.

"Did you just make a plan?" Aster asks, sitting up.

"I guess."

"I never thought you could, Seaweed Brain." Aster helps Percy up and the two head out the door to begin the search.

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