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Quizzes > Which Rare And Beautiful Stone Matches Your Spirit?

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Raegan   Ralls  | 1297 comments

Angel Aura Quartz
You have a connection with Angel Aura Quartz, a spiritual and powerful stone. You are a very compassionate and wise person who appreciates what life has given to you and those around you. You like to take these god and earth-given gifts and make the best out of them. Negativity isn't something that suits you - rain or shine, you find beauty in the skies above and the ground below. You value knowledge, but more than that, want to know it's being used for good. Intelligence and morals are both very important to you; you know that practicality is useless when the solution is a negative one. Above all else, you believe in one, single thing: love.

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Meka Your personality matches up with a beautiful type of feldspar called "Moonstone." Like moonstone, you are radiant! You have always used your positive outlook and spirituality to wisely guide other people. Your optimism and collected nature attracts strangers who are just looking to talk or have company. You are a trustworthy and loyal individual. You believe in altruism and compassion, and put the needs of others before everything else. Helping others, strong faith and positivity: you know these things well! All around, you are a good friend and have a generous spirit!

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